Trichomoniasis symptoms in women

Trichomoniasis is an infectious disease of inflammatory nature. The causative agent is Trichomonas. In the early 20th century trichomoniasis was first described. In modern times the disease has overtaken the incidence of syphilis and gonorrhea. Trichomoniasis symptoms in women which are expressed by vaginal discharge, discomfort, there are three forms: chronic, fresh, trihomonadonositelstvo. What disease is characterized by symptoms, methods of treatment, existing means of prevention.

What is trichomoniasis?

This disease has an infectious etiology. Calls it the simplest microorganism called Trichomonas vaginalis. It is a unicellular organism, the radius of which is the mucous membrane of the urethra in men and vagina in women. Upon entering the organism Trichomonas provoke the development of inflammation, which is expressed urethritis, vaginitis, cystitis.

The causes of the disease

There are two ways of getting infected with trichomoniasis in women: through sexual contact, household waste (when using other people’s towels, sponges, bathtubs and toilets). A large part of the infection falls on the first occasion. The following factors increase the risk of Contracting the disease:

She has prepared a condom to avoid being infected with trichomoniasis

  • the reluctance to use a condom;
  • random promiscuity in women;
  • the use of the public, strangers, baths, bathrooms;
  • women to use personal hygiene products that don’t belong.

The first signs and symptoms

10 weeks-2 months – a period that may elapse from time of exposure to the pathogen until the first symptoms of trichomoniasis in women. If signs are not observed, it is the place to be trihomonadonositelstvo. This means that you are a carrier of the disease and infect sexual partners. In case the symptoms of trichomoniasis in women are:

  • mucus is increased in quantity;
  • symptoms redness, swelling of the perineum and genitals with trichomoniasis;
  • the formation of small ulcers, hemorrhages;
  • the presence of symptoms in the form of secretions and watery foamy character with a sharp unpleasant smell, reminiscent of fish, trichomoniasis.

The girl tells the doctor the symptoms of trichomoniasis

When such a symptom of trichomoniasis in women as allocation can have color from white to yellowish-green. At the same time there is an increased soreness of the vulva, burning sensation, itching of the genitals that is very unpleasant character. If these symptoms are strong, then there may be a slight vaginal bleeding. Some patients complain of pain pulling character in the lower abdomen or back. In severe cases of trichomoniasis labia swollen. Suffering and the General condition of women, may worsen existing chronic diseases.

Specific symptoms depend on the affected area: pain during intercourse, burning, itching accompany trichomoniasis of the vagina, and pain disorders, frequent urination – trichomoniasis bladder, urethra. In rare cases, the disease affects internal organs, leading to endometritis. This is a serious illness that is characterized by inflammation of the uterus and triggers the development of complications. If trichomoniasis in women penetrates into the fallopian tubes, salpingitis occurs accompanied by inflammation of the ovaries, formation of cysts, adhesions.

What is the danger of chronic

Complications and consequences that are caused by the presence of Trichomonas in women, diverse: ranging from exhaustion, to cancer and infertility. The microorganism can transmit other pathogenic bacteria to another person. This is due to the fact that Trichomonas protects pathogenic flora, absorbing it. Active bacteria leads to the undermining of the immune system, which increases the risk of HIV and other serious infections.

Pregnant woman tested for trichomoniasis

In advanced cases, trichomoniasis leads to anemia, exhaustion, destruction of hematopoietic tissue, oxygen starvation, impaired vision. The disease contributes to ectopic pregnancy, causing inflammation of the cervical canal, which is fraught with erosion or cyst. In addition, trichomoniasis in a chronic form in women provokes cystitis, inflammation of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, pyelonephritis, spontaneous abortion, complications of pregnancy, the emergence of disabled children.

Diagnosis of trichomoniasis

Gynecologist for diagnosis of urogenital infections, including trichomoniasis, is conducting the following research methods:

  • review in the mirror for signs of inflammatory process of the mucous membranes of the cervix, the vaginal mucosa, secretions of a pathological nature;
  • history trichomoniasis in women;
  • bimanual examination, which detects the presence of inflammation of the appendages and of the uterus;
  • inspection of the external genitalia.

Tests for trichomoniasis in women is indicated when there are signs of inflammation-acute, chronic urogenital infections, the sexual partner who is suffering from infectious diseases. They include:

PCR diagnosis of trichomoniasis in women

  • Diagnostic PCR (polymerase chain reaction);
  • urinalysis trichomoniasis in women;
  • General analysis of blood;
  • seeding with the definition of sensitivity to antifungal drugs, antibiotics trichomoniasis in women;
  • direct microscopic analysis of the secretions or swab.

How to treat trichomoniasis in women

Treatment of acute and chronic trichomoniasis in women it is important to start immediately after the detection of the disease. The approach must be comprehensive: assigned protivotrihomonadnyh means having antibacterial activity, which are used for local and General therapy. In the first case, getting rid of the outward symptoms, and the second destruction of microorganisms within the body. It is important to take the full course of treatment, especially during pregnancy.


The following drugs are the main treatment for trichomoniasis:

  • «Metronidazole (Klion», «Glaygl», «Trichopolum», «Nycomed Metronidazole» «Metronidazole-ROS», «Metronidazole-Rusfarm», «Metronidazole-Teva», «Aquametro», «Medsol», «Triazol», «Floran», «Trichopolum») – active in relation to the urogenital Trichomonas. The drug is available in the form of suppositories, tablets. Prescribed 2 tablets three times daily with an interval of 8 hours. In the following days, the daily dose is reduced to 1 tablet with the same interval. The total dose of 3.75 g for six days.
  • «Tinidazole» («Trichonida», «Pasigin») – the action is similar with «Metronidazole». Appointed in tablets inside of 0.5 g every 15 minutes for one hour.
  • «Solkotrichowak» – a tool aimed at the normalization of the vaginal microflora, antibacterial and immunostimulatory activity. 0.5 ml intramuscular injection three times at intervals of 2 weeks. After a year of 0,5 ml unitary.

Medications for the treatment of trichomoniasis in women

When fresh inflammatory processes that occur torpid, chronic forms assigned to local treatment. Drugs are taken in conjunction with protistotsidnym means of General validity. Local treatment includes the following medications:

  • Vaginal balls «Metronidazole» – intravaginal trichomoniasis times a day at 0.5 g for six days.
  • «Ginalgin» – has fungicidal, antimicrobial agent, Antiprotozoal effect. Assigned vaginal trichomoniasis 1 tablet for 10 days.
  • «Klion D» – antifungal, antibacterial, Antiprotozoal agent. Accepted vaginal tablets trichomoniasis within five days to 0.1 g.
  • «Clindamycin» (ointment «herbal medicine») – Antiprotozoal, antibacterial agent. Two per cent vaginal cream should be used daily during 4 days.
  • For pregnant women, with the exception of the first trimester, may be of «Metronidazole» trichomoniasis oral administration of 2.0 g once.

Treatment of folk remedies

In the struggle with trich you can attract not only medicines, but also traditional medicines. These recipes can be used in combination with medicines which have been prescribed by a doctor. The success rate of treatment is considered a negative result of the analysis during the laboratory studies of the causative organism. Folk recipes:

Folk remedies for the treatment of trichomoniasis

  • Infusion for the treatment of chronic forms of trichomoniasis: 20 g of eucalyptus ball, 10 g of yarrow, 15 g kidney birch warty, 15 g of fruit Sophora japonica, 20 g of flowers of tansy. Pour a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of herbal mixture, leave for half an hour, strain. Three weeks take 70 ml three times a day before meals.
  • Sea buckthorn oil trichomoniasis in women is used for washing genitals. Reduces itching, relieves irritation, inflammation. Use until complete recovery.
  • Eucalyptus when symptoms of trichomoniasis – mixed with 4 tbsp. l. flowers of tansy, eucalyptus leaves, 3 tsp fruit Sophora, 2 tsp. of herb yarrow. Thoroughly stir a tablespoon of the mixture pour boiling water. After half an hour filter. Taken before meals three times a day, 2 tablespoons in three weeks.

Prevention of the disease

Prevention of trichomoniasis are similar to the measures that are used in any sexually transmitted infections. It includes a number of measures designed to reduce or eliminate the probability of infection:

  • The use of condoms.
  • The failure of women from casual sex, especially with people who are at risk: drug addicts, prostitutes, people with different sexual orientation.
  • Loyalty women regular sexual partner.
  • Timely treatment for the advice of a doctor if dangerous intercourse.
  • Strict adherence to a woman regimens, control cure.

Video about the symptoms, treatment and incubation period of trichomoniasis in women and men

Recently with complaints of the symptoms of trichomoniasis are turning an increasing number of women. This means that the prevalence is growing every year. Trichomoniasis has become an important public health problem as it causes inflammation of the pelvis, potryasenie complications, infertility, pathology of newborns. The disease easily passes into the chronic stage, if we neglect the recommendations concerning treatment. It is important to thoroughly examine trichomoniasis, symptoms, treatment from women than a given video.

Feedback about the results of treatment

Violetta, 27 years: «I was treated for trichomoniasis many weeks. Took prescription drugs regularly, did not miss visits. A few weeks passed check analysis, but it was negative. I continued treatment and recovered. I also took Echinacea preparations and vitamins for stimulation of immunity.»

Anna, 32 years: «my partner and I was treated with trichomoniasis during the month. For us proved to be an effective a tool such as «Trykhopol». I have used vaginal suppositories «Klion D». Additionally, both take a multivitamin. After a passed course passed the test analysis and it was negative.»

Ale, 28 years: «After the detection of trichomoniasis, the doctor prescribed treatment with pills, vaginal suppositories and ointments. I did everything diligently. Few weeks passed the analysis, which showed that I am completely healthy. I quit drugs, although the course was not yet finished and the symptoms came back again. It turned out that this happens if not to drink tablets completely. I started treatment again brought everything to the end and got rid of the Trichomonas».

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