As with clothes to bring gum

From a bad situation no one is immune to face her and the kids and adults. The trip on public transport, visit cafes, a walk in the Park can turn into a search for practical advice on how clothes bring out the gum. Do not prematurely despair or panic because there are effective ways on how to unstick this routine clothing. In many cases, even the most simple of them will help to remove the unwanted object by the way, and you don’t have to throw away.

How to remove gum from clothes

If you discover on your things chewing gum, just to try to scrub off the peel off, to tear off it is not necessary. Haste often leads to the fact that the thing can not be saved, because chewing gum is deeply eating into the fabric. Such attempts lead to a common opinion that to remove the stuck gum will not work. But some are faced with an unpleasant situation, people know what to remove unwanted «accessory» is easy, if you apply, for example, Hairdryer, iron, cold or gasoline. Try to do you!

Remove the pants

Gum on pants

For almost all types of clothing has a unique rule: failed to remove chewing gum one way, go to another. If you are troubled by how to remove it from his pants, then there are two simple, proven options: cold (freezer) or heat (boiling water). The first method assumes that the pants need to put in the freezer. After a couple of hours to get it, gently scrape with a knife the frozen chewing gum. If that doesn’t work, then the damaged area should be poured boiling water, and then RUB the spot with a toothbrush.

To scrub smeared chewing gum from jeans

Conclusion smeared gum from clothes

Try to save your favorite jeans from unwanted «accessory» you can at home by applying simple methods. Sticky structure is easily influenced by temperature, so even the hot water from the tap can help. Soak the contaminated area for some time under running water and then clean the fabric with a toothbrush. The same principle of high temperature is provided in the methods when applied boiling water. Immerse contaminated area in boiling water, leave until water has cooled. On the gum gently remove with a knife.

Clean with cloth

Stains from chewing gum to clothing from knitwear

All the easy methods of how clothes quickly bring the gum down to exposure to high or low temperatures. But how to be in a situation where the fabric cannot be subjected to such a test? If jeans, t-shirt, you’ll be able to iron, put it on the contaminated area of the cloth for delicate fabrics (silk, satin, velvet), this method is not suitable. These types of tissues do not perceive the use of vinegar, gasoline, but a cooling spray, dry ice or a special spray for removing unwanted «accessory» fit perfectly.

Than get the stain from the gum

If in search of an answer to the question, how to remove gum from clothing, there are no complications, then, to understand how to get the stain from the gum, we need to give the topic more attention. Vedas in the structure of the tissue bubble-gum is able irrevocably to spoil a thing. These remedies to remove stains from this unwanted «accessory» has proved its effectiveness in practice:

Than get the stain from chewing gum from clothes

  • Vinegar. This tool is better used on dense tissues. Vinegar essence helps to reduce the stain from the gum: it is necessary to heat a small amount of liquid to moisten the tooth brush, which is then RUB the stain. If necessary, the whole process is repeated until then, until dirty place will not be clean.
  • Ammonia is a versatile medication, coping with different types of stains. Its effectiveness is proven in relation to the traces left on clothing chewing gum. Put on top of a cotton pad, moistened with ammonia, leave longer and then RUB this place with a toothbrush. Will only wash the thing to finally remove the remnants of buble-gum.
  • Freezing is the easiest method, but is suitable for fresh stains. Place the damaged item in the package, and then put in the cold (suitable freezer of the refrigerator). As the option of freezing when removing stains from the toffees proved the effectiveness of dry ice coolant additive «Freezer».

Video how to remove clothes from gum

To remove chewing gum from clothes, you can not only relate it to the dry cleaners, but trying to do some methods at home. Wondering how to remove the gum, note the unexpected helper – gasoline. The feature of the composition of the available means helps to quickly deal with sticky gum structure, and the solution is considered to be the best, if you need to scrub smeared on fabric toffee. Learn from the video below, as with clothes it is easy to derive the gum.

How to scrape chewing gum from trousers

Gum on jeans

Easy way to remove gum

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