Treated unusual!

Psoriasis is afraid of fish

Treated unusual!

Turkish doctors have long been practicing the treatment of skin diseases using live fish. It is necessary to immerse the affected part in water with fish, and they, in turn, will happily feast on dead cells. The most famous «doctor» in this case is a little fish garra rufa. In Turkey they can not be exported. This is not surprising, because after one course of therapy, patients feel better in six months or more.

Bees against arthritis

Despite the fact that bee stings — not very pleasant procedure, they may remove the inflammation of the joints in rheumatic arthritis. In medicine, different cultures, specifically in Chinese medicine, thus treating not only arthritis, but also shingles and eczema.

In 2010, experts at the University of Brasilia conducted a study and found that bee venom contains a large number of substances that counteract inflammation. But thus, scientists only confirmed what I know and use practices for many centuries. Another discovery: the sting can not only ease symptoms but also to prevent their occurrence.

Snake-massage therapists

Treated unusual!

This unusual kind of massage is used in Israel. Here’s how: on the back of the client are placed six different species of snakes (California king, spotted snake, transverse-striped king snake, and many others). Great «doctors» help to get rid of muscle cramps and pain, and a few less, create a pleasant effect of light vibration. The pleasure is worth seventy dollars, but it did not affect his popularity.

Maggots in surgery

Treated unusual!

Predatory insect larvae placed directly into an open wound and they start to eat rotten skin, cleaning healthy and leaving it untouched. They even experienced professional surgeons, who have along with rotten skin and to remove part of a healthy. As a result of this wound increases the bleeding and the pain increases.

French scientists have proven that this therapy will help to shorten treatment and reduce its cost.

The dolphins are struggling with depression and autism

Treated unusual!

Many people associate dolphins with peace and serenity. But still remains a mystery than just being with them helps relieve some of the disease. In 2005 in English University of Leicester has carried out research which showed that short sessions of communication with dolphins to improve the condition of patients after two weeks. This method has a good effect on children with autism who have problems with verbal communication.

Live fish treat asthma

Treated unusual!

So treat the Office to take the goad from India. Every year they take thousands of patients with asthma who are given NOT to swallow the pill and live fish called «Asian snakehead». This fish is not simple, and fed a special secret herbal mixture. According to family legend, this recipe opened their one Holy ancestor 160 years ago, noting that the drugs will lose power if you become a means of profit. So the treatment is free, and a recipe for vegetable mixture kept secret.

Dogs treat diabetes and epilepsy

Many people know that some senses dogs have developed much better than us. Some four-legged friends can sense sudden changes in blood sugar levels. They can also be taught to recognize the first symptoms of epilepsy, to warn their masters and to offer them tablets. Especially need such assistance becomes when sick small children that might night not to Wake up from a bout of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Therefore, if necessary, should start in the home a dog, then parents will not need every night of the alarm, to check the status of their child.

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