Morning sickness in pregnancy and how to deal with it

morning sickness in the first trimesterWhat is toxemia in pregnant women not known to every woman, who learned about his interesting position. Because early morning sickness phenomenon is so widespread that often it is referred to the first classic signs of pregnancy.

If you speak the medical language, it is called morning sickness all pathological changes occurring in the body of the expectant mother, which include not only nausea and retching, and increased salivation, strong sensitivity to smells, change in taste and even skin irritations or lesions of various inflammatory processes, such as the occurrence of dermatosis. Experts say that there is as a result of effects on the body of toxins and other undesirable substances formed during the formation of the fetus. Toxemia of pregnancy in the early stages are relatively short and straightforward. But, it should be noted that prolonged toxemia can be dangerous for mom and baby. Therefore, every woman in the position need to know how long does morning sickness in pregnant women, and how to mitigate its current state.

Why do I get morning sickness. Reasons

Despite the fact that the exact cause of early toxicity pregnant women is not established, yet there are some assumptions why women appear pathological reaction to the birth within her body a new life.

After the fact of conception, together with the fetus, begins to form a «children’s place» — the placenta, which is formed by around 16 weeks. Accordingly, up to this point, the placenta is still underdeveloped and cannot fully carry out its barrier function, and all metabolic products of prophetic-allocated by the child, are absorbed into the bloodstream of the expectant mother. Thus, in women occurs intoxication.

Another version of why women occurs in fact an abnormal response to pregnancy is hormonal changes. Since the very beginning of fetal development, the power over all the processes proceeds to progesterone (main female sex hormone), the emergence of a new «leader» is not always adequately perceived by the body. Hormonal changes leave their imprint on the work of many internal organs and systems in the body. But, especially in a specific way hormones influence the system mu digestion, it slows and declines, which leads to the appearance of unpleasant symptoms in the form of constant nausea and vomiting.

In addition, according to experts, how it will feel woman during pregnancy, largely depends on the genetic predisposition. If the mother had severe signs of toxicosis, it is likely that daughter will have to repeat this sad experience.

How much should you tolerate?

Answering the question on what time begins morning sickness in pregnant women, can only rely on the average data. Usually early signs of toxicity starts with the delay period, when in fact there are assumptions about the resulting pregnancy. This happens usually in the 5-6 week, at the same time in all starts the hormonal transformation of the body.

There are cases when a woman responds to pregnancy the very early days when there was a conception, a fertilized egg is just getting ready to be placed in the uterine cavity.

Or, on the contrary, the woman absolutely nothing feels and lives a full, normal life without any sickness during the whole period of gestation. For some reason, many moms-to-be wary that they do not feel uncomfortable and the doctor is not rarely heard the question: I have no morning sickness during pregnancy is this normal? In fact, such women are to be congratulated, because it means that the familiarity of his body with the future baby was a success, and all held within the biochemical processes for it are completely asymptomatic. So, everything is fine with the appetite, to mood, and in addition normally developing baby, the growing belly and positive emotions do not have to.

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Well, unfortunately, there are very few lucky women, therefore all women who experience daily debilitating nausea, tormented by one question: how much they will have to endure, and when does morning sickness during pregnancy. In the normal course, all severe manifestations should end around 12-14 weeks for most women, the most relaxed and enjoyable time. But, there are cases when morning sickness does not deviate up to 20 or more weeks. Unfortunately you can not confidently answer the question: when is morning sickness in pregnant women, but somehow, the pregnant needs to be specially monitored by your doctor if the symptoms of toxicosis observed in the 2nd half of pregnancy, and especially if the woman violated the General condition: weight decrease, loss of strength or signs of dehydration.

How to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy?

When the first complaints of the pregnant woman feeling unwell, malaise, uncontrollable vomiting and nausea, the physician must assign the delivery of additional analyzes. Usually, it is recommended to pass urine for the presence of acetone or ketone bodies, as well as General and biochemical blood analysis. In severe cases of pregnancy when the vomiting happens more than 5-7 times per day, a woman in danger of dehydration or severe loss of weight, treatment of toxicosis in the early stages Late toxicosis in pregnant womenof pregnancy in this case is carried out in stationary conditions, under the constant supervision of a physician. Often, the woman remains in the hospital under close observation the whole of the first trimester, when morning sickness or feel better, then releasing her.

But such critical situations arise infrequently, and usually morning sickness in pregnant women occurs in mild or moderate form, in which the treatment of toxicosis first half of pregnancy is done at home, but under the strict supervision of your gynecologist of female consultation. When constant nausea be a real meal, a woman tries to find the right way to get rid of toxicosis during pregnancy.

There are some recommendations and tips that will help to alleviate the condition of the pregnant woman.

  • Because nausea often catch up in the morning, due to the decrease of blood glucose after the morning awakening, before getting out of bed, it is recommended to eat a small piece of bread, some crackers/crackers or dried fruit. A small snack will bring facilitates the action. You can also drink a Cup of peppermint or ordinary tea with a small amount of sugar.
  • To reduce morning sickness in early pregnancy sometimes it helps the resorption of orange or lemon, as citrus usually block the manifestation of nausea. However, this method will be effective for all, the only way to check is to experience it for yourself and listen to your body.
  • To avoid nervous tension, stresses and strains, it is recommended to everyone, but especially pregnant women need to keep their nerves is the key to good health.
  • Many women who had to endure the endless, insidious nausea during pregnancy, safe to say that helps with morning sickness, a regular walk in the fresh air. So you should frequently get out on the street, and better somewhere in the Park or forest.
  • If the background of sickness, you are constantly vomiting occurs, do not forget to be sure to compensate for water losses. Drink water, tea, you can add honey, mint, rose hip, cranberries and natural ingredients any taste.
  • Nutrition for morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy plays a special role in the struggle for good health in the period of carrying a baby. Therefore, on this question I would like to stay a little more.

That is, when morning sickness in pregnant women?

Many of the moms there is a misconception that when a particularly «bad», it is better to limit itself in meal, supposedly «the less you eat, the less tear». But this is a big mistake. After all, in the first months, the fetus is actively developing, he formed all that is, when the toxicitymajor organs and systems, and for this purpose it is simply necessary vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the diet of mothers should be as healthy varied and balanced.

The first thing you need to determine those foods that cause you nausea and those after the use of which it becomes easier.

The first provocateurs retching, oddly enough, has dairy/milk products, despite the fact that they are very useful. Still, do not «stuff» yourself with fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese, because the baby needs calcium, so you simply will trigger a new vomit attack.

To relieve morning sickness in early pregnancy, try to avoid very dense, fatty, spicy and salty foods.

Note that vomiting will soon catch up, if food will be very hot or very cold.

Eat food that is better and faster absorbed. It is best to eat small portions, 5-6 receptions. If the toxicity is expressed very strongly, it is best to eat well-cooked, pureed meals and also to abandon raw fruits and vegetables, they can additionally irritate the gut, replace them with fresh juices or pyureshkami and when will morning sickness during pregnancy, feel free to go back to their usual ways «of eating.»

If you still experience morning sickness in late pregnancy (preeclampsia), the main rule is moderation in eating. Many experts advise women to follow a salt-free diet, less salt food and to give up your favorite pickles and herring.

But, all the advice for pregnant women what to do and how to minimize morning sickness during pregnancy can be rather arbitrary, because the female body during this period is very unpredictable, and find the best for you only by trial and error.

Future moms, remember that all the difficulties and discomfort during pregnancy are temporary and once the morning sickness passes, a lot of talk about him with a smile. For the sake of the child’s birth the woman is ready to experience everything you need.

You easy pregnancy and birth of a healthy and happy baby!

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