What to do in case of poisoning

Person at least once in life necessarily encounters the same problem as intoxication. In such cases, you must know how to treat poisoning. In most cases it is only possible to hold a first aid and have to call an ambulance, because a qualified technician will be able to determine the cause of the condition.

Types and symptoms of intoxication

The girl has a stomach ache in case of poisoning

Before figuring out what to do in case of poisoning, it is necessary to understand the possible variants of the disease. Intoxication is a state of the organism that causes a poison or toxin. Can get a toxic substance through the skin, respiratory tract or the esophagus. They are contained in food, air and food with which to contact people. Intoxication can be of different types, they differ from other toxic substances, toxic agents, ways of human exposure. List of types of poisoning:

  • medicine;
  • carbon monoxide;
  • food poisoning;
  • alcohol;
  • alkalis, acids, poisons.

There is a distinction between acute, subacute, Severgasstroy and chronic poisoning depending on the speed of development, the nature of the impact of toxic substances. The path of penetration of the poison there are the following types of poisoning:

  • inhalation;
  • injectable;
  • percutaneous – through the skin.
  • oral – through the mouth;

First aid for poisoning

Before the ambulance arrives that a nearby man should know what to do in case of poisoning. If possible, it is necessary to determine what was the cause of intoxication, because this affects the options for further treatment. This information may be needed and arrived the ambulance doctor. Depending on the root cause, you can use a variety of methods of treatment of poisoning.

What to do if have food poisoning

The girl calls an ambulance

The most common toxin penetration of food, so everyone should know what to do for food poisoning. Usually, this happens when you use stale food (fish, meat) or products of low quality. Intoxication often occurs when you eat milk, cheese, yogurt, semi-finished products. These products must undergo heat treatment. What to do to help the person:

  1. To empty the stomach. If there is vomiting, to stop her is impossible, the body naturally tries to rid itself of toxins and poisons. If a person is not sick, you need to induce vomiting artificially, giving to drink a lot of water, then pressing on the tongue.
  2. Make the absorbent (adsorbent). This drug targets the absorption of toxins, poisons and removing them from the body. The most popular example is activated carbon. A well-proven drug with no side effects and low cost. Taking pills to neutralize the toxicity need 1 pieces per 10 kg of patient weight. Another good medication is considered to be Smectite, which has a big detoxification effect with a smaller amount of medication. Home and folk medicine in case of poisoning used a decoction of the skin of pomegranates and apples.
  3. A characteristic sign of poisoning in addition to diarrhea vomiting is considered. Through this lost a large amount of fluid, so the patient is necessary to provide fluids. Well suited mineral water without gas, can be dissolved electrolytes in the liquid and drink small portions.
  4. If the vomiting, diarrhea and temperature was joined by such symptoms: drooping eyelids, slurred speech, coordination of movements – immediately call your doctor. He will be able to accurately prescribe, what medications to take in case of poisoning. Also, do not delay calling the emergency, when the cause of intoxication were the mushrooms.

Remedy for alcohol poisoning

The woman has alcohol poisoning

Spirits can be low quality or diluted the man was unable to stop in time, so you should know what to do when alcohol poisoning. The danger of this type of intoxication is particularly passive person, he can choke on their own vomit, it often happens in sudden cardiac arrest, breathing. Usually the cause of this type of chemical poisoning becomes low-quality vodka.

To help the patient have the same way as in the poisoning of food. Note that the patient in this state cannot fully control their actions, sometimes resists. To prevent deterioration, you should constantly watch the person. To create a gag reflex, you can use this recipe: in a glass of water squeeze half a lemon, add a teaspoon of baking soda, sugar and give a quick drink. To help in removing the last traces of toxins from the intestinal tract can polisorba:

  • Neosmectin.
  • Algiers.
  • Polifepan.


Girl takes pills

In case of incorrect use of medicines can happen poisoning of the active ingredients of the drug. To heal, you need to determine what medication caused this condition. Symptoms and signs of poisoning may be different, it depends on the pills that caused the poisoning, so the treatment will differ. To neutralize the toxic effect can drugs reverse action. Evident intoxication from the pills in the form of such symptoms:

  • drowsiness;
  • weakness;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • disorders of the processes of the Central nervous system;
  • contraction of the pupils;
  • arrhythmic breathing.

What to do in case of intoxication before the arrival of emergency assistance:

  1. Let me drink a liter of salted water.
  2. Provoke vomiting.
  3. Give the adsorbent.
  4. Put the patient on a stomach, a head turn to the side. Don’t let him sleep.
  5. If you had a loss of consciousness, use cotton wool.
  6. Regularly check pulse, if absent, need to do artificial respiration, cardiac massage (indirect).

Carbon monoxide or household gas

The girl drinks water

The danger of such poisoning is the gradual, imperceptible penetration of the poison into the blood. Not every adult is able to notice in time the smell of burning vapor or gas. There is a high probability of death, if there is a leak in the night, the man did not even Wake up. The main condition for the assistance is fast, bring people to the fresh air to try to eliminate the cause of the gas leak. Typical symptoms of such poisoning include:

  • watery eyes;
  • headache;
  • cough;
  • dizziness;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • shortness of breath.

Alkalis, acids, or mercury

Chemical substances have a devastating effect on the human body. To the most common causes of poisoning and intoxication include acids, alkalis, mercury, gasoline vapors. Assistance in case of intoxication is as follows:

  • Meadows

Sources of departure often become rare potassium, lime, caustic soda, ammonia. To neutralize the destructive action of the alkali will help dilute solutions of acids. Recommended lemon, orange juice, drink small portions of milk, the whites of raw eggs with sunflower oil. To prevent vomiting it is impossible, because again suffer the esophagus. To characteristic symptoms of poisoning by alkali include stomach pain; swelling, bleeding gums, diarrhea with blood; vomiting of green shade.

Woman badly from poisoning

  • Acid

As the source of the poisoning is a frequent speaker nitric, hydrochloric, acetic, soldering or sulfuric acid. Immediately call the ambulance, and before the arrival of the doctors gently rinse with cold water accessible areas of affected skin. Finely, let us drink, to swallow the ice cubes, rinse your mouth with a weak solution furatsilina or soda. To prevent vomiting it is impossible for the same as for alkali poisoning. This type of poisoning include burns of varying severity of the mouth, lips, esophagus, bloody vomiting, pain in the damage site of the skin, mucous membranes; shock; difficulty swallowing, breathing.

  • Mercury

The affected person must move to fresh air, to cause a gag reflex to cleanse the stomach. It is possible for poisoning and intoxication to drink a solution of sulphur in water, to give the pills from poisoning (adsorbent). Typical symptoms of the condition, caused by the fumes of mercury are:

  • pain when swallowing;
  • swelling of the gums, bleeding;
  • metallic taste in the mouth;
  • weakness.

What to do if a child was poisoned

The doctor listens to the child

Young children often chew on anything that gets their hands on, so the probability is high that in the stomach and intestines fall any toxin or poison. It is very important to determine what caused the poisoning, because children often reach health packs and eat «colored candies». Depending on the source of intoxication, it is necessary to use the above methods of treatment. What you can do with intoxication before the arrival of the ambulance:

  • drink plenty of liquids;
  • fresh air;
  • while obviously the food causes induce vomiting;
  • give activated charcoal is best for a child it crushed into powder, mixed with water;
  • to ensure peace.

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