Useful defects of appearance

If you look at yourself in the mirror and see the shortcomings of their appearance, you should not be upset. After all, beauty is a very relative concept, and it changes very quickly, depending on the fashion trends and moods of people. One has only to compare the famous Rubenesque women and legendary model Twiggy. The difference is significant. And if for decades the standards radically changed, it’s hard to tell what lies ahead.

And the evolution is quite able to put everything in its place. Man is so constituted that instinctively chooses to pair someone who is stronger, healthier and who are able to produce healthy offspring, not one who is more fashionable dresses.

The most important thing in any time is a health and an attractive appearance is not always associated with it. Often it is just the opposite, because often what we used to consider a flaw, is the evidence of protection from disease and fertility. Today we reveal to you some of these signs, which were compiled on the basis of scientific discoveries.

Big booty

Researchers from Oxford say that prominent buttocks talking about the low level of cholesterol and reduce the risk of diabetes. Some say that the figure is pear-shaped indicates excess production to regulate body weight and appetite hormones.

Large hips attract men’s attention, because they subconsciously associate with strong women’s health and fertility. However, this does not apply to those women who are overweight. Big booty should be large compared to other parts of the body, especially waist.

Useful defects of appearance

Narrow hips

Research at the University of Southampton, women with wide hips are more painful to give birth to children. In particular their daughter may have a risk of breast cancer is three times above the average, and to blame the estrogen. Because these hormones give the figure a more feminine shape, as well as increase the risk of breast cancer. The estrogen affects the child during pregnancy, acting more is formed on the tissue of the breast.

Large moles

If your face and body a lot of moles, it suggests that at the cellular level your body is young. Genetics from king’s College London argue that the more the human body mole, the telomeres it last longer.

Called Telomeres, special DNA, shortening with age. Therefore, holders of a large number of moles have a chance to live longer.

However, this has its downside. A large number of moles of the large size says about the increased risk to skin cancer.

Small Breasts

Large Breasts can turn into a real pain for its owner. Turkish doctors say that rack is a huge burden for the spine. And this can lead to chronic diseases, compression fractures, hernias, etc. properly selected bra can aggravate the situation even more load back.

Scientists from the University of Vienna, in turn, found that in a small chest high sensitivity. Perhaps big Breasts are too tightens the nerve endings that are located under the skin of the breast. For this reason tactile sensations such chest gets 24% weaker.

Impressive nose

Big nose indicates a strong protect your body from potential allergens and bacteria. So say the doctors from America. This they attributed to the fact that pollen and germs come to us mainly through the nasopharynx, and the more this path is, the lower their chances to reach the destination. In addition, the inside of our nose are cells that produce mucus, which work together with the hairs as a barrier for microorganisms.

Wide ankle

According to Professor University of Colorado Wendy Court, located in the lower part of the body women extra pounds prevent their occurrence in the upper part. At the same time, excess fat in the lumbar region is a risk factor for occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and heart attack.

According to English scientists the fat that collects around the ankle, says about their owner, strong joints and it will not have age-related problems with the foot.

Fat fingers

If your feet are not the most graceful fingers, you, according to scientists the University of Wales, is one of the highest achievements of evolution. Because the short fingers are designed to run fast and become the perfect hunter. While long fingers are a thing of the past.

Big ears

Large auricle is not so well-conducted sound, in connection with the hearing not wear out quickly. Owners of big ears there is every chance of losing hearing with age.

Short legs

Not very long legs almost always have people with strong bones. This means that fractures they are less susceptible. They also lower the risk of osteoporosis.

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