First signs of pregnancy

42629Pregnancy for many women is the most cherished dream and a joyous event in life. So on the eve of a significant event, a woman wants to see embodied her dream in life. Of course, the surest way to know there was fertilization is to visit the doctor, but sometimes so languid, and the woman begins to listen more carefully to your body to identify any changes. And time, the signs of pregnancy in the early days can tell mom that inside it had begun a new life.

This topic is very sensitive for any woman, so let us examine in detail how long signs of pregnancy what are symptoms of pregnancy in the first week even before the discovery of the two stripes on the test.

How many days is showing the first signs of pregnancy

Each woman is unique, with its peculiarities and characteristic features. Never even giving birth a woman can intuitively feel the pregnancy even before the delay. Others, on the contrary, did not suspect and do not feel up to the front signals little treasures inside the tummy. In any case, to understand when the first signs of pregnancy after conception, you have a little dip in the anatomy of the female body.

Normal, around the middle of the menstrual cycle, women ovulation occurs, that is, the ripened egg out of the cavity of the ovary. This reproductive cell is not more than 24 hours, usually after meeting is fertilized by sperm within 12 hours. Then during the week is implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. This is the final stage in the pregnancy. And only after all these metamorphoses, it is possible to detect the early signs of pregnancy in the first week, as from that moment, the hormonal changes in the expectant mothers.

First signs of pregnancy

Hormonal changes from the very first days after pregnancy can be noticeable not only for women but also her entourage. It all starts with tearfulness, irritability, anxiety, and a sentimental nature may accompany the mother during the whole period of gestation. But it is not the objective signs of pregnancy at 1 month, and often women who are preparing to become mothers, decide yourself similar symptoms. More believable characters usually are hidden inside the body.

  • If you carefully approached the process of conception of the child, then maybe you controlled your cycle to catch ovulation using basal temperature. If, after ovulation, t will remain consistently high over the next days, we can regard it as the first sign of pregnancy on the first day. This is the method used by our ancestors when there were tests and high technology.
  • Aching, dragging pain in the abdomen, can alert a woman about her pregnancy even before the delay. Such feelings associated with changes occurring in the uterus, namely its tone. Because in the next 9 months she will have to adapt to the new guest.
  • The change in the breast and mammary glands. Many women noted that they had guessed about his interesting position is why the first symptom of pregnancy in the first week. Your favourite bra becomes tight, the breast swells up, becomes more sensitive, hard and even painful. In addition, change the size and color of the areola (the areola circles), they usually darken and they formed small white blotches. Sometimes you may meet a situation where the nipple is small drops of whitish, turbid fluid.
  • First signs of pregnancy to delay menstruation can define the individual characteristics. So, some women become more sensitive to smells, and unusual addiction to food. And even earlier favorite dish or perfume can trigger disgust. Change taste of products, such as metallic taste, also not uncommon in pregnant women, because growth hormone in some measure reflected in the saliva.
  • The increase of the natural secretions due to increased progesterone. For some this is the first sign of pregnancy for 1-2 week and barely noticeable, for others it is a problem, and during the day have with regular consistency to change gaskets.
  • Morning nausea and vomiting are satisfied with a common complaint at first pregnancy, but usually becomes particularly noticeable by 5-6 weeks, usually moms already know about their situation. Therefore, this feature can be attributed to the first signs of pregnancy after a delay.
  • Sometimes women may notice spotting similar to my period. However, they are much lighter and very short. Such a phenomenon can happen during the introduction of the egg in the uterine wall and is called implantation bleeding.
  • When the first signs of pregnancy before the delay, your guess can be confirmed, if in addition, there are frequent urge to the toilet, especially at night. The fact that the embryo is already a week after conception starts to produce a special hormone, HCG, which has certain implications on the blood circulation in the pelvis. The bladder may feel full, even when accumulated a small amount of liquid.

If to speak about the specific and unusual signs of pregnancy after your period, to include:

  • nasal congestion;
  • constipation, gas;
  • increased pigmentation, acne;
  • excessive salivation and perspiration;
  • appearance of veins on chest and legs;
  • the formation of dark stripes from the navel;
  • frequent cramps in calves;
  • the tides of joy and sadness;
  • fatigue, drowsiness.

The aforementioned signs in the early days of pregnancy are considered possible or probable. The main credible signs include:

  • No periodic bleeding of menstruation is the most obvious and main symptom of pregnancy. There are a number of reasons why it could be delayed, including the development of infectious or inflammatory processes. But, if your menstrual cycle has always differed enviable periodicity, and day periods did not appear, and the day before had unprotected sexual intercourse, you should treat this fact seriously, to take a test and undergo further examination.
  • A positive pregnancy test, as everyone knows, indicates that soon your family will have another representative.
  • Increased levels of HCG, and with each passing day the figure could double every few days. Early indicator looks as follows:
  • 1-2 weeks: 25-150;
  • 2-3 weeks: 100-4800;
  • 4-5 weeks: 2600-82300;
  • 6-7 weeks: 23000-151000.

When the first signs of pregnancy, the woman must enroll in a gynecological to confirm the fact and for of registration, to get tested and, if necessary, to do an ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

After all your suspicions confirmed, accepting congratulations, and remember, in the period when you wear under the heart of little treasure, you need even more kind to your health!

Future and current moms, what are the signs of pregnancy in the early days you had? Share your experiences in the comments.

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