What days can I get pregnant

the days when you can get pregnantWomen who dream about the baby, gynecologists often ask: «what days can I get pregnant?» Dangerous days when you can get pregnant, and are interested in those women who because of the circumstances currently exclude the possibility of conception. Many believe that conception is able to occur almost any day. Is it really so? How to determine the days when you can get pregnant?

If we consider the female physiology, it is possible to determine which days cannot get pregnant and which days are favorable for conception. All the women’s menstrual cycle is divided into 3 phases.

  1. The first phase is the maturation of the follicle, where the egg is located is emerging.
  2. The second phase — ovulation fully Mature egg ruptures the follicle and goes to the fallopian tube. There during the day she will have to wait for its fertilization. Signs and symptoms of ovulation are described here.
  3. The third phase is the formation of yellow bodies at the place of the follicle, weakening blood vessels and the start of menstruation.

What days best to get pregnant? It is proved that the ovulation period is the best and auspicious time for the birth of a new life. You can calculate approximately what day will be ovulating and the answer to the problem: how to calculate days to get pregnant. Fully ripe egg ready to be fertilized about the middle of the menstrual cycle, abnormalities serve 5 days in one and other party. Why 5 days? It’s simple. If the menstrual cycle lasts 30 days, calculate the half way of the 15-th day. It was on 15-th day, ovulation occurs. To this number add 2, the approximate amount of time to abnormalities in the maturation of the egg. To this number add another 3, this time the sperm is able to function actively in a woman’s body. Summing up: days of cycle when can I get pregnant vary from 10th day to 20th day of menstrual cycle. As you can see, days when to get pregnant calculate is very simple. But assuming that women have an established menstrual cycle that she didn’t inflammatory, infectious and nervous diseases. It also happens that a woman has the hereditary pathology of the body — her egg is able to Mature several times during the menstrual cycle. In this case, it is difficult to calculate which days get pregnant easily If ovulation occurs a few times, the risk of conception exists daily.

What days not to get pregnant?

Couples who use the calendar method of contraception it is important to know which days the woman is not pregnant. As a rule, a woman can not get pregnant days of menstruation. The rest of the time is possible for conception.

  • dangerous days when you can get pregnantCan you get pregnant before menstruation 2 days? Of course, the risk exists but it is negligible. As a rule, during this period the egg is not fertilized and is in the process of its release to the outside. In more detail the issue of conception before menstruation is described here.
  • Can you get pregnant 3 days before period? The answer is almost similar to the above, but the chances of conceiving has increased. Pregnant woman if her menstruation for a long time. Also the risk of conception exists in women the maturation of several oocytes during the menstrual period.
  • Can you get pregnant 5 days before period? During this period, the chances increase significantly, especially if menstruation in women lasts more than 7 days. Time of maturation of the follicle can be compared with the last day of the month and the time of ovulation and the first day of menstruation may coincide.
  • Can you get pregnant 2 days before ovulation? The chances of pregnancy in healthy women with established menstrual cycle the level of 90%. Time, which lasts until ovulation, and after is called fertile. Proven by many professors that in the fertile days to get pregnant. They, like the ovulation are considered the most favorable for conception. Couples who plan to become parents in the family planning center recommend this period for conception.

The most dangerous days to get pregnant calculate is not very difficult. But it is recommended to carry out calculations in conjunction with a gynecologist. After all, if a woman chooses the calendar method of contraception, to the exclusion of all others, we can not be sure of its safety from conception. Often a stressful situation or an illness is completely changing the female body. In addition to menstrual irregularities and possibly unreasonable maturation of the egg in any day. Repeatedly come across examples where the month started early for a few days.

What is it that the days when you can’t get pregnant?

  • The safest time to not get pregnant are considered 2 days before and after menstruation. See also «When can you get pregnant after your period».

When planning pregnancy, women need to be registered to the gynecologist to conduct a full examination of the body. If there are any diseases, they must be cured, as relapse may lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle, resulting in disrupted exact calculation of the time favourable for conception. After this woman for several months to see how many days into her menstrual cycle. The loop can safely be considered the most favorable and unfavorable days for conception. As soon as the exact period of the menstrual cycle, then you can count the days for pregnancy.

It is important to remember that the structure of each person individually, so the examples of calculations can fluctuate in different directions: decreasing or increasing.

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