How to transfer meter readings water

Water meters are in almost every apartment and house, as the feasibility, benefit and efficiency of these devices already in anybody does not cause doubts. Must monthly transmit the readings to the appropriate institution able to calculate the amount to pay for the amount of water used. Data transmission water meter can be done in different ways: by phone, by filling out the receipt, which is transmitted directly in the housing or via the Internet – the latter is the most popular and simple.

The advantages of transfer of readings via the Internet

In the age of mobile and innovative technologies many of the usual manipulations became much easier to perform, they have made adjustments to every area of our lives. For some time, the opportunity to transmit meter readings of water via the Internet, which has greatly facilitated this process to the residents and reduced the burden on workers. The direct advantages of this method of transmission include:

  • The ability to transmit meter readings of the water any day of the week and time of day when there is a free moment and Internet access.
  • Simple procedure of the data transfer, which later, after the development of automaticity will occur faster.
  • Do not be nervous to spend time trying to get through to the utility, where, despite the large number of phone lines, the process of dialing is very difficult.
  • No need to go blank in kommunalservis to transmit meter readings of water.
  • The services is absolutely free and only requires a network connection.

Water meter

How to remove the counters of hot and cold water

Practically in each apartment of Moscow are counters that keep a record of expenditure of hot and cold water. But the time the residents have difficulties during the removal of the testimony, they are not looking right and pass numbers, which leads to confusion, and may result in a penalty. In order to properly learn the indications and transmit them to a water utility should first determine which of the counters finds the water cold and some hot. It can be done the tips below:

  • Often, counters on hot and cold water differ in color, set the red and blue.
  • If the counters are the same color, then it should touch the pipe leading to it – what will be warm, and this applies to hot water.
  • When properly designed, the pipe with hot water are located above the cold.
  • If none of the above methods did not help, turn on cold water and see some of the counters increases the value.
  • Another way – cold water, typically consumes more because the meter of this liquid will be the indicators a little more.

Transmission of meter readings of water will take the least time and effort. After the first login, this item is no longer needed, you can immediately go to the personal Cabinet and enter new data. To carry out online transfer of indicators is possible through any mobile device or computer that has an Internet connection at any time, most importantly, to keep up with deadlines.

Determine the device that controls the flow of any water, you should understand how to read the water meter what numbers to send, and what should not be taken into account. The counter has eight digits, three of them are red – they keep records of gallons and the readings, you must specify liters, cubic, therefore, takes into account the first five numbers. If the reading is more than 500 liters to cubes then add 1. Example of reading look at the photo:

She takes meter readings

The first readings is very simple: indicate the first five digits and all. To in the following months to pass the correct data, they need a monthly fix. To calculate how many cubic meters of water went over the month, from the last testimony of an old deducted, the resulting figure will be taken into account to calculate the amount to pay.

A detailed description of submitting meter readings via the Internet

To transfer meter readings to the water via the Internet is very simple, to cope with this task can anyone who has at least a minimal familiarity with the computer and the worldwide web. To implement data transfer, you need to perform a series of simple steps:

  • Go to the portal of public services To go to a special government website, open any browser installed on your computer, laptop or tablet; to enter the address and press the Enter button to open the main portal page.
  • To register on the site. To be able to send meter readings via the Internet should go through a simple registration on the portal, stating the following information: name, email address, mobile number, to come up with a username and password which you should remember or write down, because they are needed for the following inputs. You need to register only once, during first entrance to the site.
  • Log in to your personal account. Data is transmitted through a private office, access to which is possible after entering the login and password specified during registration.
  • Go to the page «Form input readings of the account». After entering the personal Cabinet will be a special form where you must enter the address, account.
  • Enter the appropriate current value. In separate boxes on the form should enter the readings currently listed on the counter. You need to carefully fill in, as the slightest error can lead to difficulties, problems calculation. Also, you should pass on accurate evidence, otherwise it is possible to impose penalties. In the event of difficulties, view sample, template, instructions for entering the information.
  • Click «Continue». Fill in all the blanks in the form, you need to carefully check the entered data, to compare readings. If everything is spelled correctly, click continue.
  • Confirm the sending. In order to send data to public authorities, is required in a new window to confirm the procedure.

When data transfer to the water utility

Workers of Vodokanal and housing are encouraged to submit testimony in a clearly defined time frame: before the third day of the month following the reporting period. If time will not utilities the figures obtained, a receipt for payment is specified the average for the last three months. After receiving the data will be recalculated, which shall be included in the next payment. Paid services in a strictly allotted time to the account in the savings Bank, branches are all over the city, especially in the center or in the housing.

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