Nasal lavage with saline

Very useful to wash the nose with saline, which confirms both traditional and alternative medicine. The procedure has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Nasal lavage at home helps in the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. The main thing is to perform the procedure.

How to rinse the nose with salt water

The technique of nasal lavage

At observance of all safety measures, the procedure is absolutely safe for adults and for children of any age, even infants. Nasal lavage with saline is necessary to:

  • the removal of dust particles and the things that irritate and may cause an allergic reaction;
  • the strengthening of the capillaries;
  • improving the functioning of the cells of the nasal cavity;
  • disinfection;
  • removal of edema, facilitating nasal breathing;
  • increase local immunity.

It is not necessary to do a nasal wash if you have:

  • poor permeability channels;
  • on the nose discovered education;
  • chronic or acute otitis media;
  • a deviated septum;
  • often bleeding.

If you have sinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, or any other infectious disease that affects the respiratory system, the lavage will help to heal much faster. Muslims have long believe the flushing is the same binding as, for example, brushing your teeth in the morning. It should be noted that infectious diseases affect them much less. There are two methods of nasal lavage. With proper implementation of any of them you will not feel anything unpleasant.


The method is popular among Indian yogis is called «Jala-Neti». To wash the nose with saline, it should be poured into a special pot, but an ordinary suit and custard. On the tip attach a normal baby pacifier. It is necessary to bend over the sink, tip the head to one side, mouth open. In the nostril that is higher, carefully poured the solution, and exits through another. To breathe with mouth. When about half the liquid remains, the washing is repeated for the other nostril.


A small bag or even syringe is perfect for washing. The syringe is filled with solution. The head should be tilted forward and to the side. Then follows the liquid to pour into the upper nostril and blow your nose. Another repeat all the same. If a person has severe cold, before the procedure is necessary to use vasoconstrictive drops.

Washing out the nose with sinusitis in the home

Girl is getting ready for the procedure

Rinsing is particularly effective in this disease, but it is only a part of complex treatment. Due to nasal lavage with saline resumes the natural process of the withdrawal of pus, mucus. In the water, except marine, or common salt, you can add and iodine. Before washing you have to blow my nose. If not, then you should use vasoconstrictive drops. Useful tips:

  1. Before to rinse the nose with salt water, you need to consult a doctor who will recommend the safest technology procedure for your stage of the disease. This is to prevent the transfer infection in the middle ear.
  2. On the one washing you need to prepare 0.1-0.2 l of solution. Every time make a fresh batch.
  3. Do not bring the liquid to a temperature that exceeds 39 degrees.
  4. A day spend four flushing.
  5. When the procedure is make the sound «a», then the solution does not get into the mouth. The soft palate will protect the nasal passages from the throat.
  6. When you do sinus irrigation at least a week, but preferably for two.

How to make saline solution

The main advantage of washing is that the mixture is very easy to make yourself. To a solution does not require expensive ingredients only sea salt or ordinary table. It is harmless to adults and children. There are store products based on the salt solution, but if you want to save money on treatment, you better prepare yourself.

The necessary tools and ingredients

Sea salt for nasal irrigation

Manual for the preparation of solutions of different concentrations:

  1. Half a tablespoon of sea salt (better to take clean, free of impurities) is dissolved in 0.4 l of boiled water.
  2. If you want to make a nasal wash concentrated saline solution, use other proportions. Take a tablespoon of salt, one Cup of water. This recipe is suitable for people who have to work in a very dusty room or area.
  3. Tablespoon of salt, dilute with a liter of water. You will receive a universal solution, suitable even to gargle.
  4. If you cook the mixture for a child, dilute salt (a quarter teaspoon) in 0.2 l of water. It is enough for this concentration.

A solution of common salt


  1. Classic version – 10 grams of salt per 0.5 liters of water. So the solution to prevent the nose it is necessary to wash for a day once. To get rid of any disease, you do the procedure more frequently, preferably twice or three times a day. Before to wash the nose out with saline, you can add a drop of iodine. Due to this it will become more useful.
  2. Mix 5 grams of salt and baking soda, pour a glass of warm water. This tool is not suitable for prophylaxis, it is recommended to use only for the treatment. Good kills bacteria. They can not only nose rinse, but gargle. Another popular application for unate toothache.

How to wash the baby’s nose

The treatment of the child

The technique depends on the age of the child:

  1. Baby. Nasal rinses with saline hardest to make the baby, as the passage is very narrow, and the mucous membrane is sensitive. Place the child on his back, gently clean the nose moist cotton swab. In each nostril in turn should drip pipette 2 drops of the salt solution. After a couple of minutes to remove from his nostrils mucus a little pear or cotton swabs.
  2. Child-on-year. Put the baby around the pelvis and tilt your head forward. Cotton swabs remove visible dirt. Ask the kid to open his mouth. A small syringe or syringe type fluid in both nostrils in turn. Before you wash the baby’s nose with saline, make sure he is calm, not nervous, otherwise make the procedure very difficult.
  3. Children over five years. At this age, kids should be taught to do the washing yourself. Type saline solution in the bag. Put the child over the bath. Ask him to tilt his head forward and to the side, take the bag and pour its contents into the nostril that is higher. After you repeat the procedure on the other.

Tips for parents:

  1. If you can’t teach a child to wash the nose, ask him to simply type your solution in the palm of your hand, inhaling alternately one and the other nostril and release through the mouth.
  2. For prevention make a weak saline lavage liquid twice a day. If he’s ill, the maximum number of sessions to four or five, depending on what his age.
  3. For babies over after the independent performance of procedures need to blow my nose.
  4. Follow washing with clean hands and tools. After a rinse with machines that used.

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