Treatment of balanoposthitis in men

A healthy sexual relationship depends on the state of the genital organs. Inflammation of any kind is always an unpleasant phenomenon. To get rid of the problem very difficult, especially if treatment is prolonged. Often men because of shame go to the doctor late, when already clear signs prevent you to live. Balanoposthitis is one of the insidious disease, at the first signs of which you must consult a doctor.

What is balanoposthitis

Disease balanoposthitis

Inflammatory process that affects both the head and adjacent the foreskin of the penis is called balanoposthitis. It is the combination of two simultaneously occurring diseases – balanta and Postica, have a single source of origin. Transmitted women sexually, manifested at any age, even little boys. It is important to determine the causes of the disease:

  1. Violation of hygiene genital main.
  2. Physiological characteristics of the foreskin (inelasticity, an excessive amount of tissue).
  3. As a consequence of mechanical damage of the glans penis.
  4. After treatment with drugs (in large doses), are in the urine, can cause balanoposthitis.
  5. Occurring in the body other infectious diseases, including nonspecific, relapse.
  6. Allergic.
  7. From unprotected sexual intercourse with a patient candidiasis (thrush).

What is balanoposthitis in men

The man on reception at the urologist

Common symptoms:

  • itching;
  • swelling, redness of the head;
  • painful, difficult urination and ejaculation;
  • on the edge of the tissue – purulent discharge;
  • lymph nodes of inguinal region increased.

Delaying of treatment to the doctor in such cases can be a serious problem and can have consequences from the contraction of the urethra to malignant tumors. Distinguish the character of the formation of balanoposthitis: primary and secondary. In the first case, the disease formed outside of fungi and bacteria in the second case the infection penetrates through the urethra from the body of the carrier.


In urology there are three forms of balanoposthitis:

  • sharp;
  • chronic;
  • induratum (very rare).

Simple balanoposthitis refers to an acute form. Symptoms of the disease: itching head and foreskin; itching occurs. In such displays it is necessary to pay attention, rather than relying on «maybe», to refer to a specialist. Everything will be solved easily: a couple of reviews, standard tests, preventive treatment.


Refers to the acute form of the disease, but is accompanied by additional symptoms:

  1. Scaly white flakes form zones with clear outlines.
  2. There is a painful areas with erosion.
  3. Accompanied by a significant rise in temperature, General lethargy, weakness.
  4. Severe inflammation of the foreskin and increased swelling of the penis.

It is also called candidal balanoposthitis. The disease is associated with the development of bacteria and microorganisms, symbiosis Vincent. When the epithelium of the penis and the scales begin to die, increasing the likelihood of developing phimosis. Ignoring the visible signs of the disease leads to gangrenous balanoposthitis. Lotions, baths in this case will not help, will have to take antibiotics.


The doctor examines the test results

Advanced forms of the disease passes into gangrene of the penis. It requires drastic measures for the treatment of balanoposthitis in men. The acute form occurs with symptoms like:

  1. The presence of congested areas.
  2. The signs of intoxication.
  3. Ulcers with purulent manifestations.
  4. Foreskin with signs of perforation/leaf tissue becoming necrotic.
  5. Occurs bleeding.
  6. Discomfort. A sharp smell.
  7. General feverish condition.


Very common and is a consequence of the infectious lesions of the body. Manifestation of symptoms depends on age, duration of infective disease. Redness on the head and the foreskin, burning are the first signs of this form along with other, such as:

  1. Hyperemia.
  2. Bleeding upon contact with the skin of the glans penis.
  3. Fissure, ulcerative manifestations of the folds. Touch the head, the frenulum of the penis.
  4. The development of scars, adhesions.

This kind of becomes chronic on the background of the underlying disease. Medicine has up to two dozen types of balanoposthitis. Principal considered, but there are chlamydial, tertiary, ulcer, etc. are All considered non-infectious and are sexually transmitted. The latter form of the disease – induratum balanoposthitis. He expressed:

  • the desiccation (degeneration) of the penis;
  • scarring of the head.


Ointment for the treatment of balanoposthitis in men

For each balanoposthitis treatment methods have their own characteristics. Only a doctor can give individual guidance. General principles of treatment:

  1. treatment of the underlying disease (if any);
  2. the perfect hygiene of the penis (not less than 2 times per day);
  3. sexual rest;
  4. the use of antiviral and antifungal drugs;
  5. topical treatment;
  6. comprehensive approach;
  7. adherence to proper nutrition.

The treatment regimen is individually designed on the basis of examination and analysis based on the etiology of the disease, stage, types of inflammation. As a rule, it is a complex procedure that combines 2-3 method. A separate application will be ineffective, to provoke a relapse. Hygiene in all treatment regimens, remains in first place. Methods of treatment of balanoposthitis in men:

  • therapeutic;
  • operational;
  • non-traditional (folk).


  1. Therapy medicinal products (tablets, solutions, antibacterial ointments/gels, cream for yeast infection for men, antiseptics). Selected on the basis of the causes and course of the disease. Drugs with local effect – nasal spray, Triderm. Complications used in conjunction with immune therapy. Prescribe an antifungal – Nizoral ointment Clotrimazole. Anaerobic form of bacteria – antibiotics (Azithromycin).
  2. Surgical treatment is a circumcision.
  3. Traditional methods – rinsing, baths, compresses herbal solutions.

How to treat balanoposthitis

Clotrimazole for the treatment of balanoposthitis

In order to start treatment, ensure you know the diagnosis. The trust is only qualified. It is impossible to self-medicate. How to treat balanoposthitis, the doctor determines individually. Main stages of treatment:

  1. Diagnosis.
  2. The development of treatment regimens.
  3. The purchase of medicines.
  4. Treatment with strict adherence.
  5. Regular visits to the doctor. The desired control of the treatment process.
  6. Staging tests and examinations.


Some drugs aimed at the treatment of balanoposthitis in men:

  1. The treatment is an antimicrobial agent acts on staphylococci, Pseudomonas and Escherichia coli. Remedy heals the festering wounds.
  2. Nizoral is a medicine in the form of tablets affects systemic fungal infection.
  3. Triderm ointment against inflammation, allergies and itching rash caused by fungi and bacteria.
  4. Clotrimazole cream for the treatment of fungal infections of yeast, mould and pathogens.
  5. Miramistin antiseptic broad spectrum.

Folk remedies

Recipes and use of folk remedies:

  1. Decoction of chamomile for a bath: 100 grams of chamomile, brew 0,5 l of water, leave overnight. Rinse with a decoction of the head of the penis until it becomes healthy.
  2. Oil for ulcers and erosions:1 tbsp. l. calendula pour 80 grams of olive oil, insist 3 weeks in a dark place, in use.
  3. To improve overall health use broth/tea made from the leaves of red and black currants. Black berries can be consumed fresh.

Effective treatment is comprehensive. Should be excluded from home treatment iodine, a solution of manganese. They lead to irritation, dryness, atrophy of the sensitivity of the glans penis. Male balanoposthitis cured, subject to all the rules go unnoticed. The long road to recovery rewarded with a normal sex life.

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