Vitamins for women

Daily useful elements and substances come to us eating less. Sometimes there are times when their arrival is not enough for a normal active life. Come to the aid of comprehensive pharmaceutical preparations. They not only improve the quality of life, improve health, appearance but also to prolong youth.

What is better to drink vitamins

Vitamins for women

There is nothing more natural, healthier person of any gender and age than natural, varied diet. Thanks to him, the body is saturated with vitamins, produces the right amount of power, and performs vital functions. If your daily food not enough variety, in order to prevent the doctor may recommend a vitamin complex. Sometimes «supplements» can sometimes be an urgent need, for example, in certain life cycles of women:

  • if you are planning a pregnancy;
  • in menopause;
  • at the age of over 50 years.

For women after 30

Many girls, approaching or already surpassing thirty years abroad, noticed the first signs of age-related changes in appearance and health. On the face appear small wrinkles, the skin becomes more sensitive. All of these processes individually, appear all different, but their appearance is inevitable. Vitamins for women over 30:

  1. Folic acid is involved in the regeneration of cells and metabolism. During pregnancy, prevents miscarriages, pathology of fetal development.
  2. The intake of b vitamins – the key to the normal functioning of the nervous system. In addition, these elements are best for energy, beauty skin, hair, nails.
  3. Vitamins E and C are essential components of women’s health and beauty. Necessary in the fight against early wrinkles, brittle nails, hair loss. Also activates the appendages, support hormonal balance.

Pregnant woman holding an Apple and pills

Vitamins for women over 40

Watching the physiological peculiarities of the female body, you can see that after forty years of the woman begins to decrease levels of sex hormones, which affects the appearance and well-being. Doctors call this period the «female child»: the skin, hair becomes more sensitive to external conditions. Bone loses volume, which leads to its fragility, fracture risk. The best multivitamins for women in this age are composed of the following elements:

  1. Vitamin D – helps the rapid absorption of calcium from food. It strengthens nails, gives hair strength, Shine. The bones become stronger, reducing the risk of injuries and fractures.
  2. E and C women’s vitamins beauty. Protect the skin from wrinkling. The best vitamin complexes always contain these components not only help to maintain the visual appeal but also strengthen the immunity, prolong the reproductive function of women.
  3. Vitamin a – for vision, which before this age may be reduced. Prevents the female gynecological diseases such as cervical erosion, breast, ovarian cysts. Plays a significant role in strengthening the hair follicles, keeping the hair density.

After 50 years

50-year-old woman

Nature is so inherent that the most active biological age of a person 40 years, then gradually comes the «winter» in a woman’s life when the vital functions are slowing down. To the 50 year milestone health care, appearance, physical condition needs to become a habit, otherwise the old age will come very quickly. Aging cannot be stopped, but you can extend this process due to the best vitamin for women fifty years of age and older:

  1. Vitamin F – all the fat-soluble acids: omega 3, 6, essential at this age. When taken regularly, skin looks better, spots are absent. This component regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  2. K I D – the best vitamins for the preservation of their teeth, strong bones.
  3. E, C, And the best for the feeling of life energy, depression and senile boredom.

Vitamins for hair and nails

A woman of any age wants to look young, beautiful and well-groomed. Nails and hair is what gives the health of the person. Them visually, you can identify the lack of certain vitamins and minerals. Please note, if your hair is falling out for no apparent reason, become dull and brittle. The second sign – nails exfoliate, break, and can not grow to the desired length. They mean that you will need to take additional vitamins of group B, D. it Should be remembered that the dose shall be 100 mg per day. When taken regularly the condition of the hair and nails will improve.


Restorative vitamins

In modern life, a woman undertakes a large number of cases: work, caring for family and home, sporting load. All of this takes a lot of energy, strength, and immunity, resistance to depression. For normal functioning of all organs and systems the necessary vitamins for women. These drugs are able to take care of health, increase resistance to viral infections:

  • vitamin a is best for vision;
  • B is the best for a balanced mental state, a great memory.
  • D – essential for maintaining a strong skeletal system and holistic;
  • E – the main to preserve the beauty, youth;
  • G – best for normal work of the pancreas and liver, keeps them healthy, fulfilling years.

Vitamins for skin

Girl drinking orange juice

Frequent stress, inadequate sleep, insufficient exposure to fresh air, improper diet, bad habits, the formation of free radicals. These components can damage your skin cells, break the process of updating it. Even the most expensive cream will not make a person healthier and younger without makeup vitamin inside. The best antioxidants are vitamins a, C, E: able to deal with adverse conditions and protect the skin. This requires an increase in the blood concentration of these stimulants.

In addition, the micronutrient coenzyme Q10 is the best assistant in cellular regeneration of the skin. A substance often found in contemporary creams, but its penetration through the skin is limited to the dense top layer. Beauticians advise women to ingest the trace minerals in combination with other antioxidants in the form of drops or tablets. If the positive effect increases several times.

Vitamin-mineral complex for women

The modern woman often does not have the ability to organize a varied, balanced diet that will compensate for the lack the best vitamins. American pharmacy has developed the best multivitamins for women, men, adults and children, so she became a leader in the sale of these drugs. Universal formulations containing in addition to vitamins and even essential trace minerals: iodine, iron, selenium, zinc. From the variety, you can select budget options and the best program for the recovery.

Man and woman cooking

Rating of vitamins for women

A list of the best vitamin-mineral complexes, which is composed with the positive reviews of the consumers for convenience, are shown in the table:

№ p/p Name drugs Feature Advantages Differences Price in rubles for 60 tablets.
1 Alphabet Is composed of vitamins a, E, C, b, and K. Is a universal complex stabilizes hormonal background of women, retains his youth and beauty. The complex is divided into three colors: green colors of the pills to morning. yellow for day, red for evening. 270
2 Vitrum Contains essential vitamins, minerals: boron, iodine, selenium, calcium, iron. Used as a General tonic. Vitamin a supports hair, skin, nails in good condition. Due to the high concentration of vitamins can cause allergic reactions: skin rashes, itching, sleep disturbance. 719
3 Complivit for women 45+ Contains vitamins B, A, E, S, P. trace elements: selenium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium. Prescribed for women in menopause: alleviates the unpleasant symptoms, increases activity. Balances blood pressure, cholesterol level in the blood. 143
4 Farmamed Consists of essential vitamins, supplemented with minerals, extracts of medicinal plants. Indicated for the prevention, treatment hormonal failure, used in preparation for pregnancy and childbirth. Contraindicated in diseases of the thyroid gland. 500
5 Centrum The set of vitamins for female beauty and health. Taken to improve the functioning of all organs, systems under adverse conditions. Intended for reception in the winter. 900

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