Bad smell in private parts: causes and treatment

why does it smell in the intimate area of womenUnpleasant smell in the intimate place can be caused by different reasons. Most often these unpleasant sensations attending those people who hold poor hygiene of intimate places. Also an unpleasant smell in the intimate area can be caused by various diseases or physiological structure of the organism at this period. Any person with this trouble brings discomfort both in personal and public life. Why smell in the intimate area?

The reason why there is an unpleasant smell in the intimate place

Why does it smell in the intimate area?

  • Bacterial vaginosis is a condition of the female body is not a disease. With the specified definition is faced by every woman in their lifetime. Everyone knows that the vagina of every woman living microorganisms and bacteria. When it begins to manifest bacterial vaginosis, the number of bacteria begins to increase sharply, from the bad odor in the intimate place, the pain sensation and itchiness of the intimate area. To provoke bacterial vaginosis can several causes: a change of sexual partner, unprotected sex, douching and various drugs. Typically, this nuisance is alone, as the body tunes in a new way. But if a woman concerned about her condition, she should consult a gynecologist.
  • unpleasant smell in the intimate place and the allocation ofFungal infections — often an unpleasant smell in the intimate place and the allocation are due to hit in the body of a human infectious fungi. Under these symptoms should consult a doctor to receive skilled care. Usually, the disease is cured quickly, it is necessary to drink a course of antibiotics or other drugs. On the allocation read the article /korichnevyie-krovyanyie-rozovyie-vyideleniya-after-mesyachnyih
  • Sexually transmitted diseases — in this case, bad smell in private parts accompanied by itching. Self-medication in this case do not. And if an unpleasant smell is added and itching and other symptoms, in the form of pain when urinating and different selections, you should immediately contact the medical facility.
  • Inflammation is often an unpleasant smell in the intimate area causing disease of the pelvic organs. Pelvic inflammatory disease comes from unprotected sex and contact with «foreign» bacteria in a woman’s body. In inflammatory processes accompanying symptoms are: fever, headache, loss of strength and constant fatigue.
  • Non-compliance with hygiene of the intimate areas — the most common cause of odour and itching in an intimate place. In some cases, unpleasant odor of the intimate areas can be caused by using contaminated or allergenic personal hygiene.
  • Especially attentive to their health should be women, which appears unpleasant odor in the intimate location after delivery. This condition may be caused by the breeding of harmful bacteria in a woman’s body. In some cases, that trouble is found in women who have dysbiosis.
  • Bad smell in private parts after menstruation in women occurs when a woman’s body physiological changes occur. It might be connected with changes in menstrual cycle, colds and infectious diseases.

Treatment of unpleasant odors in the intimate place

Unpleasant smell in the intimate place of folk remedies are unlikely to cure. The only thing to use in this case is douching decoction of herbs, but only after consultation with your doctor.

If odor caused by violations of the elementary rules of body hygiene, it is necessary to give this point special attention. You need to wash at least 2 times a day using soap.

If the odor of intimate areas caused due to various diseases, they should receive only medical treatment.

Bad smell in private parts, why does it occur? Just depends on the person how he feels. In the manifestation of any discomfort, you should immediately take emergency measures to eliminate it, otherwise the running condition of the disease can lead to negative consequences.

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