Bench in the hall with seat

The owners of a large house or a small apartment and want to furnish your home comfortable, beautiful and practical furniture. The room is a small area, requires a special approach, since it should not be nothing superfluous. Solution for some hallways, for example, is a stool. Further details on the types, some tips for choosing.

What are the stools for the hall

Bench with backrest

By properly selected piece of furniture can not only decorate the room but also make the stay more comfortable. The hallway where you (your guests) take off outer clothing and remove their shoes, should have a place to sit. A stool or a sofa is not always appropriate, but an elegant bench with a comfortable backrest will be a real decoration of the interior, while performing important functions. Modern stools in the hallway with the seat there are different types. The most common variations are the following.

With shelves for shoes

Very convenient for small and large vestibules. Even the smoothest ryadochek located near the wall brand of boots and shoes will decorate the room. Bench in hallway with shelves for shoes helps conceal her from the eye, maintaining the purity and without cluttering the space. Different models (depending on size and design) are distinguished by their spaciousness. Bench in the hall with a seat and a cupboard inside can hide up to eight pairs of shoes. Shelves (open or closed) can also serve as a good stand.

With storage box

Copes with the function of storage of useful things, while hiding them from prying eyes. The box can be as wide as the lava (bottom) and side. The first option is more roomy, put umbrellas, spoon, Shoe Polish. The second is better suited for small things, like glasses, gloves, keys. In addition to the storage box and stool can be equipped with an open shelf. Downside: the Shoe is on the mind, so it should always be kept in perfect purity, is often to wipe dust from the surface. Plus: to clean and get things faster and easier.

Bench W drawer

With backrest

The most convenient option stools. Soft upholstery beautiful colors creates a cozy atmosphere. Guests and owners a pleasure to be in this room. Backless sometimes perform a purely decorative function (wood, metal), but are often gracefully curved, comfortable for those who want to rely on. It should be borne in mind that this bench takes up more space, so ideal for the larger hallway. For narrow corridors should buy a bench without backrest. Such a model does not necessarily put against the wall, it is zoning.


More like a soft couch. Inside (under the seat) includes a storage drawer, shoes. Small living rooms is not always possible to buy furniture in connection with which such stool are often made under the order. The type and quality of material (fabric, wood, metal) chosen by the owners. An important caveat: the corner seat to buy is not always advisable, because other types of banquettes can also be put in the corner, achieving the same effect.

Stools hallway: photo

Stools W polecamy

Stools for perepechay

In addition to different designs, the furniture in the hallway is different material, style of performance. One would like to impress guests with its bright Outlook, others simply crave comfort. Bench in the hallway with the seat created by the hands of the owner attached dwelling special nature. To remodel the old furniture is not easy, but the result often exceeds all expectations. Vintage tables vintage kind of radical change is not recommended, is to varnish the wood or to fit the new body tissue. The most striking examples of banquettes can be seen below.

  • Forged. The soft seat with the filler under the fabric. Legs, armrests made of metal. There are no drawers, shelves. Such a great option for placement in the Provence style, Baroque, Empire. In addition to basic functions, and performs a decorative, adds a touch of luxury.
  • Is covered with textile. Stool with metal frame and fully covered with fabric to resemble a couch. No place for storage of small things, of shoes. Becomes the part that focuses on your favorite hosts in the city.
  • MDF, PARTICLE BOARD. Low cost materials, easy to work with them are very significant advantages of this type of banquettes. A model with multiple drawers, shelves has high functionality. Here are decor handles.

How to choose the poufs and stools in the hallway

Bench with shelf for shoes

Own needs are put above cost of furniture. You need to choose a comfortable, practical, appropriate style interior. Entrance hall — small room where you leave clothes shoes the hosts and their guests. Necessarily there should be a Cabinet, bench or Ottoman. Furniture stores offer a choice of several options, more options appear in the directories. Important nuances:

  1. Choose a seat you need based on the size of your family. A lot of people need a lot of space to store shoes and to sit down will need to multiple entities. A lonely man will do a little poof, the shoes can be put in a wardrobe on the bottom shelf.
  2. The owners of the apartment with long corridor, you should pay attention to the elongated, narrow stools. Square shaped room requires a completely different design, with back.
  3. The availability of drawers and shelves – a very important detail. You should decide what is best for you: closed from prying eyes, your things or not. Closed shelves look more restrained and elegant, while the open cheaper. Boxes needed for those who can’t in the apartment to pick up a key, creams for shoes and other small things.

Video: bench in the corridor with their hands


Antonia, 42 years:Bench with storage box is very well blended in our hallway. White color leather upholstery «diluted» dim atmosphere (Wallpaper light brown). In addition, the lava easily accommodates things anywhere else in the house there is no place (gloves, Shoe Polish, napkins and other trivia).

Cristina, 34 years:Choose a gift to a mother, somehow my eyes fell on stools with backrest in the hallway. Know how hard it is for her after work to take my shoes off, I wanted to make the process more enjoyable. Shop below the chair, lean to the snake of the boot is more comfortable and to lean back on the soft backrest. Plus a single banquettes — it is a jewel for the entire corridor.

Margarita, 26 years:After repairs in the apartment, the only place that I do not really like the left corridor. Shoes, built near the wall, gave a not too pleasant experience. In closet to put it anywhere. Decided that the bench for the footwear will be a great solution. Sit comfortably, place on closed shelves enough for all (family of 4).

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