Treatment of sprains of the knee joint

Those who got injured after a fall or sport, it is often associated with damage to ligaments of the knee joint. The painful symptoms that appeared after some time, lead to restricted movement. Treatment of a sprain of the joint takes considerable time. Therapy requires the use of medications, physiotherapy, rehabilitation.

What is a sprain

The guy has a sprain

Connect the Shin bone and thigh ligaments of the knee joint help its movement. Thanks to them, people can move: walk, turn, squat. Distortion – a stretching or partial tear of the ligaments, in some cases accompanied by damage to the cartilage. There microreserve and complete the gaps. This occurs as a result of falls, injuries due to sports-related active motion: hockey, basketball, football. With proper treatment, the movement of the joint is restored.

Instability of the knee joint cause uncharacteristic movement. In addition, violations of the ligaments appear in patients with chronic arthritis, osteoarthritis. Causes of sprains are:

  • sharp bending;
  • jumping;
  • a sudden change of direction of movement;
  • a sharp blow on the knee in the clash, the fall;
  • Jogging, skiing, skating.

Matter how badly damaged the joint, depends how long will be the recovery process. There are three degrees of the disease:

  • Damaged a small section. You can move around, the pain is insignificant.
  • Partial tear with inflammation. Accompanied by severe pain, bruising, swelling.
  • Complete rupture of the ligaments. Unbearable pain, a large swelling, bluish discoloration of the skin. Stiffness or lack of motion.

The main symptoms and diagnostic methods

Diagnosis of sprains of the knee joint in the hospital

Sprain on the foot accompanied by swelling, severe pain on palpation. The man moves with difficulty. If there is a rupture of ligaments – the movement is missing completely, the knee is constrained. There is another option – when the joint is loose. In addition, there are signs of a sprain:

  • clicks and crunching during movement;
  • the temperature rise at the site of injury;
  • hematoma.

A skilled doctor determines the laxity of the knee joint symptoms. He additional:

  • asks the patient about the circumstances under which the injury has occurred, what caused;
  • performs ultrasound to determine the status of the ligamentous apparatus, the presence of synovial fluid;
  • assigns an x-ray examination to clarify other injuries – fractures, fractures of bones, dislocations
  • defines the treatment of sprains of the knee joint.

What to do if you sprain on the foot

If in your presence, the man received a knee injury, need to quickly call an ambulance. Then you have to deal with the victims. First aid is to:

  • to limit movement;
  • to immobilize the injured limb;
  • slightly to raise it to reduce swelling;
  • to give painkillers – «Nise», «Analgin»;
  • put the cold on the injury.


The person applies to the leg wrap

Treatment of sprains of the knee joint begin to engage after examination and the doctor’s conclusions. The first two days make cold. Prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In the case of minor damage to impose a tight bandage or special bandage. Followed by:

  • physiotherapy using warming;
  • ointments day of outdoor use;
  • treatment of folk remedies;
  • compliance with the rules of power;
  • physiotherapy.

In more complex cases, when torn lateral and internal communication, the care includes surgery. If the knee is severely swollen, then the joint is fluid or blood. Doing a spinal tap to drain. When severe pain in the affected area is injected the novocaine. To immobilize the knee after operation impose plaster. After the expiration of the treatment prescribed rehabilitation exercises.


The Drug Meloxicam

Drugs begin to heal immediately after the injury has occurred – the victim is give pain pills. To reduce inflammation, relieve swelling prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as «Meloxicam», «Ibuprofen». They do not allow to propagate the painful symptoms. For external application of prescribed ointments, gels, creams. They need to regularly smear the patient’s joint.

Ointment for sprains helps accelerate the healing, in addition, produces a different therapeutic effect:

  • Hormonal – «Hydrocortisone». Assigned when severe inflammation.
  • Warming – «Nicotinic acid». Blood circulation increases.
  • Cooling – «Black». Decreases local temperature and sprains.
  • Protects vessels – «Troxevasin».
  • Reduces bruises, swelling – «Heparin».
  • Ointments of combined action – «Menovazin», «Dolobene gel».


Physiotherapy treatment aims to reduce inflammation, to start rebuilding after injury. Effective methods of physiotherapy:

  1. Electrical stimulation. Improves circulation, reduces inflammation.
  2. Ultrasound provides a micro-massage of tissues. Affects heat, disperses swelling, reduces inflammation.
  3. Magnetotherapy. Pain medication, contributes to the overall strengthening of the joint.

Also among popular treatments stretching:

  • UHF-therapy. Improves impoortant, reduces swelling, inflammation localizes. Restores tissue at the cellular level.
  • Cryotherapy. When exposed to cold, increases circulation, injuries begin to heal faster. Edema due to increased lymph flow. Stops inflammation.

Aparat Undeterm


In severe cases, when there was a severe torn ligaments in case of a fall or excessive exercise in athletes, is scheduled for surgery operation. It helps to restore the movement. Make the plastic of the knee using grafts. It can be human tissue or synthetic materials. Anatomy and features of the structure of the knee joint as the graft is used the ligaments, tendons of the patient or donor. Tissue strengthen by means of threads, brackets. After the operation is applied plaster.

Traditional methods

Recipes have long been used for the treatment of sprains, are complementary to other methods:

  1. Well swelling compresses of raw grated potato.
  2. Will help the rubbing in the knee of aloe juice.
  3. Effectively to tie a half hour to the affected joint baked onion, seasoned with sugar. Tie the cellophane to insulate.
  4. In the summer there is the opportunity to make a compress of cabbage leaves or elderberry.
  5. It has a therapeutic effect clay, mixed to a pulp with Apple cider vinegar.

Rehabilitation after stretching

Massage knee

To avoid severe consequences after the injury, the necessary condition is rehabilitation. Start it once the swelling goes down, decreased pain in about two weeks. The goal of rehabilitation is to strengthen the muscles of the knee to assist the ligaments in the work. Begin lessons, and then continue at home. Rehabilitation includes:

  • Gymnastics. Exercises on flexion and extension of the knee. Rotational motion. In the later stages of training – squats, rise on socks.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Massage and self-massage of the knee joint.

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