What do we know about varicose veins?

During the holidays it is customary to wish each other health. And this is no accident. Many people do not take these suggestions seriously because they think of health we get just so, and it must be taken care of. Today we will talk with you about such a widespread among women of the problem as the varicose veins.

•According to statistics, every third woman and every tenth person in our country suffer from venous insufficiency. And in most of them a complicated form of the disease.

•Varicose age is not just a cosmetic issue, it affects your whole body. The flow of oxygen-rich arterial blood to organs and tissues is much slower, resulting in can develop hypoxia, or oxygen starvation. But this condition is very dangerous because it leads to the fact that the normal operation of the cells is disturbed, they can even attack.

Due to the stagnation of blood in the veins to the accumulation of toxins, i.e. products of metabolism. The result is the development of persistent swelling, starts bleeding, thrombophlebitis, dermatitis, hyperpigmentation and long non-healing ulcers. It’s only the main effects of varicose veins, which can significantly complicate life. To avoid this, you should, as soon as you notice the beginning of leg problems, contact the doctor-phlebologist.

•The simplest way to prevent varicose veins is a douche. Start with water, in which a warm temperature comfortable for you. When your body is already accustomed to the water, increase one or two minutes the temperature of the water to become hot, but not scalding the skin. Then change to thirty seconds the water temperature to cold. Repeat this procedure several times. However, do not overdo it, because of fever or discomfort when it shouldn’t be. The procedure should be complete dousing with warm water.

•Problem veins of the lower extremities is also called the problem of economy which is connected with frequent flights or travelling in cars or buses, which are connected with the fact that we have to overcome, without stopping very long distances. When you are a long time in one position, the blood flow in the legs slows down. In order to prevent such problems, you definitely need to put the road spacious, and comfortable shoes that wouldn’t cramp your foot. And every hour you must stand up and within a few minutes walk to stretch my legs.

•Take the example of the Americans and take their favorite pose where your feet are in good condition. Of course, from the point of view of etiquette, the posture is unacceptable, but when you have no one you can allow the unloading of their legs.

•Strengthen the veins can also help the reception of venotonic created on the basis of bioflavonoidov for two months twice a year. They will be able to improve venous drainage and relieve pain and swelling. Although self-medication is still do not necessary. Any drug you should be prescribed by a doctor.

•For your veins harmful also sports increased load, such as a heavy strength exercise, and a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, it is best to avoid extremes. Do gymnastics, Cycling and walking in the pool. It will be the best prevention of varicose veins, besides the sports activities, within reasonable limits, can improve the condition of your health. And always remember that fanaticism in any case harmful.

•When choosing clothing, be guided not only her appearance but also her convenience. For example, tight skinny jeans and spanx will disrupt the normal flow of blood in your body. So use shapewear only in extreme cases and when choosing jeans, it is better to pay attention to such trendy models like boyfriend jeans or classic jeans, don’t dig into your hips.

•If you have a genetic predisposition to varicose veins or you have already started to show the first signs of this disease, do not waste time and consult a doctor. The sooner you start your treatment, the better will be its result.

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