Want to have soft feet? It’s very simple!

Probably, many romantic films you often watched as the man gently kisses the beautiful and well-groomed feet. You want to have the same legs? Not every woman can be proud of their soft feet.

Now advertise a lot of great creams and ointments that you can use to make soft feet and to soften calluses, but can you believe all in a row? Definitely high quality creams will help you to solve this problem, but they are not so little. Do not worry because there are many affordable and simple ways to make your legs young again and return them to a well-groomed appearance.

And here is one of them. You only need a tablespoon of olive oil, a small plastic bag that was left under products and warm socks. To moisturize and soften the skin of the feet should be applied on the skin with olive oil, wrap your legs with plastic wrap and put on warm socks and leave on all night.

It is advisable to do this before bedtime to soften the skin of the feet did not interfere.

In the morning you will see a great softening properties of olive oil. You just don’t recognize your legs – they will become soft and gentle, but after a few uses you’ll forget about the blisters.

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