Proper nutrition for pregnant women

what to eat during pregnancyNutrition during pregnancy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle of the expectant mother. For nine months you and the baby – a single organism, nutrition, emotions, physical activity – all this is reflected not only on you but also your baby. There is an opinion according to which the period of carrying a child affects not only the health, development and wellbeing that came to light, but also on the duration of his life. Not surprisingly, many responsible girls want to know how to eat during pregnancy. In this article we will tell you about the basic rules and prohibitions.

Beginning of pregnancy

Already when planning a pregnancy she should meet some changes in your diet and behavior. Of course, should avoid large quantities of alcoholic beverages, from overly fatty, fried and spicy food. The gynecologist may prescribe additional folic acid intake, as it has a positive effect on the development of a fetus. Nutrition of pregnant women in the first trimester requires a separate long text, so more basics of the diet in early pregnancy you can explore in another article on our website at this link /food-beremennyih-v-first-second quarter/

The second half of pregnancy

the nutrition of pregnant womenThe second trimester is accompanied by an increase in the abdomen and accordingly the weight of the pregnant woman. And if the beginning of pregnancy is the period of morning sickness and food should be chosen with this in mind, the second period is a greater variety of healthy foods during pregnancy.

Due to the accelerated growth of the baby creates internal pressure on the organs. Unpleasant consequences of this are heartburn, constipation, frequent urination. If you listen to some tips, you can reduce digestive problems and chair.

  • Refrain from frying foods in favor of stewing, baking, boiling.

Fried foods for pregnant women are not prohibited, but they cause thirst, and therefore, the appearance of edema and frequent urination. Besides steamed or baked foods retain more vitamins and minerals. Not worth it to shy away from fried but reduce it in the diet will certainly need.

  • Reduce the amount of salt

Salt, as you know, retains moisture in the body, which can also increase edema. Just abandon the salt also should not be. Podsalivaya food a little less than you used to and do not lean on marinades, pickles and smoked.

  • Decaf

The first trimester allows you to drink coffee as you’re used to, but then you should switch to decaffeinated coffee or to opt out of the drink, replacing it with black tea, fruit drink or fresh juices.

  • Regular meals

To make life easier for your digestive tract, it is recommended to eat 5-6 times a day small portions at the same time. Even the most useful food for pregnant women may not bring the expected result, if you eat «anyhow», for example, forgetting about meals day and night needas to satiety.

To get up from the table, experts advise with a slight feeling of satiety, because the food needs time to fall down in the path and then comes to saturation. To eat to weight in the stomach is not recommended. Even though you need to eat for two, eating fatty and unhealthy food, no good will not bring.

  • Eat according to your mood

Proper nutrition for pregnant womenProper nutrition for pregnant women with few exceptions includes those products, which she ate with pleasure. Have a new taste preferences, from the former favorite products now sick. Watch yourself and eat consciously. Many pregnant drawn to certain vegetables, e.g., cabbage. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to frequently consume this product. Someone turns away from meat in any form. Animal protein is certainly needed, but to stuff themselves unloved product three times a day is absolutely unnecessary.

Don’t be shy to ask women advice on the subject matters that you need to eat for pregnant women. They can even make you the approximate daily menu, if deemed necessary. As a rule, physicians working with pregnant, ready to calmly explain any nuances, because I know how important this is.

If you have a strange taste of desire, for example, to eat chalk or dirt, not worth it to succumb to them, better inform the doctor at the next consultation.

Menu pregnant

food for pregnantTo make a strict menu for the 9 months of pregnancy, it would be a waste of time and effort, besides it is logical that no expectant mother can not and will not adhere to a certain diet pregnant. Part of nutrition during pregnancy completely spontaneous, because the stereotype that any night a pregnant woman can Wake up her husband with a request to bring her strawberries and herring, partially justified.

The main thing is to know that in different periods of pregnancy, the child and, accordingly, the expectant mother need some useful links that must be obtained through the diet or additional vitamin complexes.

So in this article we focus on what is beneficial to pregnant women in the second and third semester, talk a little bit about what is happening with the fetus and the woman.

A pregnant woman will have to deal with constipation, take a laxative but only in exceptional cases do you need to adjust the chair by regulation, you should eat during pregnancy.

The organs and systems of the fetus during this period are almost fully developed, the main task in this period of growth and the beginning of fetal movement. The child appear, nails, hair, develops the cardiovascular system and are beginning to operate in other organs.

Proper nutrition during pregnancy includes constant daily diet of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. A day pregnant women should eat:

  • 120 grams of protein;

Especially useful during pregnancy cheese, sour cream, milk, chicken white meat, eggs (not raw) cheese. Not worth it to force myself to eat cottage cheese if you don’t like and suffer. All the products are quite interchangeable.

Broccoli during pregnancy also contributes to protein daily dose. 100 grams of broccoli you’ll get 4 grams of protein, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, etc. Broccoli is very useful in constipation as it is a laxative effect.

Calcium, by the way, also has a high value in the life of the pregnant girls. Daily allowance of calcium for pregnant women is 1500-2000 mg. But there is a group of products that prevent its healthy absorption in the body. It’s sweet, semolina, bread made with white flour, pasta, bran, cocoa, fatty, salty foods, soda. Normal calcium intake will ensure your good mood and stress the mother healthy and strong teeth, hair, nails child in the future.

  • 85 grams of fat;

Healthy fats for pregnant found in plants: olives, sunflowers, flax, etc., which are oil. It is convenient to use for salads or dishes. Also, the researchers focused on the question of what to eat during pregnancy, advise to use flax seeds in powdered form in the morning with cereal or yogurt. This will positively affect the baby’s health, and the appearance of future moms.

Animal fats can also be consumed most useful of them are found in cow’s butter, the least useful for pregnant women – beef and lamb.

  • 400 grams of carbs

Long complex digestible carbohydrates should be obtained from foods with fiber. This is bread and cereals. Simple carbohydrates can highlight fruits and vegetables as a healthy alternative to candy and cakes.

At least 5 days a week is necessary to eat one fruit or vegetable is yellow. They contain carotene (vitamin a). So, useful during pregnancy mango, melon, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, cauliflower, etc.

Why protein diet for pregnant women important?

Proteins perform during pregnancy a few basic functions:

  • Construction

They are material for the creation of systems of the fetus, enlarged Breasts and uterus.

  • Transport

Proteins involved in the movement of important minerals, vitamins and substances throughout the body and from mother to child.

  • Immune

Proteins can act as antibodies to viruses and bacteria.

  • Regulation of blood

Some proteins are necessary to maintain optimal operation of the systems of coagulation, because of this blood clot and at the same time, not created the risk of bleeding.

Lack of protein in the diet for pregnant women faces the following consequences:

  1. A small increase in weight, high hemoglobin.
  2. The growth retardation, hypotrophy.
  3. Swelling.
  4. Hypertension as a consequence of the reduction in blood volume due to shortage of supply.
  5. Suffering liver due to lack of hepatic protein enzymes.
  6. Eclampsia.

The question of what to eat during pregnancy, often is individual, and can respond to it, only to find the course of pregnancy and the taste preferences of women. Some don’t get a weight, on the other hand some sprinkles on everything, and as a consequence get fat over the norm. Both not the best way affect the health of mother and child. So it is important to know how to eat right during pregnancy, to view these rules, focusing on yourself, and regularly observed in the antenatal clinic.

Leave comments with your questions and stories about how the leaks or leaked your pregnancy. Perhaps you personal experience will tell other readers that there are pregnant not to gain weight.

Be healthy!

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