What is the analysis of blood for tumor markers

In recent years, to donate blood for tumor markers has become commonplace, whereas in the recent past scare people direction in the laboratory to determine the predisposition of the body to cancerous tumors. What does blood work for tumor markers and how to prevent the emergence of dangerous diseases.

What is tumor markers

The concept of oncomarker enough space, because there are about two hundred species, although actively using ten times less. A common definition mean that it is blood proteins, whose importance may increase if the human body is or is in its infancy tumor. This kind of proteins can be released by the tumor or cells, which are located nearby.

When you need to take the test

Blood sampling from the finger

Renting analysis for tumor markers, upon receipt of the result you can see the presence of a small amount of a specific protein even in a healthy adult. Therefore, for each type there is a certain threshold above which says about the disease. Small discrepancies from the norm mean that the body are cysts, benign tumors, inflammatory or infectious diseases.

Is it possible for a blood test to determine cancer? So, even if the disease is in its infancy and it is impossible to diagnose using ultrasound, MRI or x-ray. Many modern doctors give patients to test for cancer cells in the body even with a slight suspicion about the transition of the disease in ecostudio, as well as in the prevention and early detection of cancer.

If a cancer has already been diagnosed, and was treated in the mandatory case, the doctor monitors the patient’s condition by using regular biochemical tests blood for the presence of markers of a certain type. This is done in order to identify spread of metastasis, if such appear. The time made the survey, put a blood test for cancer, and early detection of the presence of the disease gives the greatest guarantee of a successful treatment outcome.

What are tumor markers

What shows put a blood test for tumor markers? In the presence of diseases of various organs, are different from other laboratory studies have their own encoding. Conducting the test for the presence of tumor markers in the blood of a certain type, your doctor will be able to find the differences between benign tumor and malignant, to track the progress of the disease and record the effectiveness of prescribed treatment.

Shows that CA-125

There are tumor markers for women, which are primarily used in gynecology to detect diseases that are related only to the ladies. The doctor, seeing the patient’s problems with women’s health, appoints a blood on the analysis. That shows the tumor marker CA-125? Norm is the reference value from 0 to 35 IU/ml, exceeding the indicator of the level, except in cases of pregnancy or menstrual period, indicating the development of cancers such bodies:

  • of the breast;
  • of the uterus, including its internal layer of the endometrium (endometriosis of the disease);
  • the ovaries.

The transcript of the tumor marker 19-9

The patient on the appointment

Diseases of the digestive tract, prolonged, relapses, attentive doctor will prescribe a blood test for cancer cells. To check the organs of the digestive system suitable tumor marker 19-9. Normal performance is the value of 0-40 IU/ml Value over 40 IU/ml indicates that the patient is sick on cancer of internal organs:

  • stomach;
  • pancreas;
  • of the colon or rectum;
  • gall.

The Norm Of Alpha-Fetoprotein

The basis of primary diagnosis of liver cancer AFP. In adults the norm that exceed 10 IU/ml, considered a pathology. Not only in the detection of malignant liver tumors increased rates of AFP, sometimes it tells about the metastases that come from cancers of other organs – lung, breast, intestines. Note that in the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, the AFP level increased. Pregnant women and the fetus too, there is increased alpha-fetoprotein.

The tumor marker CEA

The walls of the digestive tract of the fetus in the womb is able to produce cancer-embryonic antigen. From the moment of birth and consistent maturation, the synthesis of this tumor marker is being phased out. A person who is not sick, the blood will contain CEA, which is 0-5 ng/ml in the case where the result of the analysis shows that this level is exceeded, an urgent need to test for cancers such bodies:

  • mammary glands;
  • the uterus;
  • ovaries;
  • prostate;
  • stomach;
  • rectum;
  • colon;
  • lungs.

Blood tests

Prostate specific antigen

The DOG is a very important tumor marker for each men who have reached the age mark of 40 years. The doctors who look after their health, men are advised to regularly, at least once a year, to take a blood test for prostate cancer, especially if you had a case of hyperplasia of the prostate. In order to determine the correct diagnosis, before testing for the tumor marker PSA can’t do massage or a biopsy. Mechanical action leads to improved results, the rate of which in the blood of less than 4 ng/ml

The values of CA-15-3

Indicator breast cancer that has reached a late stage, is considered to be the tumor marker CA-15-3. His increased rate of 30 U/ml indicates the presence of cancer. The exception is pregnancy, when the value of tumor markers above normal. Giving blood for analysis of this type is indicated for suspected disease recurrence and metastasis following bodies:

  • endometrium, of the uterus;
  • ovaries;
  • lungs;
  • bladder;
  • stomach;
  • liver;
  • thyroid;
  • pancreas.

How to be tested for cancer cells

Preparation for blood sampling

After a doctor’s prescription to undergo blood tests for certain types of tumor markers, select the day of the laboratory visit. Done in the morning, before the test you cannot eat for at least 8, but 12 hours is better, so the blood from the vein is taken on an empty stomach. Allowed to drink water, but not many. To determine the result it is enough to 5 ml. the Duration of the study depends on the type of tumor marker and ranges from one to seven days.

The value of tumor markers

The cost of the various studies, which can be found that shows a blood test for tumor markers is suitable depends on the type, purpose and illness. In some situations, it is urgent to know the results when it affects the stage of cancer in a matter of days. For urgent implementation of the study of blood, the price doubles.

On average in the laboratories cost analysis of a tumor marker will cost from 600 to 1350 rubles. Some medical facilities offer discounts to customers who come again. In exceptional cases, which are dealt with personally, the laboratory will be free, with payment only reactants going into the analysis.

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Elena, 45 years:a Couple of years ago I had to visit a cancer center where, with the help of laboratory studies on CA-72-4 in time showed the initial stage of gastric cancer. Timely treatment helped to avoid surgery and removal. I am grateful to the doctors who were able to quickly determine the diagnosis by tumor marker.

Svetlana, 34 years: My gynecologist who looked after me for several years, was concerned about the increase I have the appearance of cysts on the ovaries. Appointed to be examined and told that shows the blood test for the tumor markers CA-125 and CEA. I’m glad that the results showed normal, you can safely continue the treatment of functional ovarian cysts.

Michael, 38 years:My disease, which is afraid of all men, is associated with sedentary work. Inflammation of the prostate that is the ultimate stage of cancer, which the doctor diagnosed, was discovered thanks to modern medicine. A blood test for free antigen of the prostate was done quickly. Intensive care has saved my men’s health.

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