To reduce the length of the nose with exercise

Nature has bestowed us with different nose shape. This may be a bulbous nose and a duck, and a Roman nose, and a small button. Most people are not happy with the shape of his nose. That is why we developed special exercises that can change the shape of the nose.

Psychologists have long been interested in the problem of dissatisfaction with your own nose. This problem refers to the psychological, so if you are unhappy with the shape of their nose, you should deal with your relatives.

Often dissatisfaction with the nose occurs in adolescence, at twelve or fourteen years, at a time when the cartilage begins to actively grow. Therefore, in this age, the nose may look a little big compared to other parts of the body. However, this age is considered to be at age the ugly duckling. Therefore, in order to then this period will be remembered with a smile, we should find ways of correction of your nose.

Correction of nose shape is exposed, so say those who have done special exercises. Of course, most dramatically change the shape of the nose before is plastic surgery. However, not every woman would decide to do this. Perhaps some of you should go to a psychologist in order to learn to love ourselves as created us by nature. Maybe you will later realize that the nose is your punch line that gives you the originality and spice.

But if you still want to reduce your nose, you should try special exercises.

It so happens that in his youth the nose is though big but looks fine, and with age, the cartilage begins to grow, the tip begins to atheletica and down.

However, do not despair, because there are simple exercises that help to cope with this problem.

The simplest of these exercises you will not be able to do even in the workplace. You should pinch the nostrils for five minutes with your fingers and breathe at the same mouth. This apparentee should be done three times a day, and a few months you will notice changes to the shape of the nose.

To reduce the length of the nose with exercise

The conditions for the successful execution of these exercises is the breathing, and rest.

Take two chilled in the fridge of tea bag, attach them to the wings of the nose, and squeeze in a few minutes, soak a few minutes. Then bags let it cool again and re-attach. This exercise during the day should be repeated as often as possible.

The second effective exercise should start with washing with cold water. This is followed to sit comfortably below the elbows was on the table. Fingers should squeeze the tip of the nose and lift it up. Hold your nose in this position, try to reach the chin the upper lip. This exercise should be repeated about forty times, and it should be done twice a day. This exercise can make the tip of your nose is sleeker and shorter, to improve its blood circulation and prevent its inception.

Do not worry if in the first days of school, your nose will swell, that’s fine. This swelling will pass very quickly.

Also remember that weight gain can also affect what form of your nose will change and it will become more massive. But if you lose weight, shape your nose will be more long and sharp.

If you will go through exercises to make your nose shorter, you will not have to resort to the help of a plastic surgeon because the consequences of certain operations can lead to the fact that you have disturbed nasal breathing, as well as having other annoying problems.

To reduce the length of the nose with exercise

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