Diaper rash in newborns

What to do if there is diaper rash in the newborn.Child, just born, is faced with a huge number of stimuli of the outside world: noise, light, unusual air, bacteria and many others. His skin is in dire need of external support. One of the challenges you meet on your way to healthy skin is diaper rash in the newborn. About them and discussed today.

What we’re dealing with?

Diaper rash is a reddening of the skin that appear in areas of excessive humidity or high friction. Distinguish diaper rash in three stages:

  1. A little redness, without breaking the skin.
  2. The appearance of red patches of skin with small cracks.
  3. Pronounced red spots with weeping wounds, abscesses, perhaps, with ulcers on the skin.

When skin problems of this nature baby has severe itching, tingling, pain, a burning sensation, which is aggravated by contact with water. Because of this, he becomes cranky, restless, sometimes not sleeping at night.

When there is diaper rash in a newborn?

As mentioned in the beginning, the causes of diaper rash in infants are mostly related to excess fluid in the skin, and also mechanical damage (friction).

In addition, diaper rash can be due to immune response to any type of tissue, for example, a particular brand of diapers.

The presence of diaper rash positive influence fecal and urinary weight of the baby. They contain large amounts of ammonia and harmful compounds in connection with the imperfection of the digestive system that aggressively affects your baby’s skin. So, to summarize, we can say that the rash appears as a result of the following factors-irritants:

  • Moisture

diaper rash baby photoThe accumulation of water on the skin destroys the natural barrier function of the cutaneous secretion, the result is provoked by the proliferation of germs and diaper rash. To eliminate this irritating factor is not enough to wipe the baby after bathing. The liquid needs to evaporate easily from the surface of the skin. This is very problematic if you are using artificial (polyester) clothes and diapers for the baby. Also let the baby’s skin to «breathe» periodically leaving him without diapers.

  • Friction

This factor is also associated with the use of a close, artificial, uncomfortable fabrics and materials.

  • Allergy

Sometimes diaper rash are the result of reactions to a stimulus: fabric, diaper etc. And sometimes the appearance of the skin spots is a harbinger of allergies. At risk of allergies among children those who have fair skin, skin with clearly visible vascular pattern, excess weight, caused by violation of the endocrine system.

  • Stool and urine

You should regularly and thoroughly to bathe the baby and clean it using wet wipes after each urination and burping.

How to treat diaper rash in newborns?

Before to treat diaper rash in newborns, it is necessary to establish their degree classification described above.

why is there a diaper rash in a childDiaper rash 1-th degree usually can be cured without the use of pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine. Quite often to wash the baby, often to change a diaper, panties or diapers, do not leave the skin moist and use baby powder to absorb excess moisture. Pay special attention to groin, armpits, neck, and areas between the skin folds.

If skin rashes in the newborn does not pass within 1-2 days of treatment, try to change the brand of diaper, to eliminate the possibility of allergies.

Diaper rash second degree involves all of the above plus additional actions. The next step in the treatment of diaper rash is the use of various pharmacy assets. The first thing that comes to mind is diaper cream for babies.

A day after a mild treatment if the redness has reduced, use Drapolen, Acres, Panthenol, cream, protective cream from diaper rash. They soften and soothe the skin, while reducing the risk of allergic reaction because they are hypoallergenic. These creams should not be used in the presence of open wounds on the skin, which must first be dried.

Irritation on the neck in infants is often caused by belching and salivation. It is recommended to follow a regular cleaning up this area and use the powder not less than for the groin and butt.

diaper rash in newbornsIt is also recommended to apply the «mash» from diaper rash. They are prepared in the pharmacy by prescription. For example, a mixture of 10 grams of talc, 10 g of ZnO, 5 grams of glycerol and 25 grams of lead water. Ointment from diaper rash in infants will cost you quite inexpensive, but will help with a high probability to cope with skin problem.

The third degree of irritation on the skin provides for additional measures in the treatment of diaper rash in infants

  1. Bathing in a solution of potassium permanganate diluted

To disinfect and soothe skin that has already begun to form erosion, use a solution of potassium permanganate in small concentrations. Dissolve 3-4 crystal of potassium permanganate in a small container, then filter the resulting solution through cheesecloth, folded in several layers. This is necessary in order to prevent burns on the skin, because the crystals in pure form can be too aggressive in contact with the delicate skin of the baby.

  1. Furatsilin

Alternatively, potassium permanganate to treat diaper rash in newborns on the priest use a solution furatsilina prepared with the ratio of 1 tablet per pint of boiling water. After the furatsilina dissolve in hot water, the solution should be pour into the tub and dilute with warm water.

  1. Sedative teas

From diaper rash in infants help decoction of soothing plants such as chamomile, oak bark and others.

Brew the selected plant in boiling water according to the instructions, you may need a water bath. Strain the resulting solution and pour into a bowl or baby bath, bring the water to a comfortable temperature for the baby. The child should «precipitate» in the tray for 5-7 minutes, then gently wipe off the remaining moisture by blotting with a towel or dry wipes. This method helps if irritation develops in infants to the Pope.

  1. Disinfection brilliant green

Purulent and open wounds on the skin of the baby should be washed with aqueous solutions «blueprints» or «green stuff» (in medicine it is methylene blue, brilliant green solution).

  1. Antihistamines

In addition to creams for children from diaper rash, your doctor may prescribe desensitizing medication, if you conclude that redness caused by allergies. It can be Suprastin or 1% Hydrocortisone ointment from diaper rash.

  1. Physiotherapy

If the doctor deems it necessary, he will prescribe ultraviolet irradiation of the affected skin, and after lubrication damaged areas applied topically ointment or Vitamin F99.

Run to the doctor

Should in any case contact the clinic if:

  • Diaper rash do not go more than 3 days;
  • The area of the diaper rash even more expands on the skin;
  • Rash covered with pustules, vesicles, skin partially starts to crack;
  • The child is constantly crying;
  • Fever.

Remember that diaper rash can be caused by fungi, viruses or bacteria, and not all of them can be cured with a standard ointment from diaper rash in children. If you notice the child has unusual symptoms or symptoms listed above, do not delay your visit to the doctor.

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Be healthy!

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