Therefore, it is possible to get pregnant

how to get pregnantMany women are interested in the question why you can get pregnant? Some women planning a pregnancy and trying to turn their dreams into reality. How to get pregnant — the main life question new moms. Other women, conversely, are concerned about the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy and all the possible ways try to avoid it.

How to get pregnant?

Before planning the birth of a little member of the family, we must firmly realize that You have the ability to provide the kid and to give him all my love and care. If everything is resolved in a positive way, then the question arises, when can a woman get pregnant?

How old can you get pregnant? It is believed that a girl can get pregnant with the first appearance in her life menstruation. They usually appear at the age from 12 to 16 years. But at that age a girl cannot become a full mother, not only on moral beliefs, but also in physiological capabilities. Children’s bodies cannot cope with pregnancy that affect the baby’s life and health of the girl. The best age for pregnancy, according to doctors, from 20 to 28 years old — the female body is healthy and able to carry a child. Up to what age can pregnancy occur? Before a climatic period in women. As you know, with the onset of menopause in women ceases and her reproductive system. But at menopause you can get pregnant? For medical reasons, is impossible. With the onset of menopause in women stop menstruating, and therefore no ovulation and no egg Matures.

When a girl can get pregnant? The best days for conception is ovulation period and 5 days before and after. This time is considered the most favorable for conception. On other days there is also a risk of pregnancy, but it is markedly reduced. In General, any day can be the day of conception. It is a feature of each individual woman’s body. If the expectant mother is established the menstrual cycle, the auspicious days for conception can be calculated independently. How to get pregnant with irregular cycle? To calculate the time of ovulation with irregular menstrual cycle you need to go to a gynecologist and using a special ovulation tests to accurately determine the favorable time for conception.

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Common question: how much sperm to get pregnant? For a positive conception enough milligrams of sperm, as even a drop of semen contains a huge amount of sperm, ready to fertilize the Mature oocyte.

During intercourse always stands out lubrication. Is it possible to get pregnant from grease? Those couples who choose coitus interruptus as a method of unwanted pregnancy, deeply mistaken. The fact is that during intercourse in any case, the man stands out the grease (or slime — from a medical point of view), and the composition of the male component includes active sperm. So is it possible to get pregnant from mucus? Definitely, Yes. If a woman is healthy, and she has come auspicious days for conception, even a drop of oil enough that the sperm get into the female’s body and fertilize the Mature oocyte. A similar response to the question: is it possible to become pregnant ending? If the male body strong, the quality of his sperm at the highest level, the probability of getting pregnant without contraception is either not ending increases significantly.

In some cases, you can get pregnant and what are the chances of pregnancy in healthy women? The answers to these questions contain some aspects.

  • Activity of sperm. Men should be highly developed sexual function. For a positive result of conception it is important that his sperm were moving.
  • Sexual intercourse. For proper conception to abstain from sex for 3 days. You can then commit a sexual act with the purpose of conception. Under these conditions, the number of sperm in the sperm of the husband will increase, they will be energetic and highly active.
  • After copulation the female is inadvisable to wash, for a positive conception of need, lying on back, raise legs at a right angle up and lie in this state for about 10 minutes. This will allow the sperm to go deeper in a woman’s body.

If all conditions are met, but getting pregnant still does not work, you can resort to medical services. There are a lot of drugs for a positive conception, some of which are tablets. What to drink pills to get pregnant? First of all, it is important to remember that any medication should be taken after consultation with a doctor and only prescribed on the prescription sheet. In any case, when it is impossible to conceive, are prescribed by a doctor medications that contain hormones. The most effective drugs are: cough medicine and antiseptic.

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Contraceptives and pregnancy

If a couple uses birth control contraceptives, in the form of intrauterine devices or condoms, there is a risk of conception in this case?

Can you get pregnant with coil? Most women choose this form of contraception, but a 100% guarantee against unwanted pregnancy, it can not give. The main function of the spiral is to prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall. Accordingly, the fertilized egg is still capable. Very often, the spiral comes an ectopic pregnancy. Each spiral has its own period of operation. If it ended, then the chances of pregnancy increase. Making the above conclusion, it is safe to say that to get pregnant with a spiral perhaps, but in most cases pregnancy that will be pathological.

Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom? Unfortunately, this method of contraception can give a guarantee against unwanted pregnancy. Even with proper condom use, anyway, there is a risk of penetration of sperm into a woman’s body. Is it possible to get pregnant with preservation? It is possible, especially in cases when the medium is subject to improper storage, has surface damage or does not match the size of the penis in men.

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