Treatment of precious stones

Silver, gold and precious stones are not just decoration. These fashion accessories will complement your look and also soften your pain, soothe or invigorate and relieve symptoms of certain diseases. Here, for obtaining the desired effect does not require any complex manipulation of your decorations. You only need to put a ring, earrings, chain, or even just to look at them.


As a medicinal remedy it was used since ancient times. His healing power wrote Chinese, Indian and Egyptian sages. Ancient doctors believed that gold could extend the life and improve the health of the elderly, but also to bring good luck. We can find in the treatises of Ayurveda information about what women who wear gold, can easily bear a child. It does not presume to say modern doctors, however, they suggest to wear gold in skin diseases. Also recommended to wear gold jewelry during epidemics of influenza, because this precious metal has the ability to kill microorganisms. If you need to speak to a large audience or be a conversation with the boss, wear a gold chain with a pendant. They will help you to overcome the excitement and to relieve stress. Gold earrings can improve eyesight, and the ring can be a talisman, bringing good luck, especially in business. If you feel fatigue, depression or apathy, pick up some jewelry made of this metal and hold it.


Gems have great power. If you have smooth skin or problems with spine and joint problems or insomnia, you should buy a jewelry with sapphire. This stone can be yellow, blue or violet-green. Buy exactly the stone that you like best. The color on medicinal properties of gems is not affected. However, the kind of decoration is very important. Specialists in lithotherapy or healing stones special attention given to suggest sapphires on hangers. They claim that this stone works best on the neck. If you like bracelets or rings with these stones, wear them on the left hand. In this case, you are not afraid of heart disease or asthma.


Although diamonds and precious stones, it is not necessary for them to save. You must be at least one piece of jewelry with this stone. About it you will never regret. Because these stones are best friends of girls call for very good reason. They guarantee you a good mood, help with headaches, strengthen memory and help in cleansing the body of toxins. In addition, the diamonds will protect you from age spots.


The emerald is a stone of women and children. Since ancient times, this stone was trying to wear expectant mothers throughout all nine months of her pregnancy. After birth, an emerald hung over his cradle. Jewelry with emeralds help to get rid of diseases of the stomach, the liver, and they are able to normalize the pressure. They can also be effective for pain in the joints and dental problems. In order for the healing properties of this stone clear, they must be in the rings, best of all, on the little finger.

Treatment of precious stones


According to the ancient sages Topaz gives women the beauty and wisdom of men. This gem can be pink, violet blue or colorless, and affect mental abilities. Topaz can also relieve stress, strengthen the thyroid gland and aggravate the sense of taste. In order for this stone is benefited, it should be worn in gold on index finger of his right hand, and in the form of bracelets or pendants on a gold chain.

Treatment of precious stones


Pomegranate has a beneficial effect on the immune system and improves circulation.

Treatment of precious stones


This mineral is added to the composition of drugs for the treatment of caries, osteoporosis and periodontal disease. Pearl has a tonic effect on the myocardium, increases blood clotting and also regulates vascular tone.


This stone protects from infections, and, thanks to its antibacterial properties, restores memory and power.

Treatment of precious stones


It produces succinic acid, which is vitamin D3. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-stress agent, and also it is used in cardiovascular diseases, anemia. In addition, the amber contains iodine, which is useful in diseases of the thyroid gland.

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