Antenna for digital TV

The modern world is bad appear to be without a television, because it is an integral part of everyday life of each person. It is important that the quality of the transmitted signal remains at the highest level, it is convenient to use modern devices. How to choose this technique to get a good picture on the TV?

Different antenna for reception of digital television from the usual

Modern equipment

The main difference of modern equipment for TV from conventional in that they capture different signals and frequency. New standards offer a more stable image, there is no noise, and transmitted color is very clear. This is especially good for owners of widescreen displays, which can convey the brilliance of the image. Modern TV offers many channels, you can set protection for programs that you would not want to watch, or to pay for additional services.

Professional antenna for digital TV

Antenna for reception of digital TV

  1. The combined-wave device Funke DCRS.1760 /1-69/. The Cabinet is made of aluminum, anodized gold alloy. Has three outputs, the gain range 5 до15db. Installed outdoors, in private homes.
  2. The combined all-wave apparatus Funke DCRS.1753 /1-69/, made of aluminum, required anodized alloy with gold in the composition. Has two outputs and the gain ranges from 3 to 14.5 db.
  3. The combined all-wave camera Logo P-14 is used in multi-storey buildings. Installed outside the premises. Design made of black metal, making it stronger and more durable.
  4. The apparatus of the UHF range Funke BM4591 /21-69/. Aluminum construction, on top of which is anodized alloy with gold. The gain of 16.7 db, and the device consists of 91 elements.

Indoor antenna for digital TV

Room DV3 T2

  1. Delta. Television room model for the private use of receiving TV programs broadcast in UHF waves range from 470 to 790 MHz, the channels takes from 21 to 60. Horizontal polarization receiving electromagnetic waves. Such a device is installed exclusively indoors.
  2. Delta DIGITAL 5B. Designed to receive DVB-T and DVB-T2. Included is a signal amplifier when the attenuation in the cable is used indoors only.
  3. Indoor antenna for digital TV Delta К131 for receiving TV programs broadcast in UHF waves range from 470 to 790 MHz. The device is intended for installation inside the apartment or house.
  4. Uralochka. Modern design for the DVB-T2 and analogue TV, without power supply, with built-in amplifier. Long cable allows you to place the device on the wall, window, or even the attic.

External antenna

Delta Н181

  1. Delta Н3111.02. Designed to receive analog television waves range from 21 to 69 channels and DVB-T, set on the street. The polarization of the received signals horizontal.
  2. UHF antenna for digital TV Delta Н181 outdoor installation. Accepts analog television waves from 21 to 69 channels and TV DVB, gain 8.5-11 dBi. Street model, which is ideal for private homes and cottages.
  3. Delta Н111А.02F. Camera outdoor applications, receives signals in a horizontal polarization and the frequency band from 470 to 790 MHz. The kit includes amplifier, splitter.

What should be a good digital antenna

You must determine the type of the device: what kind of antenna you need for digital TV? Depending on the installation location, the device can be an external or room. Next, decide with the power of the transmitted signal, how exactly it will operate, and need an amplifier. In some cases this additional function is not needed, but on the contrary its presence distorts the image and sound. Pay attention not only on the model itself, but also on the instruction. There must be clear information with detailed information.

Antenna for digital TV – reality is for those who loves to design different devices, regardless of their complexity. It’s not necessary to invent a new device, you can use regular analog antenna or to create a unique design, adding an inexpensive basic model. The main thing is to set it to the desired ranges broadcast.

Where to buy and how much it cost

Buy equipment to broadcast desired TV channels will not be easy. Such devices are presented in specialized stores, the market of household appliances and accessories, and even in online stores. Prices for various models are presented in the table, they will depend on where you buy them:

Model The price in a specialty store Price online store
External N 311-01 1455 1200
DELTA UHF 565 g. 450
UHF Broadcast ANT-003 997 720 R.
Car TV tuner DVB-T2 AVIS AVS7002DVB 7350 R. 6500 p

Video: antenna for receiving digital TV with your hands


Andrew, 35 years:

Bought a new LG TV with big screen and to watch interesting channels could not. A good friend advised me to buy new equipment which is mounted on the wall. Selecting a stop on DIGITAL 5B: the image is very good, the colors, there are no obstacles and the price pleases. Configure the transmitter himself, was very happy with the purchase

Alexander, 41 years:

When we moved to a private home, started thinking about the connection of modern television. The number of programs was impressive, and he’s family is great, everyone has their own preferences. Chose outer camera Logo P-14, it has a large reception range and design of quality material.

Valentin, 39:

When our country has a new TV formats, I decided to keep up with the times and wondered how to make antenna for digital TV with your hands. Bought everything you need, gathered in the end I got homemade dtsm-device, which actively catches broadcasting.

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