Top 5 new diets or how to lose weight the stars

Nothing human is alien to them… the Stars of the first magnitude sometimes indulge yourself with something delicious, relax and, as a result, suffer from excess weight. Unfortunately, or fortunately, afford to simply give up and continue eating donuts, girl-stars can’t. After all, their «blood» the millions they earn, including, due to its external data. Therefore, girls with millions of fees, as no one knows the secrets of the «Express» weight loss for several months.

We offer a selection of the newest and most proven star diets.

Uma Thurman and her original «Paleodiet»

Result: 4 kg in 7 days

The bottom line: a set of products like a «caveman» from the Paleolithic era. Meat, fruits, nuts, seeds. Everything except food that is made by means of modern technologies: sugar, legumes, dairy products, etc Priverzhenka this method to lose weight believe that in addition to food, which offer the current «prodovolstvennyi» is a threat to health. And the food that ancestors eat, had a more simple in the perception of our body along with minerals.

Salma Hayek and her loyal «Alkaline diet»

The result: 5 kg in 7 days

The bottom line: this diet involves the stabilization of the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Consuming a day only 65% of products containing lye (fruits, vegetables) and 35% acidic foods (meat, fish, milk, seafood) can be just a few weeks, as if to restart the body and to achieve such excellent results in losing weight as Salma.

Top 5 new diets or how to lose weight the stars

Jennifer Lopez and her relaxing diet «Warm milk»

The result: 5 kg in 7 days

The bottom line: using pre-heated up to 70°C milk from the body of excess fluid, and with it the extra pounds. Pretty good diet for lazy people: after the adoption of the portions of the heated milk, you need to go with wrapped in this warm blanket and curled up her legs on the bed and 10-15 minutes to lie down, dreaming about the dress size S.

Top 5 new diets or how to lose weight the stars

Julia Roberts and her «Swedish Fat diet»

Result: 2-3kg 7 days

The bottom line: fats as important components of proper nutrition. Swedish nutritionists suggest a basis for the preparation of food to take food with Napolean quantity of fatty elements (fish, meat, vegetables, in which the minimum amount of starch, nuts, yogurt)

Megan Fox and her cottage cheese Diet with Mozzarella»

The result: 3kg 7 days

Essence: use a small piece of mozzarella cheese before every meal. It turns out that this cheese is composed of a special protein that speeds up the breakdown of fats in the body.

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