Apron for kitchen, plastic

For repair it is important that the materials used were of good quality. Not less valuable thing – the opportunity for a variety of finishes. For these reasons, if the scheduled repairs in the kitchen, notice the panel for the work area, made of plastic. Read the information about the product to decide whether they are suitable to you.

Modern plastic panels for kitchen

Modern design in green tones

The use of such materials in the repair work meets all basic demands of consumers. Modern kitchen wall panels, made of plastic, have many advantages in price and ease of mounting onto required surface area. Variety of designs and the opportunity to order an individual picture also attracts many buyers.

In this segment of the materials to finish the kitchen everyone will find a variant, making the choice according to the following criteria:

  • kind of material ‒ polycarbonate or cheaper polyvinyl chloride (PVC);
  • type of joints ‒ panel seamless or with seams that will be part of the decor;
  • texture coatings ‒ glossy or matte;
  • the method of drawing a film (plastic is glued special film print) or printed (image is printed with paint on the panel).

Whether to make a kitchen apron made of plastic

The design in dark colors

The market provides variety of materials for finishing of walls near the work surface in the kitchen: ceramic tiles, MDF, glass, mirror aprons and even jigsaw. Reasonably determine that will suit you best of all the panel plastic? Consider the pros and cons of this option.

Plastic apron for kitchen
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Best price solution, cost saving repairs.
  • The resistance to the evaporation of moisture.
  • Via printing on the panels, you can create an apron for the kitchen, which perfectly fit into the interior.
  • Simple mounting method can be independently set and, if necessary, easily replaced.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Has a high resistance to wear: it can fade, be damaged by detergents.
  • You need to look carefully certificates for the products – some plastics when heated can release harmful substances.
  • Not very heat resistant at high temperatures flammable.

How to choose PVC panels for kitchen

A PVC panel with a picture

The range of aprons of plastic is very wide and varied. To panel mounted please you for a long time, before making a purchase you need to pay attention to several criteria.

  • Color scheme should not only fit the style of the interior, but also to be non-staining, so you don’t have to wash it often.
  • Glossy kitchen panels on the wall give the room volume and light, but when cleaning they should be wiped dry to avoid divorce.
  • The height of the apron must correspond to the distance from the working table tops to the lower edge of the wall cabinets.

If you are going for the first time to make the installation of cladding apron for kitchen, plastic, prefer one-piece seamless product. So you do not need to correctly attach together a lot of plastic sheets. When you purchase a check:

  • not deformed panel;
  • uniformly applied her coloring;
  • no surface chips and nicks.

Where to buy and how much are the cooking panel

Wood grain design

To buy quality apron for kitchen, plastic, visit construction hypermarkets – they offer the widest selection. You can see the product catalog and pre-determined options of apron in the kitchen. Best purchase can be done in small specialized shops. The price difference on the panel is 155-160 g. K 220-250 g per 1 sq. m. This characteristic depends on, whether the applied pattern on the plastic and how it was done.

How to mount wall panels for kitchen

Design in red tones

This type of repair work is simple. If the wall where will be mounted the apron, rough, on her pre-made installation of horizontal wooden crates. This strap is attached at a distance of approximately 50 cm, fixing screws with a pitch of 25-30 cm If the apron needs to close adjacent walls in the corner to attach the vertical rail.

Panel to the sheathing can be nailed with small nails, but it is convenient to do construction stapler. If the apron consists of several sheets, installation start from the corner. In the first panel, and so make the next move before the next corner until all the necessary decorated surface. In the case when the wall is smooth, the apron in the kitchen of plastic can be fastened with liquid nails.

Video: How looks kitchen bar-apron


Elena, 37 years:We are a year and a half ago they put plastic apron near the work surface in the kitchen. Based on the price paid for the material that serves it well but is not very strong in terms of wear. This veneer should be used, if such repairs are planned soon. Already notice a slight fading in places where often my wall.

Sergey, 48 years:Recently made cosmetic repairs, and I decided to try to attach an apron for the kitchen from plastic. Any special problems I this work is not made up: material is not difficult, the wall was smooth. Cut out holes for sockets, and put plastic sheets on the liquid nails – it reminded me of wallpapering.

Svetlana, 29 years:I’ve come up with a design your kitchen. The color of the ceiling and walls chose a plain, dull, therefore I wanted a spectacular accent in the interior. In the end, plastic panel depicting colorful birds every day pleases my eye while cooking. It cost expensive, the surface is easy to clean, choice happy!

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