Ultrasonic lifting for skin rejuvenation

Innovative technologies allow women to make self-care much easier. Sometimes we may seem that everything is already invented, but with all the abundance of anti-aging methods, scientists are still developing new ones that will allow every woman to safely and effectively make the lifting of the skin of the face and neck and decollete. Today we will tell you about the new ultrasound lifting.

Why the skin loses its elasticity?

The firmness and elasticity of the skin provides the collagen fibers which is a «matrix» of the upper layers of the skin that ensures its elasticity. Young skin produces enough collagen, in this regard, even the lack of sleep to a certain age, it can affect our appearance. However, over time collagen production decreases and its fibers become more weak. And the skin under the influence of gravity is constantly down. And as a result «bags» under the eyes, increased nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks, the contours of the face, the appearance of double chin and sagging neck, and most importantly – the emergence of the hated wrinkles.

Women constantly offer a variety of injection hardware and surgical procedures that can help improve the appearance. However, many women are afraid of pain and prolonged recovery after such procedures. For fans of new modern methods the good news is invented effective and completely safe procedure called ulthera therapy (Ultherapy).

What is a ulthera therapy?

The so-called non-surgical facelift, as well as strengthen the skin by exposure to the focused ultrasound. Al therapy is an innovative procedure in which the skin should not be damaged by a scalpel, or a syringe filler.

How does the lifting when al therapy?

As we have said, when al therapy is an advanced technology of focused ultrasound that creates the appropriate conditions to stimulate natural formation of collagen and elastin in the deepest layers of the skin. In this procedure, you should only use a special gel which should be applied before the procedure in order for the transducer to glide easily over the skin, just like with ultrasound.

In contrast, affect only the upper layers of the skin radiofrequency and laser techniques, Altera-therapy using focused ultrasound is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, acting on the same level, which is plastic surgery. However, this procedure requires no surgery, and therefore, immediately after this procedure the patient can return to its usual rhythm of life.

Replace Altera therapy plastic?

Al therapy is not intended to replace plastic surgery, but it is an alternative method for those who are afraid of surgery or for those who already did it, but wants to strengthen the skin through collagen production.

What is the procedure?

Procedure alter therapy usually lasts from an hour to a half hour. It all depends on what area is treated. The procedure includes:

•Expert advice, clarification of patient expectations, the choice of the correction and the Protocol of this procedure.

•Make-up remover.

•Photography of the patient «before the procedure».

•Marking of the treated area.

•The application of a special gel.

•Exposure to focused ultrasound.

•The final skin cleansing.

The effectiveness of Altera-therapy.

Immediately after the first treatment alter therapy you will see results, but this procedure has a cumulative effect, so the final effect you can see in three or four months, when the tissues of your skin will be collagen regeneration.

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