Bed-wardrobe transformer

Who has not dreamed to make their homes spacious and the bed is comfortable and safe for the spine? It is the desire of almost everyone. Well, in these days, many feasible. You can design or order an ergonomic bed that will hide in the closet, freeing up a few square meters.

What is the wardrobe-bed-transformer

Wardrobe-bed-transformer in the folded and unfolded form

The name speaks for itself. A bed that flick of the wrist turns into a graceful Cabinet, fits perfectly into the interior of the small room. You will not understand that the furniture at night may take a horizontal position and become a place for sweet dreams. Bed-wardrobe transformer is a reasonable solution to increase the space of the apartment.

Often furniture stores can be found lifting vertical model cabinets, transformers. As a rule, they are inexpensive and practical. Rarely catches the eye horizontal Murphy bed built into the podium or decorative niche. On request you can enjoy the smart design, which is not fake furniture, and a full compartment with various compartments. The most convenient transformer of the bed on the remote control, which does not require a lot of physical labor.

What are the advantages of folding bed

The primary advantage of the transformer is necessary space in the bedroom, especially when it comes to small apartments, where space is not only sleeping, but also a work place. Additional features of the wardrobe-bed can also be:

  • Safe easy transformation that is important for children and the elderly.
  • Through a reliable mechanism, a bed, a wardrobe transformer is well fixed in a hanging position;
  • Due to the convenient strap, you don’t need to make a bed.
  • Bed-transformer can be single and double, which is beneficial for the living room or child’s room.
  • The rate of decomposition of transformer is about 30 seconds, which is significantly less compared with the conventional spreading of the bed.
  • A practical design. Whatever the interior of your home, furniture craftsmen will help you make the identical style of the facade of the wardrobe-bed. You can provide finished drawings, choose texture, material, color, accessories.

Folding bed convertible

Folding bed according to the types of mechanisms

The transformers can be of several types. It all depends on what you have living space where you want to place the bed is a wardrobe. Available types of mechanisms:

  1. A gas spring. The device, inside which is the gas that pushes the piston. When you want to use to collect transformer, manually controlled mechanism is triggered and causes the bed to move. This versatile wardrobe is absolutely safe and has long lifespan. However, the fun is not cheap, but the risk to give the bed a wardrobe in the repair of almost zero.
  2. The spring mechanism. A simplified version of the transformer with a fast-climbing device. Here built a conventional spring which may be deformed, which will entail the replacement of the Cabinet bed. However, this type of transformer is very popular, because it is much cheaper.

Vertical folding beds-transformers

Vertical folding bed-transformer

This type of bed is good because in the daytime hidden in a fake wardrobe, freeing up to 2 m square in length and width. Custom bed in the wall you can add necessary furniture (wall shelves, side cabinets, table). It is best that the frame vertical transformer was metal, and accessory parts, trim chipboard or MDF.

Before installation it is important to prepare carefully. For example, a bed, a wardrobe double and bulky transformer in the modification takes a lot of space on the floor. The design must stand on a flat surface. It is necessary to align the base of the room to the bed is not broken. To strengthen the Cabinet, of course, need to concrete or brick walls. About any drywall of the question.

Bed in the closet – the perfect solution for a child’s room. Especially when the transformer is complemented by a sofa or Desk. This Cabinet bed is much higher, but is a universal full furniture. Most often, the product dimensions are 2×1 m and may vary according to the customer. Transformer bed for teenagers is a major advantage over other models: when moving all the objects on the table remain in place. This is very convenient because each time, getting ready for bed, no need to waste time to restore order on the working surface.

Built-in horizontal bed

Horizontal bed convertible

This type of design is more suitable for small rooms. Ideally, this bed-wardrobe children’s transformer has a single bed. If folding the product in most cases is double and in the modification time takes up most of the space, the horizontal mechanism is taken out of the closet or even easier – from the sofa turns into a bed.

When you install you don’t even need additional support, as the design can be folded like an accordion. However, such wall bed-transformer is less common and causes some discomfort. First, it is designed for teenager. Secondly, in the transformation you will have to collect bed linen and hide in the closet. It is an outlet for very small rooms, but it is not as practical, such as bed-wardrobe-sofa.

How to choose cabinets bed transformers

Before you buy universal furniture, you need to think about everything that subsequently transformirovalsya wardrobe didn’t occupy more space than a conventional sleeper. What you need to pay attention:

  1. Dimensions. To the spacious rooms you can stay in a double vertical transformer. For small Studio apartments suitable leaves out of the Cabinet one or polutorapolnoy bed.
  2. The structure of the transformer. Bed adjacent to the wall of the frontal surface, would occupy more space than the furniture that is placed side to the partition.
  3. Design. The facade of the transformer also plays an important role when choosing furniture. The Cabinet can be made in several variants. More simplified veneer – MDF, laminated chipboard. If you want to improve the interior of the room, then it is better to book a bed, a wardrobe with a mirror facade. Materials the range is wood, plastic, composite base.
  4. The lifting mechanism. Of the options is the usual spring device and a gas lift. The latter predetermines the service life of the transformer. If the springs can break, the gas, the device operates with minimal friction and are rarely wrong the owner of the bed-wardrobes.
  5. The basis of design. When choosing a bed it is better to stay on the model with a solid Board than the freestanding legs.

Photo: bed-cabinets transformers in the interior

Bed-wardrobe-transformer in the bedroom

Bed-transformer Cabinet in the living roomBed-wardrobe-transformer in the interior

Bright, spacious interior room – a pledge of good mood for every day! Thanks to the furniture technology is not a problem to forget about cluttered homes, where great beds, wardrobes take up to 80% of the area. Thanks to the convenient transformation of the bed in the morning yoga, afternoon to work for their personal upgraded table, and in the evening to invite friends and organize tea gatherings.

Video: bed-transformer with his hands


Eugene, 34 years:If you choose a wardrobe, you must consider the quality of the material from which made the housing. For example, a frame made of chipboard quickly break down. The ideal option would be a steel material. It is clear that the price of such a transformer is about 20 000-30 000$, but to serve it will be more than 30 years.

Vladislav, 40 years: we Have a small apartment. In one room are my husband, the second daughter. When they were babies, there were no problems with the situation. With age has become a question of urgent change of interior. When I bought a bunk bed-wardrobe, in the nursery immediately had more space and light. Everyone is very happy!

Natasha, 31 years:I bought myself a vertical flip of the transformer. At first it was not habitual. First, high. Secondly, that bed linen is not off, it is necessary to secure a special belt. When used, started to enjoy more space. On the sides I have are single wardrobes.

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