As for Beeline to send a request to call back

Mobile operator «Beeline» offers its customers many useful services and opportunities. Every man happens to be the time when the account ran out of money, and urgently need to contact a relative, friend or colleague. With Beeline you can ask the caller to call you back. This is done in several ways. Here, you learn how to Beeline to send a request to call back how to receive a call by the subscriber. These free options will help you to always stay connected, even if out of funds.

Service Beeline «Call me»

You do not need to connect additional tariffs to take advantage of the easy option. It is available to all Beeline customers who are not within the roaming. After sending the request «Call me», your interlocutor will receive a short text message to your phone upon request. This service operates in many countries and regions. Read more who can use it:

  • The owners of Beeline packages that are in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.
  • Customers of cellular communications, which are in my room roaming on the territory of other countries. In this case, the phone must be entered in international format, and to consider what can be charged an additional fee for an incoming call (check your roaming tariff plan).

How to use USSD command

She sends a request to call back on the Beeline

A convenient way to apply the option is to send USSD – request, which is different depending on where you are in roaming or use a home network in the country. If a man with a pack of Beeline, is in Russia, enter on the keypad *144*(phone number)# and press the green call button. If the user of a network connected roaming and located on the territory of another country, the request is different. As for Beeline to send international please call:

  • Click on the star.
  • Dial one hundred forty-four.
  • Again an asterisk.
  • Dial the number in international format. To do this, enter the country code, city code. Then the phone of the subscriber (for example, in Russia it will look like this: +7 916 333 44 55).
  • Press the green call button.

This option is suitable for sending the request to the subscribers of any network, not just Vodafone’s. With the help of USSD-commands, the client can only send requests barenblat, but limit it to reception on your phone. To do this, you need to put on the keyboard *144*0# and press the call button. To restore the ability to receive SMS»poor» put *144*1# and call.

How many times a day you can send a request to call back

A big plus this useful function is that it is completely free. For the sent query does not withdraw money from your account. However, there is a restriction that does not allow to send more than ten such teams to return your call during the day (they are counted from 00:00 to 24:00 Moscow time). With the onset of a new day the service is activated and the customer may again use the option.

A call by the subscriber

The man made a call to a subscriber of Beeline

If you need to contact the person, but the recharge is not possible, you can use a different service, similar to asking «how to throw the bum». It is called call by the subscriber. After activating the function, the call begins, where the interlocutor asks if he’s ready to pay for the call. If so, then communication is established. This service can be more effective than another option, such as a request for a chime because the texts don’t always notice right away. How to call a subscriber:

  • Enter on the keypad the phone 05050.
  • Dial the number without eight.
  • Wait for connection.
  • To use the function you can not more than five times per day.

How to send a free message asking to call back

People can send a message that will request a chime to another user, any network, using USSD-request. The recipient will receive SMS with the standard text. In addition, there is a function that allows to ask the other person about the transfer of funds. How to send SMS asking to call back: enter *144*, phone number, lattice press call. How to send a free message asking you to recharge your account: enter the same code, only instead of the last four dial unit. It looks like this: *141*number#.

Free SMS with Beeline

Send free SMS with Beeline

Not only can you lose besplatku to the other party, but also to send free message. This is done on the official website of the mobile operator. A text message can only be sent to subscribers of the network. In it, you can ask the person to make the call to throw the money into the account, to say something important, if this is not possible how to fold besplatku, or to mobile phone no access. So the user received a message from the site, this feature it should not be blocked. How to send a text message:

  • Go to the official website of the company.
  • Find the section of services, where the item «Send SMS from».
  • A window opens where, under the rules of sending SMS is the text field on top of the telephone number and captcha, which you need to enter.
  • Please note that using the Latin alphabet, you can write not more than one hundred forty characters and Cyrillic only seventy.
  • Enter your message that does not exceed the allowable amount. The text should not contradict the current legislation.
  • Under the text field click «Send message».

If you do not want to receive SMS from official website from other users can use the «Prohibited list». It gives a person the ability to prevent the change of tariff plan and connect any options to the specified number. To do this, go to the website, find the page «Prohibited list». In the window that appears you will see a field to enter a phone number. Record your phone, click get password. Enter it in the open field.

The app «Call me»

The subscriber sends a beggar through the app Beeline

Many smartphone owners appreciate the convenience of mobile applications. They provide the ability to quickly and effectively implement the necessary actions. The program «Call me» was developed for many mobile network operators. The app supports sending SMS messages of such companies as MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Motiv, Rostelecom, SMARTS, and many others in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan. The program is provided without advertising, helps you to quickly send SMS asking to call back.

Videotutorial: how to throw a request to call back

People who have little experience in the use of a mobile phone or smartphone, you may need a detailed manual, which tells how to ask barenblat or «throw the bum». Experienced users are removed step-by-step videos that demonstrate the process of sending such text messages. See an interesting video where you can see detailed instructions quick activate this option:

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