Ways to remove corns

Ways to remove corns

A callus is a local thickening of the skin that is caused by prolonged friction or pressure on the upper layers of the skin. The external signs of corn is divided into dry and watery. Both fairly have a very unattractive appearance, so before a lot of people immediately with their appearance, the question arises — how to get rid of them?

The answer is very simple — you need to visit pedicure salon. However, if there is a desire to eliminate corn can at home. And what do you need, look no further. To get rid of dry corn, you need to prepare warm bath for the feet, adding a slight bit of ammonia and soda.

Lower the foot into the solution and hold them there for about 15-20 minutes. This will help to steam the corn dry, then without difficulty to remove with pumice. Dry the corn well softened under the influence of lemon juice, slices of which you want to bind on a steamed area of hardened skin. To remove watery blisters also not very troublesome, but it is necessary to adhere to certain measures aimed at excluding infection on unprotected skin place.

Corn should be treated with alcohol, then pierce the watery bubble in one place, pre-disinfected needle. Then corns is produced in the liquid. The skin that previously formed bubble to tear off it is impossible, it should stay in its place. Top «former» corn need to put a special patch, which protects it from infection.

We were able to figure out what to do if you have a corn. But one more question — what to do with old corns? But here, as you did not want, still have to go to a beauty salon at home you are unlikely to get rid of it. Here we need more effective methods, such as cryotherapy, pedicure, laser treatment. They are very affordable and absolutely fearless.

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