What foods reduce blood sugar

The health of the body depends on many factors, one of them is proper nutrition, which depends on the proper functioning of the circulatory system. For people with disorders of the blood, diabetes or other diseases is always necessary to keep the consumption of foods that regulate body functions.

What is the blood sugar level

Laboratory studies blood

The circulatory system is saturated with nutrients, carries them throughout the body at a cellular level. The blood cell includes glucose, which feeds the other systems of human activity. The percentage of glucose is called blood sugar level. People, consuming food with carbohydrates, fissile in the stomach, receives energy in the form of glucose and for proper distribution of the liver is responsible, she is the repository of this important element (accumulates or throws at the right time).

Normal (constant) amounts of glucose is important for the health of the body. The presence of diseases of violate the processes of generation, synthesis, glucose uptake. The sugar level in the blood increases/decreases in violations:

  • circulatory system;
  • liver;
  • Gastrointestinal tract;
  • pancreas (insulin production);
  • of the adrenal glands.

Incorrect operation of these systems of the body leads to diabetes mellitus. In such cases it is necessary to adjust the power. It is important to know what foods reduce blood sugar, as a rule, each man, hearing the terrible diagnosis, panics. After a while, coming to himself, realizes that you can live a full life, adhering to simple rules and in the appointment of medical diet. They are different in diabetes 1st and 2nd type:

  • low carbohydrate diet in type 2 diabetes (25-30 kcal/kg body weight);
  • subcarina – meals with high blood sugar (20-25 kcal/kg body weight).

General rules to be followed by every one who has abnormalities of glucose:

  1. Calories should be distributed evenly for the whole day (5-6 meals). Approximate proportions 3:1:3:1:2. Multiple will help to avoid a rapid increase.
  2. Mandatory intake of dietary fiber.
  3. To minimize the presence of salt in the food.
  4. Fats of vegetable origin in the daily diet is 40 — 50 percent.
  5. Alcohol intake – no more than 30 grams per day.
  6. Categorically to exclude Smoking.
  7. To enrich the menu with vitamins, minerals.

Sugar levels and the glycemic index

Blood sugar levels

Diabetes diet directly affects the level of glucose is high, normal and low. Any product that has a glycemic index, which shows the dependence of food intake on the increase or decrease of sugar level. The index depends on many factors:

  1. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  2. The methods of cooking.
  3. The number of fibers.

To determine the rate of sugar with precision is difficult, but there are rules and a list of products (from 5 to 50 units) that is recommended for people with diabetes. It is important to understand that any dish does not helps to reduce blood sugar, but only does not give up. Accustomed to the food, understand the GI of foods, the diabetic can and should eat well.

What foods reduce sugar

On the background of effective treatment, eating the right foods normalize the glucose. The adult norm is from 3.6 to 5 ,8 Mmol/l If symptoms are observed, it is urgent to check the sugar level and in case of confirmed diagnosis to measure every day in the morning on an empty stomach glucometer. Making control, it is recommended to make the menu for the day, to avoid a sharp rise in sugar levels. You need to know which of the products lowers blood sugar. The diet according to the glycemic index (GI) you can pick up tables.

Soy flour lowers blood sugar

Flour and grain

Product GI Kcal per 100 g
Dietary fiber 30 205
Defatted flour soy 15 291
Raw oatmeal 40 305
Barley porridge cooked on water 22 109
Bread grain/molasses 40-45 222

Mistake is that of porridge, cooked even on the water, especially oatmeal, wholesome, and reduce the sugar in diabetes: they contain from 50 to 80 units of KI. Methods for preparing flour products affect the GI of the finished product, and doctors recommend be wary of sweet cakes and fried pies. Largest GI of white bread is 136 units.

The greens, reduces the level of sugar

Herbs and vegetables

Product GI Kcal per 100 g
Basil, parsley 5 49
Dill 15 31
Lettuce and sauerkraut 10-15 17
Broccoli (raw) 10 27
Cabbage (raw) 10 25
Cabbage stew) 15 75
Onions (raw) 10 48
Tomatoes 10 23
Leeks 15 33
Pickled mushrooms 10 29
Peppers green/red 10/15 26/31
Garlic 30 46
Fresh carrot 35 35
Peas 40 72
Lentils boiled 25 128
Caviar of eggplant 40 146
Cauliflower fried 35 120
Green olives 15 125
Black olives 15 361

Meat and poultry

Product GI Kcal per 100 g
Chicken breast 137
Veal 134
Turkey 195
Lean beef 175
Beef tongue 231
Beef brains 124
Sausage 28 266
Sausage 34 300
Beef liver fried 50 199

Meat of other animals and birds should be prepared with care. A more secure way for a couple or cooking. The lack of consumption of these products lies in the fact that it is impossible to make an accurate analysis, determines GI. Doctors do not recommend to introduce food broths, except that the first merge (bold). Exception – conditions that require enhanced nutrition (pneumonia, for example).

Fruits and berries

Lemons on the tree

Product GI Kcal per 100 g
Lemon 20 33
Grapefruit 22 35
Black currants 15 38
Plum 25 27
BlackBerry 25 31
Strawberries 25 34
Red currants 30 35
Apricots 20 40
Cherry 22 49
Cherry 25 50
Strawberry 32 32
Oranges 35 38
Garnet 35 52
Nectarine 35 48
Cranberry 45 26
Kiwi 50 49
Sea buckthorn 30 52
Tangerines 40 38
Gooseberry 40 41
Grapes 40 64
Prunes 25 242
Figs 35 257
Dried apricots 30 240

Dairy products

Cheese, sugar buck

Product GI Kcal per 100 g
Tofu cheese product 15 73
Low-fat kefir 25 30
Skim milk 27 31
Soy milk 30 40
Yogurt 1.5% 35 47
Cow milk 32 60
Cottage cheese (fat 9%) 30 185
Cheese 260
Curd 45 340
Suluguni cheese 285
Cheese 360
Cream (10% fat) 30 118

Healthy foods for diabetes

Life does not consist of constant restrictions, it will definitely sweeten healthy and delicious foods for diabetics permitted by doctors. Here is a short list of those that tend to reduce the levels of sugar in the body:

  1. Ginger contains 400 useful components one of them is gingerol. It is able to absorb a percentage of glucose without insulin. It inhibits the complications that suspends the development of cataracts.
  2. Cinnamon – mix composition of fiber, magnesium and polyphenols stabilizes sugar. After 3 weeks, the fruits of plants reduce the sugar by 20%.
  3. The nut is a flexible product with a high content of fiber, omega fatty acids, calcium, vitamin D.

Drinks chicory and tea perfectly tone the body, favorably influencing all the systems, the level of blood sugar. The seafood have a beneficial effect on health when the disease of diabetes, their presence in the diet can be a lifesaver. Sweeteners – fructose, sorbitol, or other sweeteners – a moderate amount is acceptable, you can afford them on the basis of some desserts. Eat right, that will help bring life to a new level.

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