Tetanus shot

Throughout life a person needs vaccination against this infectious disease. To the child, since 3 months, vaccination is carried out repeatedly. In adulthood, the vaccine repeatedly pricked every 10 years. This is the only way to prevent deadly infectious disease, the treatment of which is not. All the nuances in the text below.

Vaccination ADSM adults

The nurse prepares a vaccine

The vaccine is equally necessary at any age. Adsorbed diphtheria-tetanus in small doses – transcript inoculation of ADSM. Re-vaccination schedule is drawn up for each person by age. A vaccine for tetanus developed on the principle of introducing into the body a weakened toxins harmful bacteria. They retain their immunogenic properties, provoking the production of specific antibodies. This leads to the development of the ability to destroy the causative agents of tetanus and diphtheria. Creates a protection mechanism.

Tetanus vaccination is extremely important because this disease affects the Central nervous system and often ends in tragedy. Common grafting combined type. In addition to ADSM, has a dual action, practiced DTP with the third component against pertussis. Good compatibility gives more combinations, for example, aimed in particular at preventing polio.

Threat if vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus

After the injection of ADSM inevitable side-effects, for example, tetanus shot hurts. In the first hours after the event may appear cold, fever, significant malaise, redness in area of injection. All this testifies to the start of the process of production of immunity and the creation of a powerful protective system of the body.

Side effects of vaccinations can be mild or severe, it depends on the condition of the body. All symptoms of distress are themselves not later than two days. Probable complications, but statistically they occur in two cases out of a hundred thousand. Dangerous effects of vaccinations ADSM is:

  • a strong manifestation of an Allergy;
  • encephalitis;
  • meningitis.

ADSM incompatible with alcohol. From it, refrain for two days prior to vaccination and at least three days must elapse after vaccination. You can drink weak drinks. It is more durable to return in a week. Otherwise you risk to increase the strength of side effects. To bathe after vaccination at the necessary, but relevant quick shower, not hot tub.

The doctor makes a tetanus shot the child

Who contraindicated a tetanus shot

Rapid Allergy or a neurological disorder, caused by vaccination, is a reason for the absolute prohibition of such vaccination. Other contraindications are temporary and serve only as a signal to postpone the injection against tetanus. A small list of restrictions:

  • any infectious or viral disease acute form (acute respiratory disease, SARS and the like);
  • Allergy, asthma, diathesis, eczema;
  • fever, chills;
  • immune deficiency;
  • pregnancy or lactation in women.

Prevention of tetanus

The doctor makes girl vaccinated ADSM

Remember, how long does a tetanus shot. Immunity developed under its influence, stored up to 10 years. The frequency of repetition of vaccination is calculated in this interval from the last «child» of vaccination. In any clinic or emergency room tetanus shot make free. You can go in a private centre, where the cost of vaccination against this infectious disease is on average 1,500 rubles.

Practiced as an emergency prevention of tetanus. It is when a person has a serious injury threatening infections, not later than 20 days after the occurrence of the damage. There are two options for where do tetanus shot: in the area beneath the scapula and into the buttock or outer thigh. Injection intramuscularly, the dose of toxoid is 0.5 ml.

Video: why you need a tetanus vaccination


Veronika, 37 years:did emergency vaccination after a fracture when he got into a terrible accident. Tolerated the vaccine against tetanus medium. Stabbed under the shoulder blade, then at this point two of the day was shot, was sick, both during flu. On the third day everything went. ‘ve heard from doctors about how terrible tetanus. Will undergo routine vaccination, see only benefits and no harm, talked about a lot.

Nina, 45 years:I do Not understand people who are against vaccinations. I have three children, they were timely vaccinated. My relatives respected the vaccination schedule, and sound. No negative impact that I can see. And with the case when a man died, who refused the vaccine against tetanus I was facing. It’s scary.

Nikolai, 29 years:I read somewhere that alcohol after a tetanus shot special won’t harm you. It’s not true. My father after vaccinations decided not to deny myself the «pleasure», as a result of adverse reactions have been so strong! 40 degree fever, horrible pain, numb hands for a week. Do not neglect this rule!

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