What exercises for pregnant women

exercises during pregnancyPreviously it was thought that pregnancy is a painful condition of women in this period must be treated very prudently. That is why pregnant ladies from noble families, all of 9 months were in bed, fearing that the foetus will come out. But, for more than a century ago, this view was radically revised. Today, all scientists and doctors believe that the movement and an active lifestyle is beneficial for everyone, and should not be taken by pregnant woman with caution, as the fragile crystal vase.

Physical exercise for pregnant women are recommended by gynecologists at any period of gestation. Most importantly, to make classes as safe as possible, effective and are tailored individually, depending on the current trimester and physical training of the future mother. Today we will tell you the importance of physical activity for the pregnant woman and her baby, as well as what exercises you can do pregnant, and from what power loads should be abandoned.

Gymnastics and charging during pregnancy

Unfortunately, not all women, learning about their situation, understand how important physical activity during pregnancy. Someone just lazy, others are afraid to harm your baby. Therefore, for all pusateri readers, we will consider what is the positive impact of charging for mom and baby:

  • prevents the appearance of stretch marks;
  • improves elasticity and skin tone;
  • supports a woman;
  • elevates mood and improves psycho-emotional state;
  • during exercise practicing breathing;
  • reduces the load on call;night light, and the heaviness and pain in sleep
  • regular exercise help to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and perineum;
  • this is a great opportunity to prepare for childbirth.

So, light exercise not only helps to keep fit and improve your health, but also daily to get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

There are some contraindications, in which a woman should not do any exercises during pregnancy, these include:

  • strong toxicosis, which is often accompanied by vomiting(for details about the fight against toxicity, see the link /toksikoz-u-beremennyih-i-kak-s-nim-borotsya/);
  • if a woman has previously had a miscarriage or complications during pregnancy;
  • increased tone of the uterus;
  • too low location of the placenta;
  • if pregnant cold;
  • have heart disease, problems with the bladder or kidneys;
  • pain in the abdomen.

To morning exercise for pregnant women, would bring only benefit and pleasure, it is advisable to carry out her every day. In addition, you need to follow some simple rules:

  • highlight some, the most comfortable time to exercise;
  • do loose comfortable clothing;
  • training room should be bright, spacious and fresh;
  • all movements must be done slowly and smoothly;
  • between sets, have to be interruptions;
  • if during class appeared discomfort, exercise should be stopped.

In the first trimester, exercises are the following: relaxation of the body, the organization of proper breathing, maintaining your mood and well being. You can start with cross-steps, tilting the body, and deflections. Also it is useful to train yourself to do circular movements of the feet to stand for a while on «tiptoes», such exercises will be an excellent prevention of varicose veins and cramps. Advice on nutrition, see here.

Charging for pregnant 2 trimester has a slightly different specificity. This time is considered the most secure because the likelihood of miscarriage is very small, and the morning sickness is behind us. At this stage, included exercises for pregnant women back. For this, you can make smooth rotation of the body, while the feet remain shoulder width apart. Also, it is useful to introduce exercises for pregnant 2nd trimester, the breast. For this woman needs to bring palms together, hands placed at chest level and try hard to close them 5-7 times, then you can repeat.

At the final stage of pregnancy, a woman usually is difficult to perform gymnastic stunts, so the best option is to perform special exercises for pregnant women on the fitball. This ball is specially designed for gymnastic purposes, practice a fun and absolutely safe. For starters, you can just sit on the «ball pregnant», and gently sway in different directions. In the future, to take the pressure off the spine, it is possible to lie down, and roll back and forth, the main focus should be on his feet. If it is easy, you can lift the ball with your feet, to strengthen them. Gymnastics for pregnant women on the fitball helps to offload the spine to develop pelvic muscles and also to strengthen blood vessels and normalize the utero-placental blood flow.

The complex of exercises for pregnant women

The best option of an active lifestyle during pregnancy the baby will be a combination of different ways of maintaining physical activity and a private tone. Ideally, if a woman will periodically visit the pool, gymnastics at home, go to specialized courses on yoga, aerobics or gym for pregnant women in the 2nd and the 3rd trimester.

Doing yourself at home, it is necessary to know what exercises you can do pregnant. Most importantly, you need to remember 4 basic rules:

  • pregnant any exercises;
  • the heart rate during exercise should not exceed 150 beats/min.;
  • prohibited intense, prolonged and heavy strength exercises;
  • to completely eliminate the running.

What physical exercises you can do pregnant:

  • smooth, calm, measured movement;
  • walking, turns, small attacks;
  • useful yoga for pregnancy 2 trimester;
  • breathing exercises;
  • exercises on the ball;
  • Hiking.

Being physically active, you will remain always in good shape and an emotional attitude. Active lifestyle are as important as healthy nutrition and proper juice.

Great you health, quick and easy delivery and speedy recovery!

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