The causes and methods of treatment zaedy on the lips

zaedy1Considerable agitation takes zaedy on the lips. There seems to be such a significant problem, cracks in the corners of the mouth does not affect the appearance and mood. But little crack can cause the formation of abscesses, pain and burning sensation when talking, itching. So here and there zaedy. Why cracks appear on the lips and as quickly as possible to get rid of them. There are many popular recipes to combat zaedy.

Causes of zaedy on the lips

The reasons why there zaedy on the lips is not exactly known. People of any age affected by this issue in any period. It has been noticed that this trouble is mainly concentrated in spring and autumn transition weather. It was during this period, our body is weakened and easily exposed to virus attack. This explains the appearance of zaedy.The reasons why there zaedy on the corners of the mouth photo

Just cause of zaedy can serve as micronutrient deficiency (zinc and iron) and b vitamins (mainly B2).

A balanced diet, which is rich in trace elements and vitamins, dairy products, beef, liver, spinach, beans, peas, buckwheat, potatoes, walnuts, oatmeal will help to rectify the situation.

Zaedy belong to the class of bacterial infection that mostly affects the body with low immunity. Also zaedy on the lips can occur when the malfunction of the internal organs, especially the digestive tract.

Causes of zaedy in the corners of the mouth

First, in the corners of the mouth redness appear. They become quite painful erosion and chapped. To start the treatment of this disease should immediately. If you run zaedy – the problem is compounded and will be a pain even with a slight opening of the mouth. About how awful it looks and not worth telling.

from what appear how to cure zaedy on the lipsThere are many theories of what appear zaedy. Many far from the truth. Doctors claim that the main cause of this trouble is the deficiency of vitamin B2. An additional symptom of this problem can be excessive sleepiness, lethargy, redness of tongue and peeling of the nose wings.

You’d be surprised what zaedy in the corners of the mouth appear. It turns out that this reaction can occur in the use of toothpaste with high fluoride content. The reason can be and dentures made from materials of low quality. And, of course, poorly washed dishes and other things that we touch lips – a great infectious agents.

How to get rid of zaedy?

Start the fight with an unpleasant inflammation with the treatment by the doctor. Specialist sends the patient for laboratory tests. It is very important to determine the cause, depending on her and will be prescribed treatment. Research is taken the area of skin affected area, which will be examined for the presence of infectious agents. A deficiency of vitamin B2 is manifested by blood test.

Treatment of deficiency of vitamin B2

zaedy in the corners of the mouth causes and treatmentFirst and foremost, the patient developed a special power. It is rational and enriches the body with vitamin B2. The products recommended are the following: green leafy vegetables, nuts, brown rice, legumes, bran and avocado. Treatment for zaedy in the corners of the lips involves an increase in body the amount of vitamin E which helps to prevent a recurrence of the problem. This vitamin in large amounts concentrated in the following products: cabbage, refined sunflower oil, corn, oatmeal. No need to think that you have to consume these foods in large quantities. Use in normal range quickly restore balance in the body.

How to cure zaedy on the lips, which arose as a result of dental problems?

You must first put in order your teeth. Don’t have to go to the dentist, using cheap materials, was the cause of liberty. He knew very well what it can mean for You. On the teeth save not exactly necessary, therefore contact a good specialist, get quality dentures and treated securely.

Treatment zaedy on the lips, and consists of strengthening of measures of personal hygiene. It is necessary to reconsider their attitude to the use of towels, dishes, and other things that need to be private.

Than to smear zaedy?

Say around zaedy need to smear antiseptic. The actual wound can be cauterised by fukortsin or green paint. Other creams and solutions will prescribe a doctor, depending on the cause of the disease.

How to cure zaedy the child?

The kids need to go to the doctor. Despite the fact that kids are often put in his mouth everything that comes to hand, the causes can be more serious. How to treat zaedy the child must decide specialist. To alleviate the suffering, you can anoint the baby the corners of the mouth a weak solution of potassium permanganate or with a solution of Lugol.

Treatment Zayed folk remedies

Observance of rules of personal hygiene, strengthening the immune system, a healthy diet will prevent zaedy in the corners of the lips. But if the sore has appeared, all these measures are insufficient. There has never can help folk recipes and remedies. Recipes how to treat zaedy:

Thermal water

Sprinkle zaedy thermal water several times a day or use hygienic lipstick on the basis of thermal water, this will help to quickly deal with the problem.

Oil vitamins

Vitamins can be taken not only inside but also outside. Pharmacies sell oil solutions of vitamins A and E, which lubricate zaedy.Why zaedy in the corners of the mouth and how to get rid of them

How to treat zaedy natural oils

A valuable gift from nature is essential and vegetable oil. Avocado, rosehip, linseed and olive oil softens the skin and with regular use, promotes rapid healing of cracks and sores on the lips. Inflammation spot can be removed by burning essential oils of eucalyptus and tea tree.

How to cure zaedy homemade products

In home cosmetology for the treatment of used home-made butter and good quality honey. They are well nourish and soften the skin and contribute to its recovery.

Aloe Vera for treating cracks in the corners of the lips

Fresh aloe Vera juice also promotes healing of cracks. Lubricate it with the juice from fresh cut leaf problem areas two or three times a day.

In the pharmacies you can buy medicine ointment from the zaedy on hand. This ointment «Levomikol», «Aquafarm», «Vishnevsky», «Iruksol». But before you buy and use these drugs, consult with a specialist.

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