Why before my period my Boobs hurt

why before my period my Boobs hurtAll girls and women know the situation, when pain in Breasts before menstruation. This phenomenon is due to tissue changes in the mammary glands. Chest pain before menstruation is quite unpleasant, in addition, it may indicate a malfunction of certain systems of the body. Will try to find out why before menstruation sore chest.

The formation of the female breast starts at approximately 8-9 years of age, however, during this period, the Breasts can develop unevenly. Thus after 2-3 years, the asymmetry of their development disappears, the gland becomes uniform in size. Finally, the breast develops before 15 years.

But women’s Breasts are acutely exposed to multiple physiological cycles, among which are menstruation. And that’s why many notice that they have sore Breasts during menstruation, or immediately before them.

Reasons why sore Breasts before menstruation

sore Breasts before menstruationGenerally the menstrual cycle in any case is accompanied by changes in the mammary glands. Increase breast sensitivity occurs just before ovulation, the second phase of the cycle. Sore nipples before your period starts so that the blood is supplied in large quantity to the breast, which swells and is clearly growing in size. There is breast density, its engorgement, and unpleasant soreness. Besides increases before menstruation basal temperature. But it is important to know that sore Breasts before menstruation only in the case of disorders in the body.

And sore if Breasts before menstruation in healthy women? Yes, this is possible. The reason is that the body and mammary gland including preparing for pregnancy. For this reason, the chest expands slightly. Because pregnancy does not occur (we are talking about the normal menstrual cycle), then at the end of the cycle all the painful events taking place. The next menstruation process happens again – it is a common phenomenon for all women of childbearing age.

Before menstruation pain occurs in about a week, and if not worsens General health, it acts as a normal physiological manifestation. Many even notice that they have stopped hurting Breasts before menstruation. This is nothing wrong. Read in this article what are some signs before menstruation. But it can be that period passed, and my chest hurts. And if recurring pain before menstruation are not diseases, other situation is alarming. Why?

The fact is that throughout the cycle of the mammary gland is subject to change the ratio of content of different tissues: adipose, fibrous, and glandular. Such changes are due to the influence of female hormones, primarily progesterone. If all goes well, then these hormones are in balance with the other estrogens. Then the breast just becomes harder and rougher.my chest hurts and no menstruation

Of the month, and my chest hurts. Why?

But disturbances in the hormonal can cause severe pain, and then, for example, chest hurts, and not monthly. Reasons may also be failures in the functioning of the ovaries, various kinds of gynecological diseases. So if sore Breasts after menstruation, in front of them or in their absence, it is important to contact your gynecologist. During the initial examination, the expert can guide you further to mammologist and endocrinologist for further consultation. In addition, will be assigned to some surveys, in particular, breast ultrasound, and pelvic organs. In addition, tests will be taken, to understand why sore Breasts after period.

Finally, you need to understand that the situation in which there is a delay in menstruation, sore Breasts is a possible sign of pregnancy.

Therefore it is not a long time to postpone going to the doctor, pay attention to yourself.

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