Tips for pregnant women

43019312During pregnancy changing all the feelings women change hormonal regime, which determines its mood, flavor and other benefits. Different periods of pregnancy have their own characteristics, and it was a good idea if tips for moms-to-be had been collected and systematized in one place. Today we will try to contribute in the accumulation of useful information for pregnant women, as well as discuss the main prohibitions and usefulness for women «in position».

Pregnancy is divided into 3 stages: 1st trimester (0-13 week), 2nd trimester (14-24 weeks), 3rd trimester (25 week). We’ll share our tips for new mums pregnancy also into three groups.

Tips for pregnant women during the first trimester

Having learned about his interesting position, you need to make some changes in your lifestyle. However, it is not necessary to take it to the extreme, in early pregnancy you can keep the habits and customs of the past. Recommendations for pregnant women in the early stages:

  • Food

what is useful is pregnant in the early stagesThe diet should be varied and nutritious. Necessarily every day to eat fruits and vegetables. Meat, fish, milk and dairy products remain at the discretion of the girls. While pregnant tastes can change a lot, and loved earlier products start to seem disgusting, and Vice versa. Listen to your body, pamper it, but do it mindfully, and not overeat everyone. What to eat and what is not pregnant in the first trimester, can be found at the main obstetrician-gynecologist at registration or in addition to visit a nutritionist.

  • A trip to the doctor

It is advisable to visit a gynecologist as soon as you found out about her pregnancy. But a mandatory trip to the doctor should be carried out to 6-7 weeks, and be on the account before the end of the first trimester. The doctor will check your indicators and risks of pathology, and also explain what can not be pregnant in the first trimester, but that on the contrary a positive impact on the course of pregnancy. Extra vitamins usually at this time not appointed, although the worst of them is unlikely. Can be assigned to folic acid an additional course, as it has beneficial effects on reducing the risk of anomalies. What to do when toxicosis, see the link /toksikoz-u-beremennyih-i-kak-s-nim-borotsya/

  • Ditch unhealthy habits

Quit Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is one of the most important decisions to be taken by the woman in the child’s interests. It’s not just a whim of doctors or established opinion, with many studies have revealed that Smoking during pregnancy entails a lot of negative consequences for the baby. The fact that a single cigarette contains more than 2 thousand different poisonous thing-in the most dangerous of which are: nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide. A result of Smoking may be: respiratory disorders, increases the risk of premature birth, complications with the placenta (eg. her rejection), and active smokers often children are born with low birth weight and various problems with the respiratory system.

Another important precept that it is impossible in the first trimester of pregnancy is to drink alcohol, as it is fraught with complications in the child. The fact that alcohol is not only in maternal blood and the fetal blood, that is, each drunk a glass or a wine glass is divided in half with the child. In this regard, the child in the womb is unconscious, even if the mother is quite a normal feeling. Permanent alcohol abuse may further lead to various mental and physical abnormalities in a child, and the limitations of his abilities.

  • Be careful with medications

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the little man formed all major organs and systems, limbs, skeleton. The fruit formation stage are very impressionable, and his correct development is more responsible woman. Therefore, it is important to understand one rule, what not to do in the first trimester of pregnancy is to use any medications without checking with your doctor, as most drugs can cross the placenta and enter the body of the child. In addition, there are a large number of drugs that have teratogenic effects, and thus can adversely affect the health of the baby and may trigger the development of severe defects, developmental defects, and various congenital abnormalities. Unfortunately, it just so happens that pregnant for some reason have to take pills and potions. Even after the appointment of the medications by your doctor, carefully study the user manual, it must be information about the drug in pregnancy and lactation if there are none, then feel free to ask additional questions of your physician or even to refuse to accept funds.

  • Avoid heavy physical exertion

what is not in the first trimester of pregnancyIf throughout your life, you are actively involved in sports, gymnastics and fitness, you do not need to immediately abandon physical exercise as soon as you learned about his interesting position. However, it is necessary to consider that from now on, you need to dose your sport incredible sports activities should be excluded. Also in the first months of need to stop any exercise with weights, run long distances, rock hard stomach muscles, and press, to jump high in the water, horse riding or diving. As for led walks, here also have some contraindications. To combine the notions of pregnancy and bike, need the advice of a doctor. If your gynecologist does not arise suspicion on any complication of pregnancy, he may speak favorably about Cycling to a certain period.

Useful for pregnant women in early pregnancy would be to practice yoga or to do easy gymnastic exercises aimed at improving breathing activity and relieve fatigue from the muscles of the back and legs.

This set of guidelines what not to do pregnant first trimester and you should pay special attention not to jeopardize the full development of the baby in the womb. You should understand that now from your lifestyle depends not only your health.

I want to talk a bit about what is useful in the early stages of pregnancy and what you should focus when the birth of a new life at a very early stage. So, the basic tips for pregnant women in the early stages:

  • more walk in the fresh air;
  • protect yourself from stressful situations;
  • eat more fruit and vegetables, strengthen your immune system;
  • get in the habit to drink adequate amount of clean water per day;
  • relax completely and sleep well;
  • get creative or favorite thing;
  • connect with your loved ones, tell about his health, plan the repair in the nursery, or your place for Cribs;
  • use sunscreen;
  • get used to your change, enjoy your position;
  • rely on your intuition, you know like no other that you find them useful and enjoyable.

Tips for pregnant women during the second trimester

From the 6th month begins the second half of pregnancy, and many mothers held us remember exactly about this period as the best time of the gestation of the baby. As a rule, woman to 20 weeks feels good, looks good, fully aware of his current position and really glows with happiness.

In the II trimester, the expectant mother would have to go through all the major specialists and to pass the required tests. In the same period, the doctor will prescribe you to undergo ultrasound examination in order to assess the status of the fetus, according to the size of the deadline and placental blood flow, and other important indicators of current pregnancy. This ultrasound will be especially exciting and touching for the woman, she will be able to learn the gender of their baby. But this wonderful period, there is a list of basic rules and regulations, what can and cannot be done for pregnant women in the second trimester.

  • Make sure you choose your outfits

In this period you need to think seriously about the clothes and shoes that you choose for everyday wear. You should prefer an extremely comfortable outfit. Here are the main recommendations for pregnant women.

Clothing should not restrict movement and to compress the stomach, refrain from tight straps, too narrow pants and skirts, all of which can lead to disorders of normal blood circulation. Also, most likely, you will have to buy a bra larger, because the breast during this period, much is poured and becomes more sensitive. Try to choose clothes made of natural fabrics, they are better breathable and do not cause irritation on the skin. Requirements for shoes of the expectant mother is also very severe, you should abandon high heels and platforms, wearing such shoes leads to increased back pain, but also a great risk of injury.

  • Do not forget about proper nutrition and watch your weight.

what is useful in pregnancyDespite the fact that the expectant mother after 20 weeks, more an appetite, you need to remember that your meal should be as balanced and contain as many vitamins and minerals. The most useful products during pregnancy are those that contain potassium, calcium, vitamin C, folic acid and various macro and micro — elements. Topping the list of useful products, of course fruits and vegetables. Also, would be nice to lean on dairy products, they will help you to get rid of constipation. In addition, you have to keep the body in sufficient quantity received iron-containing foods: apples, liver, meat, fish, legumes, buckwheat and others learn More about nutrition, see the link /pravilynoe-pitanie-dlya-beremennh-women/

There is also a «taboo» and a list of products that cannot have pregnant women in the second trimester. Basically it is fatty, spicy and very salty foods, fast food, prepared foods, marinades, cheeses, mushrooms, fizzy drinks. On favorite question women, can coffee pregnant in the second trimester, the unequivocal answer is no doctors. However, all the experts are similar in their opinion that to abuse a refreshing drink still not worth it, as caffeine promotes the excretion of certain nutrients that are so important to build a skeleton and bones of the child.

  • It is time to put a bandage on it

With the middle of the II trimester, many doctors give advice to a pregnant woman, not only for the adjustment of clothing, but also about the need to get a bandage for pregnant, as the tummy of the expectant mother begins to actively grow. Wearing the brace helps to support the growing belly, relieves the load on the spine, reduces the risk of stretch marks, preventing premature lowering of the stomach and promotes proper position of the baby (head down).

How to prevent or get rid of stretch marks read the article:

  • What oil remove stretch marks
  • Overview of creams for stretch marks
  • Enroll for preparatory courses for future parents

At this time, a woman with a man may begin to attend special preparatory courses for future parents. There you can get practical and useful tips for pregnant women, complete the program of physical and psychological preparation for the birth of the baby, to learn about some of the gymnastic exercises for women and just chat with other couples and share their experiences and feelings.

What can not be pregnant in the second trimester, usually already know by heart all the mothers expecting children, too, what not to do in early pregnancy. In addition, it is impossible to take medicines without your doctor’s approval, to smoke and to drink alcohol, it should be noted further that a woman needs maximum care about your health, avoid hypothermia, emotional stress and limit themselves from occupational hazards.

Recommendations for pregnant women in the third trimester

The final stage of pregnancy is the most exciting, responsible, slightly tedious, but infinitely joyful, because you start to really feel that very soon the child will become part of your life, your family member. Consider what is helpful for pregnant women to know and consider during this period.

  • Get plenty of rest

Try not to spend all day on your feet, as in this difficult period greatly increases the load on the legs, the spine, there may be swelling and pain in the lower back. Sleep should be given at least 8-9 hours a day.

  • Execute documents

By the 30th week, the woman should have all the necessary documents to formalize maternity leave, as well as to obtain birth certificates.

  • Choose a hospital and doctor

At the final stage, it is best to think about where you want to have a baby. You can even pre-visit and communicate with the doctor, learn about the details and details, to ask about the methods of anesthesia and to decide what room you want to lie (shared or individual). When you start the fight, you are unlikely to have the desire to deal with these issues.

  • Prepare things in the hospital

That you will need to prepare with you to the hospital, the detail of the courses for future mothers. Typically, these are documents, Bathrobe, Slippers, hygiene products, bottled water, baby kits (diapers, undershirts, front envelope on the extract).

Now you know what is useful for pregnant women, and what better to abstain. Thing to remember is that the expectation and birth of a new man is unusual, mysterious and untold fortune, and no bans can not spoil your happy and joyful event.

The doctors ‘ advice pregnant look in this video:

Easy pregnancy and healthy baby!