Weight gain during pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy

the rate of weight gain during pregnancyWhen a woman finds out about the joyous event in her life, about her pregnancy, recruited every kilogram brings only joy. If in the first trimester, the weight of mom’s growing not so much in the second half of pregnancy begins to actively grow the baby, and therefore with it the tummy.

Weight gain during pregnancy is absolutely normal and inevitable phenomenon, which is one of the main estimated parameters. I would also like to note that weight gain during pregnancy — the process is very individual and depends on a number of physiological, hereditary and other characteristics of the organism.

Why is it that one woman gains during pregnancy much and the other quite a bit? In this momentous period does not go beyond permissible» or Vice versa, which means a little weight gain during pregnancy and how to maintain a normal rate of pounds? All the exciting talk today.

When and how to weigh?

Once you have learned about your situation, stand on the scales. So, in the future it will be easier to assess weight gain. When registering, the doctor will write «original» point in your personal card.

Also, each subsequent trip to the gynecologist, a weighting procedure will be obligatory and inseparable ritual, for this indicator, largely to judge the health and proper development of the baby.

However, at home you can also control your weight, regularly getting up in weight, but better to have a notebook, not to forget preliminary. In order to eliminate any errors, it is best to use the same healthy scales and stand on them once a week at the same time, preferably before Breakfast and pre-converge before it in the toilet for all needs. Also see the most accurate values possible, if the weighting does not change clothes.

To compare the performance of the better weeks so it is possible to notice any trend, and report it to the doctor.

The rate of weight gain during pregnancy

Ideally, a normal weight gain during pregnancy is considered to be from 9 to 14 kg, and while waiting for twins from 15 to 21 kg. But these figures are rather conditional and is created based on the average data.

The rate of weight during pregnancy calculated according to a formula where one of the main factors in the weight women. If his position, the woman observed the shortage of supply, then it is permissible until the birth to gain 16 kg If your pre-pregnancy, her own weight was quite excessive, weight gain during pregnancy should not be more than 11 kg, while in severe obesity and not more than 8 kg

To understand it easier, it is possible to calculate the rate of BMI (body mass index). In order to calculate it, you need to know your height and initial weight.

So, the IMP= weight / (height*height). For example, 55/ (160*160)= 21,48

If the index is less than 18.5, it means you were underweight before pregnancy

From 18.5 to 25, then that’s your norm.

25 and above — you have been overweight, and above 30 obese.

In addition, we cannot ignore the genetic predisposition and physiological characteristics. Even with equal performance, one woman may be prone to hudsovet or completeness. Also, it should be noted that the trend to overweight increases with age.

To make it more clearly let us consider in more details what is the normal weight gain in pregnancy by weeks and the average gain by trimesters:

  • In the I trim. (first 13 weeks), in weight it is allowed to add 300-400 g per week, per term 1.5-2 kg;
  • In II trim. ( from 14 to 26 a week) the weight increases by 500 g per week over the entire trimester about 5-6 kg;
  • In the final III trim. (27 to 40 weeks.) the total increase is about 4-5 kg, and the maximum gain 500 g for 7 days.

About how to eat in the first trimester, see the link /food-beremennyih-v-first-second quarter/

Also see the article with useful tips on different trimesters of pregnancy here.

What is weight during pregnancy?

During the carrying a child pounds the women bought not by accident. On average, the majority at the time of birth, as follows:

  • the baby is approximately 3-4 kg;
  • the placenta weighs on average 700g;
  • amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid) to about 800 ml, when polyhydramnios volume can be up to 2n;
  • enlarged uterus about 1 kg;
  • breast enlargement ~ 400 g;
  • to increase the blood and water retention in a woman’s body accounts for approximately 2.4 kg;
  • fat deposits that inevitably accumulate an additional energy and range from 2 to 4 kg.

Thus, we get 10-12 lbs. So the question is, how many kg can be given after pregnancy, the answer is obvious , the average can be dialed to the original its weight is about 12 kg and not worry about their size. But you should also remember that the rate of weight gain during pregnancy is set individually, and each woman can respond to their situation differently.

A shortage of weight

Excitement mothers are often not informed, and the planning reception at the doctor often heard the alarming phrase: I during pregnancy without gaining weight. In fact, in most cases this phenomenon is considered a normal variant, and the reasons are very different: physiological characteristic, toxicity, poor diet. In addition, some women are beginning to gain kg will be rounded and only after 15-20 weeks. If insufficient mass is seen in the later stages, the cause may be incorrect hormonal synthesis, malnutrition, small birth weight or even intrauterine growth retardation. But, in any case, you need to consult a doctor, perhaps he will reassure you or give some advice how to gain weight during pregnancy.

Too much weight

Excessive weight gain can be a cause of poor health moms: the pressure increase, the appearance of weakness and fatigue, back pain, swelling. If the doctor thought your weight too rapidly is growing, he can advise on how not to gain weight during pregnancy. However, during pregnancy any diet and hunger is forbidden, only that it is possible to reduce the consumption of fatty, sweet and starchy foods, and more lean on fruit and dairy products. It is not excluded in this case, «light», fasting days on apples or yogurt. Read more at the link /dieta-dlya-beremennyih/. Remember that while carrying the baby shouldn’t eat «for two», enough to increase the daily calories by about 100-200 calories.

Become pregnant, you should not placed on the sofa afraid to move, on the contrary, you and your child a very useful walk in the fresh air, go swimming, practice yoga and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

When your body develops and grows a little man, very interesting to observe the entire process, watch how you change. Scales can be your assistant in the «study» itself, and at the same time, will help you control your weight, according to the regulations.

During pregnancy, a woman is beautiful, in any case!

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