Vitamin E during pregnancy

vitamin e for pregnancyVitamin E together with folic acid administered to the woman still at the planning stage of pregnancy, moreover, it is called the vitamin of reproduction. But why doesn’t everyone have known the enormous importance of this element?

If we talk about the overall effect of vitamin E also known as tocopherol, it should be noted that it is a powerful cellular antioxidant that strengthens capillary walls, improves the condition of cell membranes and intracellular structures, helps to improve the immune function of the body. But most importantly, vitamin e enhances the basic natural functions of the genitals, both in men and women, restores hormonal balance. Vitamin deficiency in women leads to improper functioning of the ovaries, and men with defective spermatogenesis. Interesting, scientists have made experiments on rodents, and as soon as they have ceased to add tocopherol in food, almost all mice became infertile. That is, the vitamin e thoroughly affects the reproductive function of man, and also contributes to normal conception.

Experts believe that vitamin e during pregnancy on early terms is simply necessary for the successful attachment of the embryo to the uterus for normal gestation of the baby, because he’s already from the first weeks starts to take all the necessary minerals and vitamins from the mother’s reserves. They are so essential to it as the «building material» for the bookmarks of all major organ systems. But you should also understand what vitamins during pregnancy in the early stages you need to take extreme caution, because an overdose entails extremely negative consequences. Therefore, the article will be useful to all expectant mothers and women preparing to conceive, describe in detail how to properly take vitamin e during pregnancy and why it is actually so necessary.

Why the need for vitamin e during pregnancy? Useful properties

When a woman finds out about her interesting position, and comes to the gynecologist to be on the account, the first thing the doctor recommends is to start taking a multivitamin, or in particular Vit. E. some women, referring to his well-being, neglect this recommendation, and absolutely nothing.

Vitamin e for pregnant women is essential, as it is involved in processes of synthesis of many hormones, including prolactin, which in the future will be responsible for the normal production of breast milk. In addition, tocopherol is involved in the formation of the placenta, and prevents the detachment and early skin aging, as well as to ensure blood flow in the umbilical cord that connects mom and baby. It’s not all that vitamin e in pregnancy is an important role to play.

Consider other useful properties of tocopherol, and why vitamin e for pregnant women is strongly recommended by all experts:

  • vitamins in early pregnancy, especially Vit. E, contribute to the preservation of pregnancy, reducing the probability of spontaneous abortion, miscarriage, in its action similar to the vitamin progesterone is the most important female hormone;
  • another undeniable fact, what is useful vitamin e capsules — it is a powerful antioxidant, and thus protects the body from various negative internal and external factors, from all kinds of infections and cancers;
  • Vit. e able to improve the transportation of oxygen, which is so important during pregnancy, because oxygen demand in this period increased several times;
  • Vit. e participates in the formation of the respiratory system of the child;
  • for women, getting enough vitamin a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails, as while carrying the baby and after his birth.

Thus, it is impossible to overestimate or underestimate the value of tocopherol to the body of the expectant mother and her baby. The main thing-to know exactly how to drink vitamin e during pregnancy to prevent unpleasant accidental effects after vitamin overdose.

The rate of vitamin e during pregnancy

Still in the planning stage, the doctor may prescribe the woman the vitamin for successful fertilization and further its attachment to the endometrium. How to take vitamin e in capsules for conception, individually have to decide the doctor, but usually tocopherol drink on the circuit with 16 for 25 day of a cycle, 3 capsules per day: morning, afternoon, and evening. After on drink the recommended rate allowed a short break, even if the probability of pregnancy is very high.

The dosage of vitamin e in pregnancy is of great importance. Most women mistakenly believe that carrying a child a lot of vitamins do not exist. It should be noted that voluntarily take tocopherol and set yourself dosage not, it can be dangerous for the child and for mom. How to drink vitamin e during pregnancy, establishes a qualified gynecologist and only the relevant indications.

In the early stages of pregnancy, often assigned tocopherol capsules. They should take during a meal, so they will be better absorbed. The minimum daily dose of vitamin capsules is 0.8 mg (or 2600 IU by international standards) and a maximum of 3-5 mg (about 10-15 thousand IU). It is worth considering that synthetic vitamins are worse absorbed in the body, so it is acceptable to increase the daily dose, but to solve this must only be a specialist.

In II and III trimester, take Vit. E in capsules is not necessarily because the woman at a later time takes on different complex vitamins, which in the right amount contains tocopherol.

On the question of whether to drink vitamins during pregnancy, experts clearly give a positive answer. This is due to the fact that the quality and nutritional value of products consumed by us today is very low, so it is important to draw or to reinforce stocks of all the necessary vitamins and minerals using a specially developed vitamin complexes, additives and a mono-preparations. Vitamins for pregnant women in the early stages can be especially helpful for hormonal deficiency, as well as in the prevention of spontaneous abortion.

Drink vitamins. All successful conception, pregnancy and childbirth!

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