Unusual types of massage

Today we will talk about the unusual types of massages that can give you back youth and beauty.

Massage with herbal bags

This kind of massage originated in Thailand and India. The main tool here are heated pouches filled with healing herbs such as ginger, geranium and sage that are rich in essential oils and bioactive ingredients.

Sometimes they add sesame seeds or rice. These bags are steamed with boiling water or hot vegetable oil. This unusual massage will help you to activate metabolism, to restore the muscular system and normalize lymph and blood metabolism. In addition, it will saturate your skin with nutrients. It also has a significant lifting effect.

Unusual types of massage

Anti-aging, the stone massage

To this massage was used by another Queen Cleopatra. This massage it was carried out with the help of precious stones. Stone massage is highly valued in Ayurveda as it helps to restore the human body the energy distribution, configuring it to full rejuvenation and self-healing. Fans of this massage I think that his effect is much more lasting and powerful than conventional massage, particularly if experienced masseur.

Unusual types of massage

Massage sinks

This kind of weight hailing from the Polynesian Islands, it is rightly can be considered an alternative to massage stones. Specialist session on the body is affected by the empty shells of different shapes and diameters. Shell master has on different parts of the body, stroking their body, and presses. This procedure can relieve and cure, it is also considered an excellent prevention of stress, and the cosmetic effect of this massage is simply gorgeous.

Unusual types of massage

Vibrating massage

This massage is also referred to as pulsing. It is very gentle on the skin. It is based on the swaying motion that creates vibration, the frequency of which is equal to the frequency of the human pulse. The human body this exposure aktiviziruyutsya and begins to work actively. This massage is helpful for stress, weakened immunity and insomnia.

Ice Alpine massage

Cellulite experts recommend to fight with the aid of this massage, which is ice cubes. During rapid exposure to cold, blood vessels constrict and then dilate, therefore metabolism increases and blood flow increases. Fat is burned and there is a stagnation in the tissues. Washing with ice cubes or cryomassage you can do at home, by freezing the ice from the broth of herbs. Move the cube along the skin from the bottom up, and zigzagging in a circle. Any area should be massaged no more than three minutes.

Unusual types of massage

Shiatsu massage with lifting effect

This technique of massage originated in Japan. It is based on the impact points that are projections of certain organs of your body. This massage will improve your body and produce amazing effects.

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