Unusual treatments for youth and beauty

If you need fresh impressions, you can safely go to a beauty salon. There we have found the most unusual treatments that will help you to relax and will give you a lot of positive emotions.

Oxygen therapy

The famous singer Madonna on tour always takes with him together with twenty-five suitcases of clothes Intraceuticals cosmetic device intended for carrying oxygen therapy. It helps Madonna after the show return your skin freshness.

Oxygen therapy is the introduction into the deeper layers of skin «beauty cocktails» which consist of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which is related to our skin with a nanoproduct. However, this cocktail is introduced not with a needle, and under oxygen pressure. After this treatment visibly improves the complexion, wrinkles and pores become less visible.

First aid for the hair

If your hair is split, broken, lost its Shine and volume, and if they are broken all sorts of Hairdryers, sun, chemicals, or forceps, to solve this problem can only cut or ambulance for hair. The brand Kerastase has created a tool that can instantly revive the hair, taking into account their individual characteristics. Small jars Fusio Dose contain a special system ingredients in high concentrations. The product with a yellow lid is designed for deep power, green for the reconstruction of damaged hair and hair with split ends, with red – shiny purple – to their seals. Experts can combine, if necessary, several products together. The result of these preparations was maintained even after several procedures of hair washing.

Floating camera

Floating camera will help all those who cannot relax and who’s in a bad mood. It is a capsule-pool where the water temperature is the same as body temperature, however, completely absent of light and sound. And the concentration of such salts is the same as in the Dead sea. Immersed in the floating chamber, you can find yourself in zero gravity.

This capsule is closed and you are alone in the pitch dark. A complete reboot of the brain occurs already after the second session. If you have this procedure try it for yourself, you may find that you at some time were again in the womb. And after you leave this chamber, you will have the feeling that you are born again, because many things you will begin to look completely different. Many stars have already fallen in love with this procedure.

Famous Hollywood actor Nicolas cage, for example, tried this procedure while preparing to shoot a film called «the twin Towers». The result was able to hit him and the entire crew of this film, because the actor managed to win claustrophobic. Also floating camera helped Yoko Ono after death of John Lennon to recover.

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