When can I exercise after giving birth

Many women want to quickly restore the figure after becoming mothers. However, not everyone knows how soon after childbirth can I exercise to not hurt yourself. As for the strict diets they are contraindicated, so sport is the best option for those that want to look good.

Is it possible after birth to exercise


The issue of weight loss, after a long pregnancy, major changes in the body and of the birth of the child is very relevant for young mothers. To resort to diets or take pills to reduce weight during breastfeeding is strictly prohibited, as it threatens not only her health but also her baby. Much better and healthier to start physical exercises and control your diet. When can I exercise after childbirth is a question which is solved individually. If a woman feels good, after a couple of days you can start to do exercises.

Gymnastics after childbirth doctor recommended in the first days, only if everything went without complications, and exercises do not cause the woman pain. A small load will bring health benefits, prostimulirujte uterine contractions, peristalsis, prevent stagnation of blood in the uterus. Morning exercise should be measured, avoid quick and sudden movements. In addition, clothes for sports should not restrict movement, but locking the chest. Exercises after a cesarean section necessary to postpone for 2 months, has not yet healed the stitches on her stomach.

When you actively engage in sports after giving birth? For more serious training will have to wait 5-6 weeks. During that time heal the ruptures of the vagina, decrease the risk of injury. However, exercises that cause pain should not perform. Fitness after birth should be focused on strengthening your hips, abs, hips, buttocks. Daily exercise will help give shape to an ideal shape. Perform trunk bending, squats, walking in place, but the rock press is not worth it.

When to exercise after cesarean section

It is recommended to ask your doctor about how many weeks to wait after surgery before starting to train. If it went well, without complications, recovery after cesarean section is not less than 8 weeks. In other cases, all individually, so to risk your health do not need. Immediately after returning home from the hospital with a newborn, you can begin to deal with the economy, but don’t overdo it.

After consulting with a doctor when you can exercise after childbirth should gradually shift from aerobic classes to power loads. It is important to remember the children and not to exercise to exhaustion. From a heavy load of adrenaline in the blood may change the taste of mother’s milk: the result is the child remains hungry, because there are tasteless he doesn’t like. It is recommended to feed your baby before class, and after a workout is better to Express milk.

When you decide what is best for you – yoga after childbirth, gymnastics, fitball take care of the clothing for sessions. It is very important to wear a supportive bra, the Breasts are tightly fixed. Tracksuit for training should be chosen from natural fabrics so your skin breathe. Extreme sports for young mothers do not fit, because everything affects the baby.


Which sports prefer

Suitable training wisely: if you begin to hurt the muscles or your back, it is better to reduce the intensity of training. Sports after childbirth must not overwork, because the care of the baby also takes a lot of energy. It is recommended to choose one of the following classes:

  1. Quiet walk for 20 minutes each day will help to burn 140-150 calories. Go for a walk with your baby, it will benefit him and you.
  2. Running is a good option for a young mom. However, don’t choose too high pace.
  3. Pilates is aimed at relaxing the muscles, which is very important after childbirth. Movement is simple and very effective help to get back in shape, have a positive impact on the health of women.
  4. Swimming. This sport helps to train all muscle groups, relieves the spine, strengthens the respiratory system, strengthens arms, buttocks, thighs. For a woman who became a mother, all this is of great importance because the baby must often be on hand, breastfeeding, rocking to sleep.
  5. Gymnastics. There are special classes for young mothers that take into account characteristics of the organism in the postpartum period and help women to get in normal shape. If you do not have it, you can train at home. Complex exercises should include exercises with dumbbells, rotation, stretching, exercises to strengthen the ligaments and inclinations.
  6. Sports and games not only contribute to the strengthening of the body, lifting mood and improving health. This is a great opportunity to communicate with loved ones. Play badminton, indoor soccer or ride on rollers.


What sports exercises are contraindicated

Doctors around the world have conducted studies to accurately respond to new mothers to questions about the sport. Some experts believe that after childbirth a woman is contraindicated the intense Cycling and running – the fact that they load the heart and Breasts of a young mother. It is highly undesirable for those who are breast-feeding a baby. Weightlifting, volleyball, tennis are also included in the category of prohibited sports. In any case, should not think about the extra pounds, their health and the condition of the baby.

Video: an effective exercise for nursing moms

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