Without drugs to lower your cholesterol

The level of cholesterol in the blood care of almost every adult. Why is his index in the normal range is important, and what affects low or high maintenance? The main content of the so-called good and bad cholesterol readings which need to be controlled to avoid the consequences. To adjust them normally as drugs and diets, folk remedies, active lifestyle.

How to lower cholesterol in the blood without drugs

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For the most part it does not come from food into our body, and is produced by the liver. It is important to efficiently make your menu to avoid increasing the level of this lipid that comes from eating, to improve the condition of the body. Undeniable benefit in this case and physical exertion. While running the heart rate accelerates, the blood is purified more intense, the body begins to heal itself.

Often doctors prescribe medication of cholesterol – statins. But medicine had not yet invented means which do not cause side effects. Statins negatively impact:

  • nervous and digestive system;
  • metabolism;
  • the organs of hematopoiesis.

Prescribed fibrates, which regulate the production of sterols from the liver. This pill lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, but also has side effects such as disorders of the digestive system. Therefore, to regulate the content of lipids in the blood better without the use of drugs and other methods. Their physicians prescribed only severe coronary patients, and in other cases it is better to do a diet, physical exercise, not quickly, but will effectively improve their health.

Folk remedies from high cholesterol

Linden from high cholesterol

A lot of negative reviews have drugs, so many wonder how without drugs to reduce cholesterol. They can cause impotence, diabetes, allergic reactions. To reduce cholesterol folk remedies to cleanse the blood vessels and get rid of poor health, using some simple recipes:

  • Lime. A decoction of this plant or the powder of ground flowers take before each meal during the month.
  • Green tea. If you give up coffee and replace it with a good green tea and drink every day, you can reduce cholesterol by 15%. But the rejection of coffee can cause health problems, especially hypotensive. Before making a decision it is better to consult a doctor.
  • Treatment of fresh juices. Juice celery, Apple, cucumber, carrots when used every day for 70 ml in various combinations, improves the exchange of lipids in the body, has a positive effect on vascular tone.
  • Garlic tincture. Garlic is very useful for vessels, but with caution it should be used for people with a sick stomach. Infusions doing an oil (e.g. olive oil) or alcohol. Oil simply use at home, salads in combination with herbs, alcohol tincture and a few drops taken before meals within a month.


Nuts from high cholesterol

As without medicine to lower cholesterol? It is possible, adhering to a special diet. In the daily diet should be the foods that contain substances which helps to eliminate cholesterol from the body and reduce its quantity:

  • Omega-3. Regulates the level of lipids in their generation. Positive impact on the health of blood vessels.
  • Phytosterols. Reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol
  • Polyphenols. Stimulate the production of blood cholesterol, act against lipids of low density.
  • Policosanol. Contained in sugar cane. It is used as a dietary Supplement to the daily diet.
  • Fiber. It helps not only to reduce cholesterol levels but positively affect overall health.
  • Monacolin K. the Reduction of the body to produce triglycerides.
  • The carotenoids lutein and reduce the risk of vascular disease, reduce the amount of fatty substances of low density.

Products, the use of which causes reduction of cholesterol

Products Useful components
Fruits, cereals, vegetables Fiber
Oily fish, olive oil, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds Omega-3
Red yeast rice Monacolin To
Berries, pomegranate Polyphenols
Nuts, flax oil, avocado, wheat germ, rice bran. Phytosterols
Greens Dietary fiber, carotenoids, lutein

Foods that reduce cholesterol

The menu for each day shall contain the following products:

  • Breakfast – complex carbohydrates with fiber and protein cereal, dairy products, eggs. Instead of coffee – green tea, chicory, fresh juices (for example, celery 50 ml + 150 ml Apple).
  • Snack: oatmeal cookies, fruits, berries, whole grain bread, nuts.
  • Lunch – oily fish steamed vegetable salad with olive oil; vegetable soups without meat broth, any cereal.
  • Dinner – boiled chicken or beef and a side dish; the cheese is not greasy.

Such a diet will not only help to maintain healthy lipid levels in the blood, but the overall level, thereby reducing the weight and improving the General condition of the body.

Video: how to reduce cholesterol at home

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