The benefits of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin has a specific sweet taste, which appeals to many gourmets. Based on this rich in vitamins vegetable, known for its horror stories for Halloween, preparing lots of snacks and hot dishes. Equally useful pumpkin seeds: it can gnaw on a par with sunflower and simplest culinary discovery – add roasted seeds to the pumpkin soup.

How useful pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Chefs and gourmets are offered to bake bread with seeds, sprinkle them on salads –such a Supplement can make any dish much healthier. Pumpkin seeds contain many nutrients – zinc, copper, manganese and vitamins A, b, C, K, E, and antioxidants. This is a true natural first aid kit, assembled in the plate.

According to doctors, regular use of these beans (a handful two to three times a week) will help to reduce cholesterol, improve metabolism and digestion, strengthen bones, teeth and hair. Useful seeds and for the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system, they eliminate the kidney stones and are excellent prevention of prostatitis.

For men

After 40 years, men are encouraged to understand the benefits of pumpkin seeds and even sometimes eating them. Acid contained in them, prevents the development of prostatitis and other inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, leading eventually to male impotence. From sensitive issues saves zinc, which stimulates the production of testosterone. In addition, a significant amount of protein and folic acid helps to burn fat and build muscle. So for men who are active in sports, this dietary Supplement just necessary.

For women

Pumpkin seeds

Folic acid is known as the main building material for the female body, so pumpkin seeds during pregnancy are a great vitamin for expectant mothers. However, they are useful not only for pregnant women, for example, zinc helps to combat excessively oily skin, prevents acne, and a high concentration of vitamin A helps strengthen the hair and nails, and vitamin E nourishes the skin and heals small cracks, wrinkles.

For children

Children often like to chew sunflower seeds, but it is better to offer them useful pumpkin. They will help to strengthen your baby’s bones during the period of active growth, and dietary fiber will slow the absorption of carbohydrates. Due to this the blood sugar levels will always remain at the same level, that will be a good prevention of diabetes. In addition, the doctors talking about the benefits of pumpkin seeds in combating intestinal parasites (worms), which often affects children.

Chemical composition of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds in a Cup

Any plant can carry a person both benefit and harm. In order not to exacerbate the development of certain chronic diseases, you need to carefully examine the product if the benefits of pumpkin seeds don’t turn into something else. And we must remember that the daily rate for a person of either sex – not more than 150 g of seeds per day.


Question about how many calories are in pumpkin seeds bother the girls, however the improvement will not result in a weight gain. Even though the seeds contain 538 kcal per one hundred grams, their benefit is more important than that, because protein and fat in them much more than carbs, and a large number of dietary fiber slows the absorption of sugar and stimulates the metabolism. In addition, a small portion of seeds blunts hunger.


Pumpkin seeds can have a comprehensive therapeutic effect, because they contains several vitamins:

  • Vitamin a improves eyesight and nourishes the skin.
  • Vitamin E infuses the skin with essential moisture and fats, promotes healing of small wounds.
  • Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, prevents aging.
  • Vitamin K strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation, strengthens bone tissue.
  • The vitamin e fights against cholesterol.

How to make pumpkin seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Own pumpkin seeds is not recommended to eat raw in order to just chew, it is better to fry them without oil. However, if they plan to use as a medicine or another utility, you need to prepare a therapeutic composition in accordance with the purpose. They should be pre-cleaned pumpkin seeds with the skin should not be used.

From worms

Pumpkin seeds parasites – a popular tool that is used for children. Seeds contain cucurbitina, which expels from the body not only worms, but also large parasites. To prepare effective medicine, it is necessary to clear (but keep the green inner membrane), and then mix pumpkin seeds with honey, a small amount of castor oil. Take the mixture on an empty stomach, at 100 grams daily. Medication may help with constipation.

For prostatitis

Men find it difficult to offer a specially prepared medication, so you can just chew roasted seeds (not less than 40 units per day). Such therapy is the prevention of BPH. And for an active treatment of inflammation in prostatitis mix crushed pumpkin seeds with liquid honey, to sculpt small balls, cool them, take two or three things daily. Honey has anti-inflammatory effect and contained in pumpkin zinc supports men’s health.

For weight loss

If you want to lose weight, make it a habit to nibble sunflower seeds instead of snacking. They will accelerate the metabolism, to facilitate the work of the liver, and as a result the body itself to get rid of excess. Helps cereal mono-diet: for Breakfast eat a bowl of oatmeal porridge on the water, lunch – grain bread and for dinner a handful of pumpkin seeds (previously they need to dry). Half an hour after a meal drink two glasses of water.

Video about the benefits of pumpkin seed oil

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