Why delayed period

The functioning of the female organism is influenced by many internal and external aspects, many of which affect the regularity of the cycle. Delay or absence of menstruation may signal not only about the pregnancy or the presence of pathology. Consider the probable causes of menstrual irregularities.

Possible causes of delayed menstruation

The woman has a stomach ache because of a delay monthly

The normal delay of menstruation, according to doctors, is from 1 to 3 days. In some cases can even delay menstruation for a week. If my period does not start during this time should immediately consult a specialist to determine the factors that caused the failure of the menstrual cycle. Common causes of delay of periods:

  1. Pregnancy. Girls having sexual activity, delayed menstruation should first check the likelihood of conception. To do this, use a pregnancy test (available at pharmacies) or a blood in the laboratory. Even during protected sexual intercourse there is a small chance to get pregnant.
  2. Strict diet. The lack of adequate nutrition leads to negative consequences. A woman’s body is depleted, which leads to a delay or cessation of the menstrual cycle. When dieting to girls important not to cross the «critical menstrual weight», equal 45-49 kilograms (depending on growth).
  3. The period after childbirth. The restoration of the female body occurs gradually. This period each of the fair sex of the individual. In the absence of lactation menstruation is restored in a couple of months after birth, and during the period of active lactation period might be delayed indefinitely. Later, when the cycle starts to recover, it can be irregular. Normalized period when the female organs and hormones back to normal.
  4. Menopause. This is a common reason why the monthly stop at Mature women. Usually, menopause occurs at age 50 years: in that time the dysfunction of the ovaries (the body stops producing egg). This is accompanied by severe failures of periods: increases the duration and intensity of the secretions often face delays. Worried with no reason is normal.
  5. Medication. Some drugs can affect the development process of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which are responsible for the regularity of menstruation. Tablets can provoke a delay period for the long term.
  6. Abortion. As a miscarriage it is accompanied by hormonal imbalance and damage to internal tissues. This explains why delayed menstruation.
  7. Acceptance of contraceptives. Oral contraceptives contain hormones. During their use and after the course termination often begin with problems associated with the menstrual cycle. Contraceptives cause delay or cessation of menstruation affect their intensity and duration. This reaction is a sign of addiction or rejection of pills the female body.
  8. Sports. Delay in menses can be due to regular physical loads of high intensity. Hard work is able not only to bring down the menstrual rhythm, but also affects the female body in General. Consequently, the broken reproductive function, malfunctions of the endocrine system.
  9. The abrupt change of climate. Acclimatization is a common reason for delayed menstruation. The norm is to delay the start of the cycle 2-5 days.
  10. A radical change of lifestyle. As a rule, a delayed period, if a woman goes with a daily work schedule for night/day.
  11. Bad habits. Smoking tobacco products, drinking alcoholic beverages or intake of drugs causes irreparable harm to women’s health. As a result of such lifestyle is not only monthly but also develop various serious diseases, there comes infertility.
  12. Stress. Gynecologists consider the psychological condition of girls is very important factor for the menstrual cycle. Due to the strong emotions period can be delayed from several days to 2-3 months. The reason for the delay in this case is the brain, which starts to fail due to the shock of the. Body directly linked to the correction of the reproductive system in women, particularly the ovaries and uterus. To resolve the failure, you should bring the nerves in order to relax.
  13. Disease. Any pathological process makes the body vulnerable and weak. Trying to cope with the disease, he directs the maximum amount of effort on this task, leaving the organs and systems to work in economy mode. As a result, those energy costs, which had to go on blood loss during menstruation, went to fight with the disease. Thus, the cycle of menstruation is delayed for a certain period, and after self repair. However, if the failure of menstruation due to serious diseases of the reproductive system (cystic ovaries, uterine fibroids, ectopic pregnancy), it is important to contact your gynecologist.

Delay in menses in women

Woman holding pregnancy test

Menstruation, in normal operation, the female body, conventionally occurs once a month. The cycle lasts from 21 to 35 days, depending on the individual characteristics of girls. Any failures indicate malfunctions of the organs and systems. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend that women keep track of the start and end date critical days to respond to the changes.

During pregnancy

This is one of the most common reasons why periods are delayed. If menstruation does not occur for longer than 7 days after the tentative number of the beginning of the cycle, there is a reason to visit a doctor. An alternative is the use of the test, however, it does not always determine pregnancy in the early period and may be of poor quality. Symptoms in this case are: nausea, mood swings, changes in tastes, swelling nipples. Period late pregnant for the whole period of gestation, because during this period no ovulation occurs.

During menopause

Menopause starts at 45-55 years of age, but may vary depending on the genetic characteristics of women. At this time hormonal system stops its proper functioning. A woman after menopause lose the ability to conceive, as a consequence, the first case of a delay of menstruation, late menstruation ends.

Why menstruation after childbirth no

In this period, the hormonal balance returns to normal. You can stay period due to the action of the hormone prolactin, which is produced during lactation. Menstruation does not resume, yet supported by the completeness and regularity of the filling volume of breast milk. When mother takes the baby to the breast, monthly gradually restored.

What can be the delay of menstruation in adolescents

The girl miss a period

The girls hold monthly often this happens for one reason:

  • physiological;
  • hormonal;
  • emotional;
  • physical.

After the onset of menstruation in adolescents in 1-2 years, there was a failure in a cycle is considered normal. If the settling time of the month symptoms that indicate the presence of pathologies, and the girl feels normally, you should just wait for the cycle will be settled independently. In addition, menstruation may disappear in young girls if:

  • deteriorated emotional state;
  • the girl has serious mental, physical activity;
  • a virgin start sex life;
  • in the body a hormonal imbalance.

Why no periods for stress and diet

Stress is another factor why sometimes periods are delayed. And with the same success to be a violation of the cycle can be as serious and short-term emotional stress. It stimulates the malfunction of the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus, which govern the genital organs. Modern women often experience a delay menstruation with serious problems at work or discord in personal life.

Another reason why sometimes periods are delayed, is adherence to a strict diet. Body weight directly affects the production of estrogen, a key female hormones. Critical weight, which stops the functioning of the ovaries, is 45 kg. Further loss of body weight causes irreversible reproductive disorders (infertility).

The girl has a stomach ache

Why may be the delay of menstruation during illness

Any disease, even the common cold, weakened the body, taking away all the strength to fight the disease. As a result, my period delayed for a certain period. If a woman develops a serious illness type acute cystitis, endometriosis, cervical cancer, adenomyosis, inflammation of the appendages, the result is a delay period for a period of 10 days and longer. With such a great pause is to see a specialist.

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Pauline, 25 years:Recently had a five-day delay, stimulated by stress. Pregnancy I ruled out immediately as not been sexually active. During this period, I defended the diploma, so the consequences of the unrest was obvious. The doctor prescribed me a course of taking sedatives (Tazepam, Novopassit), the cycle was adjusted monthly and never late.

Hope, 30 years:Menstruation delayed for 8 days, shortly before that had unprotected sex with a guy, so there was a risk of pregnancy. The test showed a negative result, but just to be sure I decided to hand over the analysis. Maybe the test was defective or failed to determine early on, but the results of the tests confirmed the pregnancy.

Natalia, 24 years:my summer was delayed by almost 2 weeks, with pregnancy were excluded (did not have sex during this period). The gynecologist has determined that the failure of the menstrual cycle was caused by taking the wrong me oral contraceptives. After the change of pills problems with periods long critical days begin exactly on time.

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