Treatment of pancreatic cancer folk remedies

Pancreas – the organ that produces insulin promotes penetration into the body’s cells of oxygen. In addition, the enzymes necessary for the digestive system. When the body begins to ache, therapy, along with drugs recommended for treatment folk remedies.

How to treat pancreas at home

If you have the examination of the pancreas found diffuse changes – this indicates the presence of pancreatitis. At the early stage of the disease to cope with inflammatory processes will help folk remedies. There are methods that help in the acute form of disease, presence of stones, signs of cancer. To restore functions and prevention of use:

  • plants and herbs;
  • honey and propolis;
  • cereals.

Jelly of oat for the treatment of pancreatic


Treatment pancreas folk remedies does not preclude the recommendation of medicine, and is an additional opportunity to bring the body into order. Herbs for pancreatitis used in aqueous and alcohol extracts. They are capable of:

  • to remove inflammation;
  • to calm;
  • to provide antiseptic action;
  • affect the production of bile;
  • to be diuretic.

When exacerbations of the disease are useful for the treatment herbal of Helichrysum, chamomile. Recommend taking it not more than three weeks, 100 ml before main meals. You should make a glass of boiling water a spoonful of each herb, cool. Effective way of treatment is the application of tincture of birch buds. It is necessary to drink a spoonful before meals, three times per day. The cooking method is simple:

  • to take a glass of birch buds;
  • put in a jar;
  • pour vodka;
  • leave for a month;
  • keep in the dark;
  • periodically shake.

Broth and soup made from oats

Doctors have found inflammation in the early stage or the disease is sluggish, with low symptoms? In this situation will help to deal with the problem the treatment with oats. Folk remedies – decoctions, jelly is able to restore the pancreas. It is better if you will use raw grain. The easiest recipe recommends boiled in a liter of water 100 g of oats. Make a half Cup with a spoon of honey before meals.

Improves condition, reduces pain and spasms, daily use of before Breakfast oatmeal jelly. First being paved. To do this in a pan you need to put a kilogram of oats, cover with water, leave for a day in the dark. Then drain the water, rinse the grain and grind. The composition is ready. For making jelly:

  • take 3 spoons of the composition;
  • add 50 ml of water;
  • stir;
  • pour a glass of boiling water;
  • boil 3 minutes;
  • leave for half an hour under the hood.

Buckwheat with milk


Pancreatitis treatment folk remedies involves the use of buckwheat. This product is able to soothe the pain, has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Buckwheat helps cleanse the pancreas, can improve the bile production. Acute symptoms cook viscous porridge with water or milk. The use of salt and oil are excluded. When the condition improves – you can cook crumbly porridge and eat it with butter.

To cleanse your pancreas, eat buckwheat with yogurt. It promotes cell renewal, stimulate the body. In addition, improved functioning of the intestines. For cleaning recommend a glass of buckwheat to fill the night with a half liter of yogurt. The whole amount divided into 2 portions. Eat one for Breakfast, second for dinner. Allowed pre-grind the buckwheat to make flour.


In the treatment of pancreatitis folk remedies are natural antiseptic – honey. It improves metabolism, restores pancreatic function. Cure honey only impossible, but may be a significant improvement if you use it instead of sugar. Recommend to eat in the morning before eating – spoon of the product. In chronic pancreatitis are advised to chew and swallow sabrosky honey. There are contraindications to use:

  • the acute phase of pancreatitis;
  • Allergy to honey;
  • holetsistopankreatit.

Soda for the treatment of pancreatic


Methods of pancreatic cancer treatment with soda patented in Italy. Method is not yet widely used, but positive results recovery is. Simple and accessible folk remedy used for a day three times before meals. Should be taken with water or milk, half a spoon of baking soda. There is another way. To prepare the composition, a teaspoon of baking soda with the top filled with boiling water – it needs 50 ml Drink in the same way. Not recommend the use of soda people with reduced stomach acidity.


The use of this bee product for the pancreas and liver facilitates the penetration of cells of oxygen, restoration of the affected tissues. Apply propolis in its natural form – chew, and then spit out. Do alcohol and water tinctures. We know the action of propolis:

  • antiseptic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • heals;
  • boosts the immune system.

In human pancreas is recommended to drink before eating half a Cup of water with a teaspoon of tincture of propolis. For its preparation you will need equal amounts of product and vodka. The recipe is as follows:

  • propolis roll;
  • the evening to put in fridge
  • in the morning grate;
  • pour vodka;
  • infuse 10 days;
  • periodically shake;
  • keep in the dark.

Features of treatment of pancreatic cancer folk remedies

To obtain a greater effect of treatment popular recipes, it was necessary to agree their use with your doctor. Note that some funds effective at the initial stage of the disease. Other useful in exacerbation of the disease or the appearance of seals. In addition, you must follow the rules:

  • eliminate alcohol;
  • to use the diet – cooking with photos easy to find;
  • exercise, especially running;
  • consider Allergy to components of the recipes.

Potato juice for the treatment of pancreatic

Inflammation of the pancreas and pancreatitis

In the treatment of pancreatitis – fatty infiltration of the pancreas – use the juice of potatoes. Drink twice a day a glass. Reduce inflammation help the infusion of chamomile and Helichrysum. Folk remedies for the treatment solve the problem:

  • psyllium – restores tissue;
  • peppermint – relieves spasms;
  • St. John’s wort – has anti-inflammatory;
  • milk Thistle – has a choleretic property.


The detection in pancreas stones to deal with the issue will help Iceland moss. The use of this herbal remedy helps in the breakdown of stones. Infusion helps to cleanse the pancreas. For cooking two spoons of moss pour a glass of Apple cider vinegar, leave for 2 days. Before going to bed to pour a glass of water teaspoon of tincture and drink.

Girl drinking a decoction of herbs


In this disease the pancreas occurs fatty degeneration of healthy tissue is replaced with fat. The process of lipomatosis is slow, folk remedies help to slow him down. In this case, solves the problem of the herbs. Need to brew Cup boiling water 2 tablespoons of composition and to insist 3 hours. Take the day 6 times for 30 grams. The collection includes:

  • Valerian;
  • nettle;
  • calendula;
  • St. John’s wort.


Treatment of cysts of the pancreas are aimed at slowing its growth. You can drink chicory instead of coffee. No less effective herbs which are used three times per day, for two weeks. Make one month break, then repeat. Brew overnight in a glass of boiling water teaspoon collection. The set includes the sheets:

  • currant;
  • cranberries;
  • blueberries.

Video: what to do if it hurts the pancreas


Nina, 46 years: When I started to feel pain in the pancreas, the doctor advised to follow the diet. In addition, to drink oatmeal. The taste I remember from my childhood – my grandmother often cooked. A bit troublesome to prepare, but I felt better quickly. Pain was reduced, began to feel better. Suggest this folk remedy is tasty and healthy.

Valeria, 38 years old, Examined the child and accidentally found an increase in pancreas. The doctor advised to change diet – cooking baby buckwheat cereal, replace the sugar with honey. Well, what the violations were in the early stages of development. Folk remedies have helped to deal with the problem without pills. Suggest to use buckwheat honey for treatment.

Helena, 55 years: Complained of abdominal pain, ultrasound investigation and found polyps in the pancreas. So they did not grow, the doctor advised folk remedy – a decoction of the leaves of currants, blueberries and cranberries. Else to do the cleaning with buckwheat. I disciplined and did everything right. The pain decreased, the polyps do not grow. Suggest these funds.

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