Inguinal hernia in women

a bandage for POWAY hernias in womenWhat is inguinal hernia? This is a disease in which the abdominal organs protrude beyond it, thereby penetrate the area of the groin. Most often this disease occurs in men, but, unfortunately, is no exception to the female body. Most of these hernias are very large and give the patient severe pain. In the female body muscular tissues more durable than in men, so in women, this disease is less common, but still it occurs.

Inguinal hernia in women occurs when the groin muscle is weakened and can’t hold the abdominal organs. Doctors are very difficult to identify inguinal hernia in women, therefore, before the correct diagnosis a woman has to go through many professionals.

The reasons for the development of diverse chronic constipation, heavy lifting, and it can also be a genetic abnormality. Such a hernia can cause obesity and pregnancy. When the abdominal muscles weaken, and organs squeezed out, thereby forming a hernia.

Symptoms of inguinal hernia in women

  1. The emergence of a protrusion in the groin area. Such a statement is usually noticeable when a woman is in a horizontal position it can not see. Also, when you visit the toilet the protrusion may become more visible.
  2. Pain in groin when bending over, lifting something heavy.
  3. Often, a hernia in the groin area accompanied with pain in the lower abdomen, aching and oppressive pain.
  4. At some stages of the development of such hernias can be observed nausea, dizziness, and rapid pulse.

If still you have this diagnosis, you should immediately go to treatment. Doctors say, the smaller the hernia, the easier it is to treat. In most cases, treatment is operational. During the operation the hernial SAC is opened, after which the contents of the hernia pressed back into the abdominal cavity, then the doctors sew up the hole hernia and remove the hernia SAC. If the stage of development of the hernia is small, you can resort to conservative treatment, which will include the use of drugs and different techniques to strengthen muscles of abdomen and inguinal canal.

Women can and should hold their own preventive measures. First eliminate the weight lifting, because of this, women may have many different diseases. You must always remember about sports: gymnastics, Jogging in the morning – all this only strengthens the body, reduces the risk of developing hernia. Great attention should be paid to its weight, if the weight in excess is very bad, try to eat less or control your food, overweight is also a major factor that affects not herniation. By following these tips you will be able to keep your body in good shape.

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