Types, causes and treatment of hyperhidrosis

photo hyperhidrosis under the armsThe human body is always arranged in such a way that all functional system employs balanced and stable. But for various reasons, may fail in the efficiency of these systems, this factor adversely affects the human condition.

First, answer the question: what is hyperhidrosis. Each person works the process of sweating, but when the production of sweat becomes excessive, this condition in medical practice is called hyperhidrosis. In medical terms hyperhidrosis is a pathology in the body of a specific person, which is caused by increased production of sweat. Excessive sweating is directly linked with body temperature, with a slight increase the production of sweat becomes enhanced, which is a big discomfort for the person. It is important to remember that a similar condition in people is painful. Causes of hyperhidrosis may be different, but the treatment should always be. This disease has several species ratios.

Types of hyperhidrosis

  • Local. In this case, the excessive production of sweat is localized in certain areas of the body.
  • Emotional. Emotional hyperhidrosis occurs in humans against the background of troubling situations or unpleasant circumstances. Depression can also provoke the emergence of excess sweating.
  • Generalized. Adverse human condition in this case is distributed over the entire surface of the human body.
  • Compensatory. What is compensatory hyperhidrosis? This type of disease occurs in humans in the case if he was given the treatment of hyperhidrosis in certain areas of the body, and after treatment hyperhidrosis appeared where it still was not.
  • Essential. This disease is a single disease state of the person, which is not burdened with concomitant diseases.
  • Craniofacial. In this case, generation of excessive amounts of sweat accompanied by reddening of certain parts of the body, but most often of the face.
  • Idiopathic. The disease in this case occurs without any particular reason.
  • Secondary. This condition in humans is the concomitant symptoms of another disease, is considered a pathology.

No matter what the specific type was not a disease, it always has its causes.

Causes of hyperhidrosis

Many diseases of the internal systems provoke the manifestation of hyperhidrosis. Such diseases include diabetes, weakness of the thyroid gland, various endocrine diseases, menopause and women, etc.

In addition, the human nervous system, which is in poor condition can also cause hyperhidrosis. Most common emotional hyperhidrosis. It occurs in humans after the latter begins to worry or be angry, in a word, excessive sweating occurs on the background of disturbance of the nervous system. In most cases, therefore, hyperhidrosis of the face.

Many infectious diseases occur together with heavy sweating. These include tuberculosis, sepsis, AIDS, helminthiasis, etc.

In some cases the vascular system is able to form excessive sweating in humans. Often in poor health of the vascular system of the patient is manifested hyperhidrosis of the palms.

Catarrhal, inflammatory chronic kidney disease provoke increased sweating.

Predisposition to cancerous tumors or the presence in the body of a human malignant tumors is necessarily accompanied by hyperhidrosis.

Heredity is also of great importance, in this case, we are talking about genetic diseases that are passed from the old generation to the next generation.

Bad habits of the person, such as alcoholism, addiction, substance abuse are the instigators of the appearance of sweating.

Hyperhidrosis of the armpits and hands

A similar condition in humans can occur for a variety of reasons, often similar to the disease in humans occurs on the background of emotional disorder. Often the person sweating armpits when its body temperature in normal condition remains elevated.

The danger is if such disease is manifested in the night time. This means that the patient is in the body of the infection.

Excessive physical activity is specified as shown, if the athlete have any problems with the performance of the cardiac system.

Hyperhidrosis of feet and legs

Specified unpleasant disease is one of the most dangerous in the sense of what hyperhidrosis can lead to the development of fungal diseases. Often already the presence of fungi in the body triggers the excessive sweating of the feet and legs.

Inappropriate hygiene of the lower extremities can lead to chronic gipergidroza.

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Inguinal-perineal hyperhidrosis

In this case, the disease occurs on the background of the presence of infectious diseases of the genital organs. If hyperhidrosis is accompanied by an unpleasant odor, we can talk about cancerous tumors of the reproductive organs.

Poor hygiene of intimate parts leading to gipergidroza. In addition, women on the background of menopause may experience increased sweating of the genitals.


Methods how to cure hyperhidrosis, there are a large number. First, the patient should contact with the disease to the doctor, who shall make all necessary laboratory studies, to determine the apparent cause of the disease and quickly prescribe the appropriate treatment.

In the early stages of conservative treatment of hyperhidrosis is assigned. In this case, use of medicinal ointments, sprays. People have to get rid of concomitant disease, and then proceed to the destruction of hyperhidrosis. There are folk remedy for hyperhidrosis. As a rule, they are based on the adoption of the baths on the basis of medicinal herbs. You can take internal herbal teas to normalize the functioning of all organs.

When a person has hyperhidrosis armpits treatment ointments and creams that are applied directly on the area affected part. Effectively use widgets and other tools.

How to get rid of hyperhidrosis at home? First of all, it is necessary to normalize the emotional state of the patient, this can take soothing herbs and medicines. After the cause of sweating is applied, and other conservative methods of healing from this illness.

How to treat hyperhidrosis in the medical facility

Actively used treatment for hyperhidrosis laser. The procedure is very popular among people because it is painless and quite effective. The number of sessions depends on the condition and severity of disease.

Another common method is the treatment of hyperhidrosis by Botox. When the session is ocalotarie the appropriate drug at the place where is localized the main problem. The effect of this method is that after the injection of Botox, the sweat gland is completely blocked, after which Pete does stops stand out.

No doubt, hyperhidrosis — unpleasant phenomenon, but this problem still exists in sufficient numbers among the people. Do You know any good ways to eliminate sweating? Share your experiences in the comments.

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