Veneers on teeth

Dream of a natural, snow-white, perfect smile? Ways to carry out the wish of many, and one of the most popular is to put veneers. These designs allow you to reach a perfect result, but about the restoration in the mouth can learn the only dentist during examination. Find out what are dental veneers and how they pose.

What is veneers for teeth

The installation of the veneer on the tooth

The so-called thin plate, are attached to front teeth to improve their appearance. They are made individually for each person and help to achieve excellent results correction. Plates are made of porcelain, ceramic, composite materials that do not require grinding of enamel to consolidate. Indications for installation:

  1. The color of the tooth different from the others. This can occur due to injury, medication, removal of the nerve and so on. Plates are installed, if not helps surgical whitening.
  2. Destroyed part of the tooth (not more than 50%).
  3. Need to mask seal.
  4. Need to fix cracks, small chips between the teeth. In this case, most likely need to install the paired structures. For information: on dead tooth plates are put.
  5. It is necessary to adjust the shape of the teeth (assuming that there are no problems with the bite).

Ceramic veneers

One of their name – porcelain. They are made in the laboratory in individual molds, then set the patient. For their fastening is processed the outer side of the teeth, fixing occurs by means of a cement composition. Drawback – when heavy loads are chopped off. In this regard, they are not recommended for those who severely clench teeth, loves grating. If the design is damaged and cannot be repaired – it remains only to change to a new one. Ceramic veneers on the teeth are often, because:

  • do not change color in the socks;
  • do not accumulate plaque;
  • keep strongly.


Composite veneers

Are made of filling material, can be formed directly in the patient’s mouth. Structures shall be installed in one visit, does not require extensive grinding of enamel. They can be manufactured in a lab, but most restaurerede in the mouth by layering composite material. Vinirovna teeth in this way is inferior to ceramic in terms of appearance and durability.

Patients should be prepared for the fact that in some cases not get to choose the color of the composite material due to the narrow color gamut. It is not recommended to choose inexpensive options – they quickly change color when you drink, have a porous, brittle texture. In comparison with dentures, crowns such composite plates are much smaller.

How much to put veneers

The veneers have never been cheap. The high cost is due to several factors. First, veneers for teeth are made from imported high quality materials. Secondly, the procedure is long, complicated, requires expertise and the skill of the specialist. It is especially difficult to establish a composite structure is a direct way (in the patient’s mouth).

One tooth

The price range is huge. On average, a single veneer will cost at least 15 thousand roubles. If the patient has small defects, design can costs about 6300 rubles. On the final amount of the installation is influenced by:

  • the condition of the tooth;
  • the material that will be used for restoration;
  • qualification of the expert who will carry out the procedure;
  • the amount of work;
  • the need of anesthesia;
  • the chosen method of restoration (installation of indirect veneers are more expensive than direct, so that in the first case involved 2 specialists).

The cost of veneers on front teeth

In order to save restoration is recommended to do in those areas that are in sight. The remaining teeth can be cured in other ways. Therefore, as a variant, it is possible to put veneers on a couple teeth of the upper and lower row to spend on the procedure about 100 thousand rubles. As already noted, the final price is affected by many factors, so accurate information was voiced only by a doctor after consultation.

Girl before and after veneers

How much are veneers for all teeth

To find out the total amount you need to multiply the price of one tooth on the 32 (or fewer depending on the number of teeth in the patient). Out very expensive. What can you recommend to those who decided to take advantage of this option? Output 3:

  • contact the place where offer interest-free installments for treatment;
  • to use the discount card to reduce the cost;
  • look for stocks in different hospitals and private dentist (they are often arranged at the opening of new spaces).

How to put veneers

To put veneers on the teeth, patients generally have to visit the dentist 2 times. At the first visit, the doctor performs preliminary preparation:

  1. Make preparation: grinds the enamel to further delineate thin plates, removes the layer equal to the thickness of the veneer.
  2. Making a cast by applying to the teeth with a special paste. When the mass hardens, it removes it and sends to the laboratory for fabrication of the plate based on the model.
  3. Picks up the shade of the veneer, using plates of different colors.
  4. Can set time counterparts.

Preparing to install the veneer

During the second appointment the veneer is installed. To do this, be sure to check the bite, make sure that the plates fit snugly, conform to the shape, color. To attach use a special cement. It is essential to visit the doctor again after some time to rule out inflammation on the gums that can occur due to a foreign body.

In the case where the patient establish a composite veneer, it only takes one visit to the dentist. On one procedure the doctor spends about 1 hour. During this time he has time to assess the condition of the tooth, to choose optimal color, to grind enamel, to form the veneer. The surface of the finished product undergoes a thorough treatment: polished, polished. If everything is in order, the client leaves the dentist with a beautiful, Hollywood smile. To teeth remained intact, you must:

  • avoid extreme sports;
  • do not chew nuts, not to open bottles with your teeth;
  • to clean the mouth at least 2 times a day;
  • use for teeth cleaning.

How long will veneers with proper care? It depends on the type of the record. For example, ceramic can last up to 30 years without painting, abrasion, fracture. Composite stick less. They are recommended to be changed every 4-5 years, because records are erased and darken every year. To save the form every six months they need to be polished.


Julia, 24 years: for Several years suffered from fluorosis, and last year decided to put veneers on the front teeth. At first I wanted to make whitening, but the doctors explained that the procedure does not remove yellow stains. From veneers to healthy refused because of the high cost of the procedure. The result is great! While not used for a few weeks was afraid to eat solid food.

Sonia, 19 years: I Have white but slightly crooked teeth that require alignment. To remedy the defect, the dentist provides braces, veneers or Lumineers. The latter are more expensive, so they were rejected immediately. A lot of reviews about porcelain veneers, so I want to try them. Hard to collect money for the treatment will need at least 90 thousand.

Vera, 31 years: At age 31 I became a beauty and, finally, began to smile with open teeth. This happened after installing zirconium veneers. The entire procedure was performed a doctor friend, so decided. Spent about 160 thousand for the top 8. A lot? The result is worth it! Teeth were whiter, teeth stand out less, the bite is much smoother. After installing the pain in the gums, so be prepared.

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