Your child eat what You eat

In the network appeared negative publicity with infants who are fed breast, and their mothers eat junk food. All this in order to warn mothers about the dangers of bad habits.

Created for the Brazilian organization of pediatric SPRS, stunning flyers, show babies, feeding breast, illustrated by unhealthy pleasures.

The ads are designed to show the effects of the mothers who may have children from this kind of power.

A recent study showed that women who eat healthy food are likely to give birth to babies with genes that suppress cancer.

A disturbing new ad campaign created for the Pediatric Society of Brazil, Rio Grande also show ominous slogan: ‘Your child is what You eat’, which could also be translated as: ‘Your child eats what You eat.’

Designed by Brazilian Agency Paim, ad is a wonderful reminder that mothers can potentially harm children with its poor diet.

Below the slogans, the ad warned: ‘Your habits in the first thousand days of a child’s life can help to ensure that Your child can fall ill with major diseases.’

One image shows a child that is nourished at the breast with a massive cheeseburger, while on other ads to see babies with soda and donuts.

A recent study by Robert Waterland, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular and Human Genetics at the Medical College of Baylor, showed that a healthy diet of pregnant mothers can lead to infants developing gene variant, which suppresses tumors.

However, if a pregnant mother is not a good food, the immune system of her child is less likely activates struggling with cancer genetic variety.

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