Treatment of angina in adults in the home

Acute tonsillitis, is a disease that is more common in children, but cases of such serious ailments among the adult population also frequent. Check out useful knowledge about the methods and means of treatment of angina. Information about what drugs and folk remedies are used, will be useful to you to combat this disease.

How to treat a sore throat at home


If you suspect this infectious ailment need to consult the doctors. Before you treat a sore throat in an adult, first you need to determine exactly what it is caused by a virus or bacteria. When the cause of the disease is identified, the doctor prescribes a treatment regimen that includes:

  • antibiotics acting on the causative agent of a sore throat;
  • antipyretic drugs;
  • local means, which eliminate painful symptoms: aerosols, lozenges;
  • antihistamines;
  • solutions for rinsing and lubricating a sore throat;
  • drugs that stimulate the local immunity.

Complement the set of measures for treatment of this illness folk remedies for sore throats in adults. When the disease is very useful:

  • a gargle for the throat on the basis of decoctions of medicinal plants;
  • herbal and berry teas that help soothe a sore throat and reduce body temperature;
  • decontamination inhalation;
  • a hot compress on the throat.

How to treat sore throat medication

Effective medications that need to be used to combat this disease, selected by the doctor based on tests. In the diagnosis, accurately define the causative agent and then use only those drugs that are effective will help to stop the disease. Check out which medication is the treatment of angina in adults in a home with different types of the disease.


This form of the disease is the most severe. In medical practice often meet these kinds of purulent angina:

  • lacunar is characterized by high fever, swelling of the tonsils, severe pain in the throat, and the mouth of the lacunae covers yellow-white plaque;
  • follicular – the symptoms are similar to lacunar angina, but suppuration is concentrated on the mucosa of the tonsils in the form of a light yellow vesicles;
  • as a complication of these forms of disease, in adult patients may develop streptococcal tonsillitis, purulent when plaque spreads throughout the oral cavity.

How to treat a festering sore throat? Relieve pain symptoms in the throat will help antiseptic solutions and sprays: Lugol, Hexetidine, Stopangin, but such means are optional. First, the doctor will find drugs that can eliminate the pathogen. So, an effective antibiotic when purulent tonsillitis in adults that are often prescribed by specialists: Amoxicillin, Oxacillin, Azithromycin, Cefuroxime, etc.


This type of sore throat caused by a viral pathogen, more common in children than adults. Define herpes disease can be serous bubbles appeared on the tonsils and the sky. Such angina is fraught with serious complications, so her treatment must be carried out only by a specialist. While using such drugs:

  • anti-inflammatory: Nimesulide, Ibuprofen;
  • antihistamines: Suprastin, Diazolin;
  • to mitigate mucosa: liquid Castellani, methylene blue;
  • antiseptics prevent bacterial infections.


Follicular tonsillitis

This kind of purulent tonsillitis develops because of infection by bacteria. Treatment of follicular tonsillitis in adults at home is conducted with the following pharmacological agents:

  • antibiotics: Sumamed, Cefamezin, Ampicillin;
  • antipyretic: Paracetamol;
  • irrigating tools and tablets for sucking: Orasept, Streptocid, Faringosept.


Treatment of an adult patient’s sore throat caused by such type of pathogens involves the use of a set of measures that facilitate the patient’s condition. In medicine yet drugs, which are effective in affecting struck the throat viral infection (with the exception of sore throat in influenza and cytomegalovirus). To relieve the symptoms of the disease will help the drugs:

  • fever: Nurofen, Aspirin;
  • tablets, lozenges: cold remedy, Strepsils Plus, etc..

Treatment of angina folk remedies adults


To eliminate this malady the patient, in addition to the use of medications, should use additional methods proven long-term practice. Treatment of angina in adults in the home with the use of such a comprehensive approach will allow you to recover faster and prevent the development of chronic tonsillitis and other complications. Piggy folk medicine contains a lot of effective recipes of rinses, effective therapy and compresses, and the list of products that will help the body recover faster.

How to treat throat at home rinses

Washing the inflamed mucous helps flush toxins from the body and alleviate pain. For these reasons, rinsing the first answer to how to treat tonsillitis at home. To prepare a solution for such a procedure ways:

  • Mix 1 tsp soda in a Cup of boiled water.
  • Prepare a decoction of chamomile, calendula or sage: 1 tablespoon grass to fill in 1 liter of boiling water, boil 5 minutes and cool.

External treatment of angina in adults

If the patient has no high temperature and no threat of bleeding from the throat, can make inhalation lasting up to 10 minutes over vapors of decoctions of herbs: chamomile, eucalyptus or other plants. A good antibacterial effect is the inhalation of fumes of chopped onions. Treatment of angina in adults should include a hot compress. For the throat you can apply the following bandages:

  • folded several times and soaked in warmed vodka cheesecloth;
  • a mixture of honey with the pulp of the aloe Vera;
  • a warm compress of mashed potatoes, adding 1 tsp of baking soda.


Natural medicines for sore throat in adults

When a person is sick, for a speedy recovery you need to pay attention to the use of natural products. As a useful cure for sore throats adults can use these recipes:

  • drink fresh beet juice;
  • during the day, a little there honey.
  • to drink for 10 minutes before eating 0.5 cups of carrot juice, which added a crushed garlic;
  • three times a day drink 1 tbsp. l. tincture of propolis.

Video: how to quickly cure a sore throat


Zoe, 28

My advice to you as quickly cure a sore throat is a frequent gargle, every hour, if possible. Often use club soda because its easy to prepare, and if the disease progresses, then make a decoction of chamomile or calendula. The germs are washed away, and the relief comes very quickly!

Irina, 31 year

I agree with the opinion that angina need to take medication prescribed by a doctor, but only the most necessary. To mitigate the severe pain I helps a simple remedy: a mug of boiled milk, dissolve the honey, butter and propolis tincture – 1 teaspoon This drink helps me a lot in the treatment process.

Igor, 47 years

A sure remedy for sore throat is a strong immunity, that no doctor will argue! I was a child several times in the ENT Department, has been still remember these unpleasant procedures. I believe that the right for diseases to take vitamins. I’m such complexes are regularly used and can see from this good result.

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